White House Correspondence Dinner Begins With Propagnada Punch…Ends With Just Deserts…Trump Survives The Filet Mignon!

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The White House correspondence dinner was a feast of food for thought among ravenous appetites wanting red meat.
“Good evening everybody and welcome to the Whitehouse Correspondence dinner, a night where Washington celebrates its’ self” said Obama in his opening remarks. How true those words were. Celebrates its’ self is correct. Its’ own array of lap dogs. “Bo”, Obama’s Water Portuguese, could be the name of many.
Obama’s best line was when he was asked if he had a bucket list he answered, “Well, I have something that rhymes with bucket list” “Take executive action on immigration? Bucket!  (laughter) New climate regulations? Bucket. (laughter) It’s the right thing to do . And my new attitude is paying off. Look at my Cuba policy. The Castro brothers are here tonight.” (yep about 18,000 illegal Cubans were just shipped across the border) “Welcome to America Amigos. Que Pasa. What? It’s the Casto’s from Texas? Oh. Hi Joaquin, Hi Julian.” (laughter) soon after that…it went further south.
“Anyway being president is never easy. I still have to fix a broken immigration system, issue veto threats, negotiate with Iran, all while finding time to pray five times a day,(laughter) which is strenuous.”
As he went into his legacy touting Obama Care, I wondered why people were applauding especially when they were looking numb with rolling eyes? “Thanks to Obama Care you no longer have to worry about losing your health insurance if you lose your jobs. You’re welcome senate democrats.” (laughter and applause”.
What a false press we have. It’s called holding your nose while the president thanks you for doing as you are told.
“This last year it has been good”, Obama said, “The last time I was this high I was trying to decide on my major”  Now that may be the only honest thing he said all night?
Thanking Joe Biden for not shooting anybody in the face was supposed to be a big punch line…that went somewhere at the Biden table and fell flat.
‘Spot Light’ the movie about good investigative journalists was poked at ….Obama knows how propaganda really works.
GOP Priebus was acknowledged on all his success for the republican party and nomination process….saying it’s all going great keep it up. Sarcasm? Yep.
“What an election season,” said Obama acknowledging the bright new face of Bernie Sanders as looking like a million bucks…or an accumulation of contributions of 27 dollars each. He expressed he was hurt for Bernie distancing himself from him saying, “That’s just not something you do to your comrades”.
BERNIE imagesV9M9DE02
Feel the burn slogan is good, he stated that Hillary’s slogan has not had the same effect. showing one of her political slides stating, “Drudge Up The Hill”. (laughter)  Toughness smarts policy …etc…”Hillary trying to appeal to young voters is like your relative who just signed up for Facebook…Dear America did you get my poke? Is it appearing on your wall? I’m not sure I’m using this right? Love aunt Hillary.” laughed Obama. “It’s not entirely persuasive”.
Obama went on to roast the opposition. “The republican side is a little more loose. Check whether you want steak or fish and most of you wrote in Paul Ryan. That’s not an option you choose steak or fish. You might not like steak or fish but that is your option.” (laughter).
“Then there is Ted Cruz. He had a tough week. Went to Hoosier country and stood on a basket ball court and called the hoop a ring. What else is in his lexicon base ball sticks? ….but sure I am the foreign one.” laughed Obama.
“You know I’m going to talk about Trump. Come on we weren’t just going to stop there…come on.  Although I am a little hurt he is not here tonight. We got a room full of reporters and cameras and he said no? Is he at home eating trump steaks?  Throwing out twitters?”
Obama continued saying in fairness trump has met leaders around the world, naming off Miss Sweden, Miss whoever and etc. Trump knows about foreign policy and  Guantanamo,  after all he knows a thing or two about running water front properties into the ground.”  Obama said, “The guy wanted to get his hotel business a boost and now we are praying that Cleveland makes it through July?”  Whatever that meant, it fell flat with the audience too.
Then came Obama’s ‘Couch Commander’ skit of him and John Boehner….figuring out what he is going to do for the next two years? He was tempted a bit by Boehner to smoke a few and of course tempted to drink before noon. Whatever that meant?
Obama’s bla, bla, bla on the free press was a bit reassuring to those that actually believe they are watching real news and not controlled by the propaganda masters. For what it was worth ….to me it was a reminder that we are fed bull from the red bulls daily.
Obama’s lecture on good journalism is not to be translated as the idea of shining a light on the truth every day….it was actually a nod from Obama to the paid press for being good propaganda puppets and not shining a light on truth.
whitehouse the-nightly-show
“Welcome to negro night” opening from Larry Wilmore  was not funny. Imagine if a white man said that? “I am the black man that pretended to be a white man that was actually a black man …..(name) was sneered at and really served no purpose at all….or did it?
A blast at wolf blitzer for not asking followup questions and then a yea I like Wolf fell flat as well. Wilmore’s attempt at humor with “Mr. president the office has taken it’s toll- you look bad. Your hair is so white it tried to punch me at a Trump rally,” was not funny and not very clever. Racial is what it was. His, “Black does crack and once you are black we are going back…thank you Ben Carson….”, did not bode well. Where did they get this guy? Is this what they call funny? wolf blitzerwhcd
Wilmore just kept going with more of the same like, “Black lives matter here? Relax white people it’s just a joke?”  What the heck was that about? Like the white folk are going to run and hide? Give me a break. Trashing C-Span as having no watchers of intelligence was really telling. I mean when you watch real events happening in real time…no one can lie. So why  bash human intelligence for understanding what they see and hear? What a crock this guy was. Very pathetic and a shame to the black community that he so-called wants to lift up? The entire process is designed to create discord and keep minorities down so black lives matter have a platform ongoing with confusion created by the same ones that are bought by the dollar of the establishment they say they are against. Go figure.
I for one am tired of the disrespect paid for by the establishment to initiate propaganda  that the whites are the ones full of racism and anti black rhetoric. The only ones I hear giving anti black rhetoric these days are from organized groups and so-called comedians like Wilmore. So what is up with that? Race bait? Or establishment paid rhetoric? You decide. I find it shameful and a disgrace.
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“Bernie’s so old his first campaign slogan was fire.” was about the only good line he had. His Hillary jest on her avoiding black lives matter and wanting to rather talk about Benghazi was another dig at blacks. It didn’t burn Hillary…it diminished equality for all Americans.
Saying that Trumps campaign is inspiring….violence that is, was another bad jab. At this point I was sick and tired of wasting time covering this sorry display of why I hate the media. This so called comedian is a sorry excuse for a human being and definitely not helpful for anyone except the evil establishment who bellied up to pay him.
Cruz is criss crossing the country zodiac killing was a terrible jab and not funny. Even though I am definitely not for Cruz, this man’s humor was appalling.   He was so bad, Michelle wasn’t even laughing.
“Yo Barry, you did it my nigger”, an ending only a black can say and a white would be hung for. My have we come a long way? I say not.  So it is what it is and once again the White House Correspondence dinner chose another comedian whose humor reflected its’ mission. Larry Wilmore was obviously wedging a divide even further and not funny at all.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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