With Obama and his globalist puppet masters, and all his left behind regime still in the Pentagon and White House, he is hell bent on his Muslim Brotherhood goals to topple Assad and give Syria over to the brotherhood….they will stop at nothing to finish their evil deed.

The problem is this – the evil attacks on innocent people are performed by the same ones that won an Oscar for their short film documenting their so called humanitarian acts of removing the bodies after the same group have killed, maimed, and destroyed.  When killing they go by their name Al Qaeda.  Then they put on a hat and call themselves the white helmets.
The entire gas attack is a false flag planted by the west for the purpose of distracting the American people from the congressional hearings of the FBI, CIA, Pizza Gate/ Potesta child sex trafficking and all the domestic progress coming to the forefront at home. Not to mention the obvious – that is finally topple one more sovereign nation.
Once again the fake news propaganda machines are screeching their scripts and demanding that the evil Assad be toppled.  The same Assad that was optimistic in February after meeting with Trump that he could help end the rebel terrorist attacks.

Well there should also be a few more Oscars given out.  Presenting one for the best fake media, and a bunch for the best political liars, and we can’t forget we need a bunch for the worst hellish puppet masters for their starting roles in playing the doctor evil’s behind the scenes, all hell bent on destroying humanity and getting away with it.

The swamp is deep and it is black.  Ugly things are crawling in it.  Will Trump drain it in time?  Or will the swamp monsters get away with a few more evil deeds in our faces?

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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