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The World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches who work with the World Council of Churches are heading to the future and have a well mapped agenda. Gee…did these pastors who signed on bother to read the fine print or did they just sign on for the ride?

Transhumanism: Cybernetic Immortality? - Home of the Mother

The triangle of new and emerging technologies, disabled people and the World Council of Churches; now introduces Able-ism. (WASN’T IT CAIN WHO SLEW ABLE? THIS MUST MEAN SOMETHING MORE…?)


This e-book focuses on policies of the WCC and policies of churches that are members of the WCC.It also addresses policies of national council of churches, which while not members of the WCC, work closely with the WCC. The author lacks qualifications to make any in depth judgments on how other faiths, religions and theological discourses are impacted by the advances in science and technology and the accompanying public discourse.

However,every faith, religion, theology and church related policies will be effected by developments in science and technology and the public discourse and societal changes around them . Still, different faith, religions/theologies and church policies will be effected in different ways as they have different foundations on which they base their actions and different historical responses to earlier developments in science and technology. The greater the differences in a faith group’s response to these new technological developments the more strained the relationship between different faiths, religions/theologies and churches might become and an ecumenical and interfaith relationship may be especially impacted by these converging technologies and the public discourse and societal developments around them.”

It’s all about a New World Order, Sustainable Development for the 21st Century, Agenda 21.

Posthumanism and Transhumanism - ppt video online download

Introduction In E-Book: “‘I believe in transhumanism’: once there are enough people who can truly say that, the human species will be on the threshold of a new kind of existence, as different from ours as ours is from that of Peking man. It will at last be consciously fulfilling its real destiny.” Julian Huxley First Director-General of UNESCO(2 )

That reminds me of Bush’s Big Idea and a Thousand Points of Light! Disguised as progress for humanity.

George Herbert Walker Bush - Prophet Of A New World Order - HubPages

E-Book’s Key findings and Suggestions

With recent and to come scientific advances and the discourse around them one can predict the following:

• Moving from Species-typical functioning to Beyond species-typical functioning

• Moving towards the generation of new social groups (techno poor disabled) and towards more ability divides

• Moving from nature based commodities (i.e. copper, rubber) towards nanoformulated commodities towards atomic commodities (molecular manufacturing)

• Moving from dissecting life towards building life base-pair by base-pair

• Moving from curative to enhancement medicine?

• Moving from human rights to sentience rights?

• Moving from ableism towards transhumanization of ableism

• Moving towards the transhumanization of a variety of religious, theological and faith based concepts • Impact on the reconciliation process

• Impact on nearly every aspects of the World Council of Churches and its work from Trade(molecular manufacturing), human security (water, climate, energy, food…), health and healing, justice (ability divide), weapons to peace, poverty reduction and social cohesion.

Some suggestions as to what to do are towards the end of the e-book but the author hopes that this e-book leads to a discussion from which many suggestions will be generated.

READ THE EBOOK FOR YOURSELF! (PDF) The triangle of new and emerging technologies, disabled people and the World Council of Churches; Able-ism: A prerequisite for transhumanism 1 | Gregor Wolbring – Academia.edu

Do it in the name of disabilities and Christians will follow. This is how they deceive. Start the conversation in the name of a good cause, then boil slowly like a frog in a pot. Little by little it all changes, by the time you realize what is happening, the fire is very, very hot. Sometimes it’s blazing!

So it looks like CDC, Fauci, Gates, WHO and the global Cabal are creating a mass number of permanent disabilities. How does it make you feel now, knowing they have thought of EVERYTHING?

This UN World Council of Churches is part of the UN Agenda 21 for a one world order and of course a one world religion. What is surprising is they have been a bigger part of the plandemic than what even I had thought. It is apparent they have been doing a lot of Agenda work in their Pastor Programs since the push for the idea of sustainable development began. The deception that is exposed and how they have labored over a very long time to get to this point can be mind boggling. These people who are involved in this cruel and insane take over of the world and the human mind and body are enemies of all humanity. Those are the kindest words to call them.

This is nothing short of the biggest war on your mind. Literally the winner gets to take all; all of your functionality, personality, and every thought.

IN A WORLD FILLED WITH BILLIONS OF PEOPLE WITH NEW DISABILITIES….CAN YOU SEE HOW THE HUMAN SHIFT TO ALLOWING ALL SORTS OF BIO-GENETICS AND TRANSHUMANISM EXPERIMENTS WILL BEGIN? The same ones who took a disabilitating jab will be in line with nothing to lose to be lab rats for the second phase of the jab. That will be the 5-G Technology of transhumanism life.

They are actually playing creator with all of God’s creation. Or so they hope to do this. And of course since RELIGION STANDS IN THE WAY…the World Council of Churches formed at the inception of the United Nations with a one world religion goal, is the one who is the think tank for convincing humanity that the new science can be a gift from God to make man transhuman. Or some crazy idea as that.

Excerpts from the E-Book

So What is Ableism?

Ableism is a set of beliefs, processes and practices that produce -based on ones abilities- a particular kind of understanding of oneself, one’s body and one’s relationship with others of one’s species, other species and one’s environment and includes one being judged by others. Ableism exhibits a favouritism for certain abilities that are projected as essential while at the same time labelling deviation (real or perceived) from or lack of these essential abilities as a diminished state of being leading or contributing to the justification of a variety of other isms.”

The politics of Ableism

“Every ism has two components. Something we cherish and something we do not. Sometimes the ism’s used relate to the second part , or to the first part or to both parts. Ableism reflects the first part of the ism which is the obsession with certain abilities which leads to disablism (discrimination against the ‘less able’’). Many used definitions of ableism confuse the first part with the second part and they have the problem that they are limited to ‘disabled people’.

Those in the handicapped community tend to be more willing to accept people in various forms and to be more open in their ideas about what it means to be “normal,” or even human. And as the disabled are discovering, when it comes to prostheses and other assistive devices, the sky’s the limit; they no longer feel compelled to mimic the human form. For the handicapped, the impetus toward “human normalization” is as irrelevant and useless a notion as it is offensive. Indeed, the disabled are no longer accepting the limitations of the”normal” human body. They are truly bridging the gap between the biological and the mechanical, the human and the post human.

“Dvorsky quotes Alan Pottinger, the founder of Ascender Alliance,who is an outspoken disabilityactivist:

 “Pottinger advocates for the removal of political, cultural, biological and psychological limits to self-realization and augmentation. He said,“Humanity has always adapted the environment to suits its needs.” He argues that the cyborg transformation of human society is already underway, and is one of the driving factors in the creation of a posthuman society.

 “Pottinger concedes, however, that the path taken to posthumanity will be markedly different for the disabled. “Within the able-bodied world there is little variation from person to person, at least in terms of physical form, but within the disabled community there are a huge number of variations. This variation, means that the disabled agenda will differ from that of the able-bodied as our augmentation will require different procedures.”

Has anyone ever wondered if Hawkings and Gates had an experiment taking place beyond what we were told? It was always in our face. I always suspected. Did anyone else? Could he have been transformed into a???

Hawking meets Microsoft President Bill Gates, who was visiting Cambridge University in 1997. Microsoft had announced funding for a new research center to be based in Cambridge, and Gates was also donating millions of his own dollars. Findlay Kember/AFP/Getty Images
As his daughter looks on, Hawking receives the Albert Medal from Britain’s Prince Philip in 1999. The medal is awarded by the Royal Society of Arts. Hawking got his for “making physics more accessible, understandable and exciting” and opening the subject to a wider audience through books and television. Hawking had at least 12 honorary degrees and was awarded the CBE in 1982. A CBE, or Commander in the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, is considered a major honor for a British citizen and is one rank below knighthood. Sean Dempsey/PA Images/Getty Images
And of course this is Hawking doing his flight thing.
The Queen is delighted with this machine.
Of Course Hawking and the Pope.
Scientist and inventor Yuri Milner holds up a prototype of the “Star Chip,” a small robotic spacecraft meant to enable interstellar space travel, as he poses with Hawking in New York in 2016
Can’t forget Obama and despite being a British citizen, Hawking received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the US’s highest civilian honor, in 2009. And the world watched on all these years and never asked any questions.

The E-Book points out that walking is over rated when it comes to what’s really important. Thinking of Hawkings and his quality of the Theory of Everything versus his ability to function as a human being? Makes me wonder if he wasn’t so wired up what would he really tell us? So far all who are disabled from the jab don’t seem to share the ideas of Pottinger who says humanity has reached a point where mental agility has taken over physical capability. So far Hawking is the only attest to that…or at least his voice recording attests to it.

“Furthermore, the disabled are openly acknowledging that human normalization is not on the agenda. “Is walking ability that important?” asks Pottinger. In the past perhaps, but Pottinger believes humanity has reached a point in its development where physical capability has begun to be overtaken by mental agility. “Machines,” says Pottinger, “which take their orders in the form of simple physical inputs,now control most of our production processes, while in other cases other machines build the machines themselves.” Human input is slowly dropping off, he notes, so much that disabled people might be right in arguing that physical ability is not as vital as society makes it out to be. ”The development of a computer-orientated society is well underway, if not already complete,” contends Pottinger, “and it is something that has brought major benefits to both the disabled and able-bodied community.”

Dvorsky goes on to say, Interestingly, many in the disabled community will choose to be willing test subjects; many have nothing to lose and are eager to try out the latest innovations – if not for themselves, certainly for those in the disabled community who will follow after them.

And as the disabled courageously experiment with their bodies and strive to overcome the injustices and indignities of their disabilities, they will subsequently reinvent themselves for the future. They will be undaunted and unfazed by their departure from human morphology and functionality, while the rest of humanity will watch and take inspiration. And then play catchup.

anarchotranshumanism hashtag on Twitter

So the future push is to have a transhuman world, where everyone gets to decide what they function like? The focus is on the disabled and ableism…which in itself is a very politically correct and touchy subject full of room for spin and confusion. Far more tricky then what gender bathroom to use. And now with the increase of disabled persons from the jab, and more to come…we have a the ground work for all the marvels of transhumanism and little by little like any slow boiling frog, they have reached the point where they are just jabbing the heck out of everyone full force because President Trump came out with a vaccine ahead of their five year schedule, thus ruining the timing of their evil plans and exposing them terribly. This put the humanism science new world order team into shoving everything they had at us and now is trying to see how much of this stuff will stick. So far it is a sloppy mess that is revealing itself to be the monster plan it always was.

So now they have jabbed and are failing, so they have to go to war with Afghanistan to throw off the audits and the jabs, and slide in a fake Pfizer approval and the governors, mayors, schools, city councils, and employers are doing their job for the cabal to mandate jabs. There is one serious problem with that…it is all illegal to do so. They are hoping people comply and don’t find out they are lying. They are losing this information war in spite of all the misinformation and lies they throw out. The fact that more people are having side effects that are disabling and death that stands out and they cannot hide this no matter how much they lie is exposing the truly evil murder by mandate. Trump left the decision to take a jab or not, up to the states and the individual. He said it was unconstitutional to mandate anything. So why are they silencing anyone who tells the truth and forcing a lawless mandate for a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate? Could it be to meet their Agenda 21 goals? It sure appears that way, now doesn’t it?

So the World Council of Churches has an evil agenda to pursuade Pastors to not only order their congregations to take jabs…but to buy into their new transhuman world where they get to recreate man into their image. Here are some more segments of the e-book. The link is here and also above in this article. Please read it in its entirety. There is a lot of information in it and everyone needs to know what the so called world church is up to. (PDF) The triangle of new and emerging technologies, disabled people and the World Council of Churches; Able-ism: A prerequisite for transhumanism 1 | Gregor Wolbring – Academia.edu It is based on the Report of the Commission on Christian Action of the Reformed Church.

Why the Biden Administration Moved Forward With Vaccine Boosters | Vanity Fair
If he isn’t a double, then he is a Fauci lab rat. Is this what the first experiments look like?
They always tell you what they did, what they are doing and what they plan to do. Discerning it comes from the Lord.
Vaccination Agenda - An Implicit Transhumanism/Dehumanism
VACCINATION AGENDA / TRANSHUMANISM ISN’T NEW…IT IS NOW EXPOSED AND FORCED ON EVERYONE! Presently, compliance with the CDC’s immunization schedule for children from birth through 6 years of age requires 60+ vaccines 1 be administered, purportedly to make them healthier than non-vaccinated or naturally immunized ones.2
Sixty vaccines, while a disturbingly high amount (for those who retain the complementary human faculties of reason and intuition), does not, however, correctly convey just how many antigenic challenges these children face in total…
A new paper published in the journal Lupus entitled, “Mechanisms of Aluminum Adjuvant Toxicity and Autoimmunity in Pediatric Populations,” points out that as many as 125 antigenic compounds, along with high amounts of aluminum (AI) adjuvants are given to children by the time they are 4 and 6 years old, in some “developed” countries.


Welcome to the era of transhumanism


Of course, they lie and tell you this is for the good of mankind. Look and see the wolves who have snuck inside of the churches to lead this new age OF TRANSHUMANISM. If they want you to mask, jab up, and comply they are part of it, whether they realize it or not. This is NOT of JESUS AND DEFINITELY NOT of GOD.

It has now become crystal clear what was meant when they said, “The truth is so bad, people won’t be able to handle it. They will be in shock.” I say to that, it’s time to brace yourself in the strong arms of the Lord. Have him hold you all the way and keep on going! There is no stopping and no turning back.


There is only one who can save us and that one is God our Father through his Son, Jesus the Christ. Put on the whole armor of God and press forward keeping your eyes on God! Love your neighbor as yourself and press boldly together toward the Kingdom. The Lord is in you, so call on Him and use the power of the Holy Spirit. When your brother or sister falls, pick them up and carry them if you have to. The Lord will give you the strength. Just keep your eyes on the Lord, he is with you and will never leave you!

The Ethics Of Transhumanism And The Cult Of Futurist Biotech

The Ethics Of Transhumanism And The Cult Of Futurist Biotech

Transhumanism (also abbreviated as H+) is a philosophical movement which advocates for technology not only enhancing human life, but to take over human life by merging human and machine. The idea is that in one future day, humans will be vastly more intelligent, healthy, and physically powerful. In fact, much of this movement is based upon the notion that death is not an option with a focus to improve the somatic body and make humans immortal. 

Read full story: The Ethics Of Transhumanism And The Cult Of Futurist Biotech (forbes.com)

Stay strong. We shall all reap if we faint not. We have come this far, we shall stay the course and finish the task! For the Lord is with us, so who then can be against us? No one! More people are waking up each day. We are growing stronger and larger in numbers than ever before, so friends, fear not and keep on pressing forward!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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