Where is Waldo? No, where is Hillary???

By John Miranda
”We all know that to cross Hillary Clinton is to risk death. Oh, ok, those fifty plus dead people, mostly suicides who crossed her and/or were about to testify against her are all just part of some lunatic conspiracy theory…
The Clinton Body Count is real. Those who have looked into this understand this. Seth Rich, the DNC staffer, who leaked emails of the Democratic Primary voter fraud & criminal activity against U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders to Wikileaks paid with his life as have many others who crossed the Clinton Crime Family.
So how can it now be possible for the DNC to openly be talking about removing Hillary from the Democratic presidental ticket?!?!? Talk of Biden, Kaine or even Sanders is taking place, emergency meetings being scheduled. Hillary is fine with all of this? WTH. No way.
She would never throw the towel in upon her forty plus year investment to steal the presidency. NEVER.
Have her globalist sponsors abandoned her? Soros and others have yet to issue any public statements about Clinton, her health or her being replaced. They have yet to issue any statements that she is still their choice since her collapse in New York City too.
The body double paraded to the public leaving Chelsea Clinton’s apartment fooled no one. The pneumonia story is complete nonsense as well. Is Clinton deathly ill in a private hospital room some where? In a coma or unable to speak?
That line of thought is very plausible. That her campaign announced she has cancelled ALL campaign & fund raising events for the next week is unpresidented. But again I say, she would never willingly throw in the towel…
The video of her collapse can be viewed clearly as someone who is very ill, passing out even as a step was taken towards the vehicle. But that video can be viewed in another way too. Her arms are wrong, indeed they seem to be behind her back for most if not all of it. The vehicle was not present when she arrived at the curb too.
So, she has to leave an event, not for over-heating but perhaps because she felt a seizure, fainting spell was about to start. Yet, they did not radio her vehicle to be at the curb and ready to pick her up? That makes no sense?!?!? The posture of the Secret Service agents seems to be wrong too, not that they were not doing their job, but it far from looks that their concern was for her health in the slightest.
People have suggested that her hands were cuffed behind her back. Watching the video several times, watching the posture of the Secret Service Agents, the fact that the vehicle was not waiting for her to arrive… A lot of pieces of that puzzle seem to fall in line with an arrest more so than with the thought of an ill candidate having to leave an event early.
A lot to ponder, but again getting back to the DNC openly discussing her being replaced. A free Hillary Clinton would have already silenced those leading that revolt against her. Fact.
Arrested or in a coma are the two conclusions I find to be the most plausible. No doubt I will get attacked for this post, so be it. I can take it.”
John Miranda

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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