Which Came First… Zorro or EctoLife?

Symbolism… the snake eating its tail…. “Ouroboros” = “One who eats himself, which leads to destruction”.

Question of the day...Is the children factory part of the new adrenochrome production? 

Are these Assistive reproduction technology “ART” forms being lab grown to harvest blood and other child trafficked organs and delicacies? Remember they always name things to tell on themselves and Spirit Cooking is an “ART” they say… ?? Did they go so far as to make their own cannibalistic birthing factory to grow their own products to consume?  It sure looks like they might have entertained that idea. Epstein desired this… but for whom?  For himself? Naw… he was hired to work for the global cabal…the KM Oligarchs and he served his masters well.

It’s just performance Art they say…

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Which lead us to dots and puzzle pieces….

Epstein’s ranch, Mit Labs, KM Oligarch global goals, M16, spirit cookers, Bohemian Grovers, WEF, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, global RESET’rs, UN, EU, Luciferian monstrous habbits are all motivation for this type of sick, blasphemous baby clone manufacturing facility, ancient worship of Baal, Child and human ritual sacrifice, adrenochrome. This is how sick and far away into lawlessness the swamp has gone and we are now seeing it in our face.

Is the world ready to look long and hard at what appears to be what monsters did to rid their problem of child sacrificing shortages?  Order a child like you order a pizza?  Deliveried to your home or grove? It is a form of ART? It is just bored elite? There is nothing elite about any of them or the evil ART forms they desire to express. It is all an abomination.

Enter EctoLife: The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility

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Conceived by a Yemen-born science content creator, Hashem Al-Ghaili, the concept revolves around the idea of mass-producing babies in artificial wombs in perfect laboratory conditions for infertile couples or those unwilling to conceive for one or other reason. He operates from Berlin.

The concept envisages high-tech pregnancy in which the baby grows in an “idealized but completely inhuman environment” “growth pods”. The only normality in this “baby boom” is the mixing of sperm and egg in a Petri dish and then science takes over. In the design about which al-Ghaili released a high-definition video, an artificial umbilical cord provides oxygen and nutrition to the pod-stationed baby as the tot floats in artificial amniotic fluid, continually refreshed with precisely tailored hormones, antibodies and growth factors. The pod waste is drained through a bioreactor and enzymatically converted back into “a steady and sustainable supply of fresh nutrients.”

The question is…who is funding this project?

This has all the hallmarks of the Epstein dream to have the bold new world birthed with his sperm. Which still brings us to the question of … whose idea was this that Epstein was pushing and asking the help of Mit labs to make it happen? Who was this for and what purpose did it serve the KM Oligarchs?  The same KM Oligarchs that desire to rule the world and transhumanize all of those that survive their depopulation goals.

Let’s take a closer look. Hashem Al-Ghaili reinforces his claims that this is for the good of humanity by referring  to the World Health Organization (WHO) data suggesting that 15 per cent of reproductive-aged couples worldwide are affected by infertility. BINGO!

Why is it that all the depopulation and Sci Fi ideas have the WHO and CDC attached to it?  When they say that the world is living in an era in which fertility is taking a toss they fail to tell you who is tossing it. That toss is by the globalist who have formatted RESET and all the horrors from Klaus and Harari and their ideals of a soulless population controlled in the cloud by a CERN computer that puts the mind of humanity in the cloud to be controlled by remote controlled 5G programs.

 Their reported  fall in sperm count is due to mRNA jabs  and infertility to women. The recent alarming miscarriages due to toxic vaccines appear to be a part of a nefarious plan to usher in their new breeding pods to replace the natural order of creation that God has set forth. Their new non intelligent design is evil to the core and all relates to their plans of their total controlled world from hell itself.

The 23 countries they claim that are suffering from seriously low growth rates is another one of their master piece plans by creating infertility and mind control – as they pervert the world youth’s thinking that climate change is going to destroy the earth in 12 years or now it may be 8 or 9 years left?

image 324

The claim is that the EctoLife concept is an upgrade to the current in-vitro fertilization (IVF) that involves the most advanced technologies including artificial intelligence to monitor baby development. They point out that the world’s first two ‘test tube’ babies are sisters and are now mothers and today there are around 80 lakh babies born through IVF every year.  Therefore,  it is now normal or okay or something like that?

They point out that Assistive reproduction technology (ART) is already a huge business across the world and estimate this ART sector makes around  $20 billion a year. So who’s making the money in this new industry?

Call me old fashioned, or out of touch or any number of names you want to pin on me, but this new concept is not Godly and not one I am ever going to jump on the bandwagon with.  I shudder to hear people praise and support such statements like, “The parents will have access to their babies round the clock through a smartphone app and virtual reality (VR) and they can communicate with them so that they are accustomed to their speech while in the “womb”. They can use speakers to sing to their babies. Once the AI reports the maturity of the baby, simply a push button will give birth to the baby. Before taking the baby home, they can go for a DNA check to ensure the paternity so goes the design.” READ: Why Has the ‘Baby Factory’ Concept Triggered an Ethical Debate on Technology? | Kashmir Life

Which take us back to Epstein didn’t kill himself and his dream of turning his New Mexico ranch into his own baby-making factory.

image 325

Epstein began sharing his vision for his 33,000 sq ft Zorro Ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico in the early 2000s. He wanted the ranch to be his own personal baby-making factory. The plan was to inseminate women with his sperm and give birth to his babies. Imagine a world of Epsteins?  This Sci Fi reality show had to have an end all that was bigger than the Ranch concept. It is obvious now that there was.

Epstein never did anything on his own account. He had the backing of big money who told him how to jump and just how high, when, with who and where.

 Epstein‘s DNA PLOT was ‘NOT a SECRET’

Epstein told of  his plan to sperm the world’s offspring at his Manhattan mansion in 2001 and at a luxury science conference he hosted on his Island. Or so it is alleged that he did so. A computer scientist and writer named Jaron Lanier told the Times he heard about the plot from a NASA scientist at an Epstein gathering in New York.

Lanier said the scientist told him that Epstein was inspired by the controversial sperm bank the Repository for Germinal Choice in California. It was stocked by high-achieving white males – reportedly including as many as five Nobel Prize winners – from 1979 to 1999.  Read: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9629302/jeffrey-epstein-dna-baby-factory-ranch-penis-frozen/

But what did we expect? The global depopulation henchmen, had to have a new plan to have their adrenochrome fix… or so it would seem, especially if they were contaminating all the sacrificial blood. Child and human trafficking is a 500 billion dollar a year business. And it is obvious they weren’t going to rid the earth of their sacrifices and blood drinking so… perhaps the EctoLife labs eliminate that potential problem. Imagine the benefits of not having to do all that border smuggling and dark trafficking?  They can do whatever they desire in a one stop manufacturing facility of their needed commodity. A sort of celebrity meat company, so to speak?  

So how long will it be before the world catches on?  If they are showing you their commercials, trust me they are already doing this. The question is… where are they doing this? Is it China?  Or right here in the USA?  Are they doing this out in the open or are  they doing things under ground?  Or both?  What have the authorities found? Or are they still searching?

With all the surveillance programs, I am sure somebody in one of the agencies know all about these things.

Now, finding the ones who are not compromised…that is the greater task. Then, proving the case without a benefit of the doubt… that will be the second challenge. Doing any of this in a lawless world…that is the third and most crucial challenge. Man appears to be spineless and futile at the moment. So, the question is… “What do you think God will do?” 

Let us go back to 1993 and the purchase of Zorro Ranch as a shell company by Epstein, and all the dirty laundry being washed in New Mexico in a circle of land… from the Catholic Priests recovering from pedophilia to Epstein’s sex slaves…

There we will find the sites where the Catholic Church hid pedophile priests in local parishes, until a tsunami of lawsuits from victims forced New Mexico’s largest diocese to file for bankruptcy in June of 2019.  One of those places is in Jemez Springs, an isolated resort town in the middle of a mixed bag of federal ranges, Pueblo nations, and national forests. And all just 50 miles from the Epstein Zorro Ranch.  Here is where the Catholic Church still operates one of two treatment centers in the United States for pedophile priests. They are treated by fellow members of the cloth who belong to an order called the Servants of the Paraclete—the paraclete, of course, being the Holy Ghost. It makes one ponder, now doesn’t it?  

Excerpts in a very intriguing article linked below state, “You can travel inside the circle, from one abusive church to another. A little over 80 miles northwest of Zorro Ranch is Trementina Base, a bunker and vault complex owned by the Church of Spiritual Technology—an elite order within Scientology—with hardened rooms storing L. Ron Hubbard’s writings. Hubbard’s thoughts on Thetans will survive anything, as they’re reportedly inscribed on etched steel plates in titanium containers filled with inert argon gas. The location is hardly secret, since the CST’s logo, two interlocking circles with diamonds, can be seen in aerial photos, carved into the high desert scrub, ostensibly to help guide Hubbard’s spirit back to its new body—whenever that happens. “Once Hubbard adopts a new body, he’s expected to make his way to one of the CST bases,” a Trementina Base insider told the Village Voice in 2012. “That’s where he’s supposed to be raised and be taken care of.”

And then there is this strange thing … found by Coreys Digs…

And this strange thing…

From a notice in the Albuquerque Journal, 04 Feb, 2004:

DP # 1452 Facility/Applicant Zorro Ranch, Zorro Ranch, Zorro Trust, (Epstein’s Company) proposes to discharge up to 10,080 gallons per day of reverse osmosis reject water. Primary contaminants associated with this type of discharge include TDS… the Zorro Ranch is discharged to a synthetically lined lagoon for disposal through evaporation.

In industrial settings, “reverse osmosis” is often used to remove total dissolved salts (TDS) from industrial wastewater or treated industrial wastewater and yield permeate with relatively low TDS concentrations. The process involves large synthetic pools, and letting the water evaporate in the sun.

That’s linked to this strange idea….

Where is all this garbage water coming from? Is there underground construction taking place, and perhaps even an underground bunker?

Citizen journalists would like to know!

Similar engineering and digging proposals on the Zorro Ranch:





Further reading on the subject of Zorro Ranch by Corey Digs: “The thought of blackmail, human trafficking, drug trafficking, gun trafficking, experimentation, and other nefarious actions come to mind when taking all factual reports and stacking them up to one another. Indeed, this is conspiracy at the highest levels – and as the indictment suggests ­– co-conspirators are most definitely involved.” Read and ponder: https://www.coreysdigs.com/trafficking/is-jeffrey-epsteins-zorro-ranch-insulated/

Learn who invested in the Zorro Ranch and how it was hidden within stacks of paperwork as a shell company for many of the rich and powerful… see how Epstein was a front man for a rather great merchant of the earth sort of high rollers.

Read how Zorro Ranch wasn’t Epstein’s only New Mexico investment. Besides alleged illicit assaults and sex trafficking to the rich and powerful, he had other interests, like eugenics, cryogenics, and theoretical physics. New Mexico filled those needs nicely: groundbreaking work on all three fields has been done in New Mexico since the Manhattan Project; after World War II, the United States imported Nazi war criminals to help run the fledgling space program, including in New Mexico, where their prior skills in rocketry and ghastly human experiments could help the United States retain the edge over the communists. It seems Epstein, a canny investor, saw value in both the physical and human terrain of New Mexico. Read: Jeffrey Epstein Chose New Mexico for a Reason | The New Republic

Remember…nothing is ever really as it appears in the world they are hiding from YOU. But, at least now we know why Epstein didn’t kill himself. There were lots of global merchants who could do that for him. The question is…was his death staged to appease the rich and powerful… or did they succeed? Will we ever know?

The fact is … Epstein was a little fish in an ocean of sharks. His job was to blackmail the carp, hammerheads, a few whales and some swordfish. And he did his job well.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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