Who Can The Lord Trust On This Earth?

With all the things being shaken up the question is… who does the Lord Trust in this mess? Who can He count on to do the right things in this hour of trial that has come upon the earth? The world is shaking and it is filled with chaos and confusion. Nothing is as it appears. People are all over the place and evil is on every corner. Some things are not really happening the way they say, and some things are happening that no one is talking about. Are we ready for the Lord to Return? Truly ready?

That being said… here are a mix of things to ponder…

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The special effects in this show are many. Then there are real people doing odd things…to add to the fake people doing odd things.

President Trump told us long ago that someone else was running the show…not Biden.

What others have found and exposed are of great value. Does it even matter? Only if you want the truth for the truth shall set you free and you will avoid the ditches.

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For such a time as this… the devil chooses his own best to mislead, beguile, deceive and to profit off of other peoples fears and hope. Once you begin to follow the wide path, you invest a lot of yourself in it and at a certain point… as with all the devil flashes before you…there comes a time where you defend your stance because you truly do not believe you and all the others could be wrong. After all, there are prophets, generals, doctors and more calling for you to step on up and buy, donate, and participate. And who can argue with someone who so boldly puts their own words inside the Words of God? How does one know the difference? You know them by their fruit, and sometimes that can’t be ignored.

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Thus saith the Lord… be careful what you say and be careful who you follow. All things have been written and all things are in the Word of God. There is nothing new under the Sun. Know God’s Word and call upon the Holy Spirit to teach you, guide you, comfort you and give you discernment in the way you should go. Amen.


The word of the Lord is for all of His children. Not for one or two…but for all. Misinterpretations are the tool of the devil used to deceive. Get back to the true mission which is to share the meat of the word of God to all and not to be among those who devise the sensationalism created by those who are eager to self proclaim things for itchey ears. The watchman stands at the gate and watches the signs of danger and warns.

There is a fine line between getting caught up in following the ways of Balaam and Simon Magus which are mixed with Baal and following the way of the Lord. Each one who loves the Lord has been given the Holy Spirit. There is no one above another. We all have the blessings and the tools needed to see the signs coming upon the earth and access to the Lord in us and us in Him.

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The Oracle of Delphi is a mocking of God’s Holy Spirit. Instead of the High Priest consulting God in the Holy of Holies for an answer to the questions concerning Israel, the Greeks consulted the Oracle of Delphi to find their answers. The oracle would conjure up the answer from the pit where Python was entrapped and whatever the answer was given to the Oracle, that was the answer given. They had their own ceremonial water cleansings in mocking of the High Priest. Satan has always mocked God and God’s people by perverting God’s Word, God’s ways, and God’s people.

The fruit has withered on the vine and not a one say a peep of the Holy Spirit. They slice the liver and chant falsehoods. Oracle, oracle…they sit upon the oracle of Delphi and call to the python for which way to go.

Before the flood there was the worship of the fallen angels and their offspring. This worship was an abomination to God. It was and is wickedness and a mocking of God. It’s aspects are still used to this day by many among those who follow the fallen angel hierarchy and worship the fallen angel Lucifer. Those who seek to serve the gods of Baal are well aware of all of the ways of Apollo, for it is all of the same origins.

Modern day worship, especially global one world, can have surprises weaved within them.

How to wait upon the Lord…that’s one of the hardest thing for God’s people to do… to learn to wait.


Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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