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In the past, whenever we heard the name of Kim Jong-iL and all the hype of him blowing up the world, the propaganda fed sheep would fear. Threats from North Korea are always good to slide in on a Sunday News Talk Show or in a political debate. Scary stuff, right?

Worse yet, his crazy son Kim Jong Un is now in charge and please don’t make him mad or he just might blow up the entire world. If not nuclear, there is always the fear of an EMP attack that would put us in a state of darkness. With all the fear mongering hype, US citizens can and should never forget that North Korea is a big threat to the US and the world. Such a tiny country that could destroy all the wondrous peace on earth and gifts of prosperity the United Nations and the push for sustainable development for the 21st century new world order was working hard to build. Right?


And we must not forget how Bush the younger exposed that they were in alliance with the (US created, funded and controlled) Al-Qaeda and a major player in the world’s axis of evil. Lately in the liar media, North Korea is listed right in there with countries like Iran, and Syria as the primary culprits interfering with the success of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. Oh what power these countries have against the monolithic super powers.
How do we know this? Ask any political globalist like John McCain, Hillary, Kerry, or Bush younger or elder. Even Jeb knows North Korea can blow up the strongest nation in the world. Heck – all the world. Right? That is what they say. They are so frightened of the Kim Jong-Un who has come into power they don’t know what to do? They are frozen in time and can only deal with the guy like he is the big cabal that rules the world. If this is starting to sound funny to you, then laugh. Then get mad at the global cabal that controls North Korea and has created the entire line of propaganda to feed your once, fear frenzy, now turned into laughter.

You see, the real danger of North Korea is that it is controlled by the globalist cabal. They are the ones that have created the propaganda and aided and abetted the il’s and Un’s to be their boogey man on hold. To use when they need to start a war in the Pacific, or anywhere they desire, when the time comes that they need to use this rocket boy toy – watch out! Right now it’s convenient to blame all sorts of things on North Korea – remember – it is one of the great axis of evils.  One we can’t seem to do anything about.  The real panic is in knowing the global cabal is the one that makes North Korea dangerous and now….we have a President who knows this and is doing something about it.  He understands exactly how to play this chess game!


President Trump has pulled back the veil behind the evil short, fat rocket man. Oh shudder – now the world will be blown up for sure. That is what the liar media is selling you, right? Look at the headlines of fear of how rocket man will react to Trump’s latest tweet. He called him short and fat? Or is there a bigger part of the picture here? Could it be that Trump is aggravating the heck out of the Cabal laughing at their straw man?  Yes, it sure looks like it!


Follow the money and follow the ones who start and fund the wars. Follow the ones who create the boogey men and the ones who want to depopulate and rule over all. Follow that rabbit. The points of light the boogey man creators think you are too stupid to figure out.  They want you to fear not laugh at as they do their Arab Springs, run guns and host false flag events. The ones who foment wars behind closed doors to feed their corporations and gain other peoples stuff!  These evil ones are very dangerous and are the ones to be feared.  Sadly, these same culprits control the liar media. All who carry out their desires are nothing more than puppets and pawns. They aren’t just in the system, they are the system!

Then follow President Trump. Look at how these boogey men hate him.  Watch the puppet masters and their puppets shudder as they watch President Trump get results on his past and present tours abroad. Look at the amazing progress he is making with world leaders, the alliances and all the cultural red carpets being rolled out. Amazing.

President Trump, First Lady, And Son Barron Depart White House En Route To Mar-a-Lago For Weekend

As far as North Korea being an imminent physical threat to the United States, it really depends on the scenario the globalist desire. The North Koreans have almost no logistical capability to support an invasion of any kind. The nation has been suffering from epidemic famine for well more than a decade. It’s a communist country that puts everything into its’ military and palace pockets. But, that can all change on a dime….and whose dime will it be?

We now know that the house of Saud who was a major war funder to the tune of a combined fortune of 4 trillion dollars has been taken down by King Salman and the Deputy Crowned Prince. We also know that when in China, President Trump was treated like an Emperor. He made history once again by being the first president to have dinner in the Forbidden City since 1949.


CNN reported:  “Ming Wan, a professor of government and politics at George Mason University, said the Chinese “Will give Trump an exceptional reception, essentially they’ll try to make Trump happy — that will work to China’s advantage. They are going to treat Trump like an Emperor.” Of course this was  CNN trying to spin the significance in their article that was so lame they used a photo of Obama in 2009 getting a tour of the city. No photo of Trump and President Xi.  None.  How sad they continue their lame propaganda of deceit.


Meanwhile, President Trump is dined and deals are made, favorable deals and both President Trump and President Xi are happy. How do we know this? At a joint press conference with South Korea’s Moon Tuesday, Trump emphasized how important China was to the North Korea issue, saying Xi “has been very helpful.”
“We’ll find out how helpful soon,” he said. “China’s out trying very hard to solve the problem with North Korea.”

“If we get China, if we get Russia … we think that things will happen and they could happen very quickly,” Trump added.
And then there is always the series of President Trump tweets:

tweet china asia travels copy tweet pres asia copy tweet china 1 nk tweet apectweet on russia copy

When you connect all the dots from the crack down on Pizzagate and human trafficking since Trump took office, to the fall of the house of Saud, the pile of sealed indictments, Russia dossier taking a boomerang dive at the house of Clinton and its’ Foundation, the real boogeymen behind North Korea and their arsenal, the renewed unified force between US, Russia, China, Saudi, Japan, and other Asian nations….I’d say the cabal took a hard hit. What can be scary is how far they will go since they have everything to lose. That is where eyes need to be watching. Meanwhile get out the popcorn and don’t miss the grand finale’ coming up in live theater.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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