Where are the Nukes?

And what are the nukes exactly? Do we even really know? Is it even an issue?

Why would they even show us a diagram of how it functions? I smell Pluto’s Cave of Shadows…

image 97

Why did President Trump say this…

image 80

Lin Wood posted the message from President Trump above, along with the following comment…

Lin Wood –

If our country REALLY possesses “tactical” nuclear weapons, why do we need to spend trillions of dollars on conventional weapons of war???

Heck, it should be enough to deter an attack on our country if our enemies know we can strategically “nuke” them.

And if we are attacked, all we need to do to defend our country would be to strategically unleash nuclear weapons on the attacking country!!!

All we would need for our defense would be the strategic nuclear bombs, missiles, launch facilities (including a few submarines) and someone to push the button. 

And a Commander in Chief to give the order to “fire!!!”

Think about the defense cost savings IF we really had tactical nuclear bombs that we could actually use if necessary.

It would be mind boggling!!!

Of course, the military industrial complex would not be happy at all as it would not receive trillions of dollars to line its pockets and those of its cronies.

Just sayin.’

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


That of course got me thinking.

President Trump told us in 2015 on the campaign trail about his uncle John. He was a genius engineer and worked on Tesla’s drawings and patents for the government. Trump told us his uncle told him everything.

He repeated this many times. He was telling us, but I believed he was more importantly, and indirectly telling deep state that he knew everything. At the time, I wondered what “everything” meant. I had always been curious of Tesla and researched him a lot, so I started digging again back then to see what his uncle John did and digging into Tesla also and discovered the time Tesla spent in Colorado, and all the this and that, including Tunguska and that mystery.

I’ve written on this many times in the past… and so Lin Wood’s question to ponder was a puzzle piece I had not connected. That of nukes and “If our country REALLY possesses “tactical” nuclear weapons, why do we need to spend trillions of dollars on conventional weapons of war??”

So where do we start? Let’s begin with President Trump’s Uncle John…

According to John Trump, who was called in to look at Tesla’s technical papers it was Tesla’s secret weapons that was of most concern to the United States, (was it his Death Ray?) and he came across a couple of letters directed at the British Empire to the King and Queen of England or perhaps just to the King?  And also to the Tsar of Russia.  This weapon had the capability to be used at great distances and intercede with flying objects remote from the source.

So with all sorts of ideas floating out there by many others, I have to put my idea on the pile….

Could the 1908 explosion in Tunguska have been a shot across the bow to let the Tsar of Russia know he isn’t going to get the weapon? Or was it to show the Tsar of Russia why he needed to have the secret weapon? Could this have something to do of why the Rothschild funded the Bolshevik Revolution and took out the entire Tsar Royal Romanov Family in 1917? Along with their refusal to be part of his central banking system? I’m sure there were multiple reasons and not just because of an old vendetta of past Tsars assisting Lincoln in the civil war, as we are told???  

Or was it more so that the Tsar was successful in getting a deal made with Tesla?

This opens up so many ideas to explore???And as I said, this is just an idea on top the pile of ideas. I’m just looking at a bunch of dots here. Nothing more. This is a brain storming session… throwing out puzzle pieces and seeing if anything fits.

Tesla was also being spied on by the Germans, his agent in charge of his patents George Scherff Sr. and his son Curious George Jr. who were later paper clipped into the Bush family. and of course the US wanted all his inventions, and especially the secret weapons, which undoubtedly included his Death Ray.

So… let’s take a look at the mysterious event in Tunguska Russia in Siberia when the sky fell to the earth? The unsolved mystery…

Tesla’s towers…

The Tesla’s Wardenclyffe project, he found a way to amplify electricity by bouncing an electrical wave-form between two boundaries of the atmosphere picking up charge as it went & then having the ability to focus where that electricity would discharge. He had discovered the principles that allowed electricity to be generated and made available to everyone free. From this he also developed the means for wireless transmissions and a way to make a “super weapon” he called the Death Ray.

This was capable of delivering an enormous electrical discharge – something with the power of a nuclear weapon, even greater, that could strike without warning anywhere on earth – it is thought that he tested this weapon and the result was the destruction of 800 square miles of Tunguska in Russia.

This weapon was so powerful, he is said to have hidden and mixed up the drawings and designs of it so it could not be replicated by the government(s) for war. His idea is said to have a weapon so powerful that no one would go to war and men sought to control the world with it instead, so he destroyed whatever could be used to replicate his work after figuring out its destructive potential.

The Tunguska event said to have cleared out 80 million trees and cleared out an area more than 800 square miles. Everything simply melted in its path. The cause of this was unknown and baffling. It was a mystery.

image 81

Some small trees left standing while others charred and stripped? Where have we seen this before?

image 82

If this was a meteor it would have left a crater, of which there was NO CRATER LEFT!

image 83

It did not leave a crater, it just simply incinerated everything.

image 84

What caused this strange event?

In the video above, eye witnesses described the same heat that victims in Lahaina described, like the heat was so intense it felt like their clothes were on fire. The same type of physical descriptions were said by the people in the Tunguska region and Lahaina. They both saw a bright light in the sky and then saw the fire.

image 86
Lahaina, after the so called fire brought in by the winds???

The aftermath is the same eerie twisted trees and everything incinerated with some green left standing in the midst of it all.

image 87

Below is Tunguska while above is Lahaina…

image 85

Knowing what we now know… what does this look like to you?

President Trump said, “Nuclear weapons issue is a hoax.” We know there are ballistic missiles but do we really know if there are nuclear bombs?

Hiroshima was said to have the atom bomb dropped on it. The devastation eerily looks like Lahaina.

image 88

Above and below is Hiroshima. Why does it look like Lahaina, and why do the trees look like Tunguska?

image 89

Photo below… no it’s not Lahaina…it’s Hiroshima.

image 90

More Hiroshima…

image 91

Below… Lahaina…

image 92

Below Hiroshima… are you seeing a connection here? Coincidence?

image 93

How would we know what they used? They always lie to us? Remember they said Lahaina caught fire because of the wind.

What if this was Tesla’s direct energy weapon? Below is Lahaina. It looks like Hiroshima and we are told an atomic bomb was dropped on it. But Lahaina had wind that caused their fire. And it did this. We need to ask them what exactly is their definition of “Wind fire” causes.

image 94

It really makes a person stop and ponder this strange thing. What is the truth and what is the propaganda?

What if there was never really a cold war of nukes… but there was a thing called Tesla Technology and Tesla’s Death Ray?

image 95

The story of Tesla…

What if the same thing that we call Direct Energy Weapons or DEW was what Tesla had developed? What if the Big Boy was a fake (like fire because of the wind thingy) and the real weapon was the Death Ray?

Will the truth of these mysteries ever be told?  Will we ever know why the three separate devastations appear to hold so much in common?

They said in the above video that the force that hit Tunguska was equal to 1,000 A- bombs on Hiroshima? There was no crater to be found to say it was a meteorite.  So was this an A-Bomb, or a direct energy weapon? Or was it fire caused by wind?

And of course they also said it could be aliens… but that is not what happened to Lahaina or Hiroshima, so it is highly unlikely that it happened in Tunguska.

We aren’t supposed to know what is behind the veil…

image 96

Click link to watch Tesla’s Death Ray and secret weapons: https://youtu.be/5AnBr2yNXE4

Meanwhile Russia tests a new ballistic missile?

My bet is on the Tesla Death Ray and many patents that were further advanced. What’s your ideas on all of this?



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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