When Wrap Up Smears Go Flat…

It appears the rinse and repeat strategy of the deep state’s mind control games – “where if you repeat a lie long enough people will believe it” has come to an abrupt halt!

People who once supported a “build back better”, and “change they could believe in”, are now awake and tired of losing everything! The con games in congress aren’t working anymore. Where do we begin? Let’s start with AOC – she seems to be one of the stars among the wrap up smear campaign squad, or what is left of it! If it’s even her? She looks so different lately, but her mouth is still yapping out the same rhetoric.

Trump supporter Slams AOC for her lies…

Madeleine Brame calls out AOC for accusing them of being paid by Trump to support common sense law and order and end the economic and lawlessness crisis they are victims of in the Bronx! They are suffering with poverty and crime as a result of voting for the Dems who have used them for their votes and given them nothing to show for it over the past 50 years!

And then we have the NYC Mayor following along with AOC and more of the lie. Are they that scared? They sure sound like it.

This is their attempt at the age old “Pelosi” wrap up smear. It just doesn’t work any more. The question is this… is the deep state’s victim card maxed out or is it expired?

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You decide…

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President Trump is now their hope for a better future. The people of the Bronx decided this on their own – there was no paid by Trump attendees. There was a grass roots movement of being sick and tired of promises that turned into more chaos!

That being said, the Speaker fight continues and the battle of words against one another inside the congressional committee continues on and on… here are some current updates.

AOC attacks Stefanik on her ‘Reign in Inflation Act’ defense…and fails!

AOC needs to eat bugs and have nothing and see how happy she is by following the WEF goals she is pushing. These goals are designed to destroy America from within and let some unelected group of puppets rule the world. We are now all aware that the Inflation Reduction Act is more of an American Destruction Act. Where’s Pelosi these days? Is she still directing AOC or is AOC operating on her own?

The failed “Inflation Reduction Act” was never designed to make anyone happy but the globalists.

image 12 20240524 175437

Where are all the happy ones who so proudly signed this act?

Joey Avatar and Pelosi  with all their “happy ones” increased the cost of EVERYTHING.  AOC is a proud minion of the “minion Ites”.

Then we have Kennedy ‘s questions to a “dumb” climate change activist director who can’t answer any of them. Questions like after releasing 30 thousand criminals in six years how many of them committed another crime? They still don’t  know how many have committed another crime? Or do they? Are they playing dumb or are they really dumb? Their “compassionate release” is not the same thing as what they did. Do they even know what they did? Horowitz seems to not know what they did either? Oh did we mention they have 40,000 employees who work under them?  Something is wrong when no one knows what’s going on! 

Senator Kennedy just wants to know how many of the 30,000 criminals released have committed new crimes and how many of the 40,000 employees still work from home and don’t come into work?  No one can even answer that question.  Something is not right here.  Where is the oversight on any of this?

Then we have Representative Victoria Spartz , (R), going after the  ATF Director, Stephen Dettelbach in Fiery Questioning-

It’s all about gun control and taking away the second amendment rights and Spartz calls them all out!

Spartz calls out their dangerous definitions and how it is causing law abiding citizens to get killed by criminals who don’t obey the laws. Oh the games they play in order to push their unconstitutional attacks on the second amendment, and everything in the bill of rights!

Corporate price gouging on groceries?  Yes!!! Once again, Senator Kennedy calls them out for what they are doing and it’s a crime… or is it?

So it appears the corrupt Justice System is now accusing the food producers of price fixing and Kennedy is trying to get to the bottom of the blame games. He reminds the witness  that she can be sued for false claims against a company. Perjury is a crime. Oh what games the corrupt ones play… blame the victim for their own crimes against humanity. That is what the evil spirited ones always do.

I wonder if they are paid well enough to do this sort of blame game or if they really believe the things they are told to do and say? What do you think?

image 12 20240524 180558

Look at the eyes on this guy. Do you know what body language experts say about those who show the whites of their eyes on top and bottom?  Is he just scared?  I heard it meant that the whites at the top meant they were a danger to others, and the bottom is they are a danger to themselves. If both top and bottom whites show, they are a danger to themselves and to others. What do you think? There are always acceptations to these interpretations for it is not a science and there are all sorts of people who can act one way and be another, so??  I just found this guy’s eyes interesting… that is all. He may just be that way and that’s okay. Smile. However, we are talking about price gouging accusations in a congressional committee here… so???

I’m sure food prices like beef from cattle went up due to the Reflation Reduction Act and the support of Climate Change within it. Remember, the WEF and the United Nations says: Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. Human activities have been the main driver of climate change, primarily due to the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, cow farts and too many humans breathing.

Meanwhile… the democrats blame the Republicans for their border bills failure that does nothing to stop the illegal migration at the border but actually allows these illegals to vote. Schumer instead blames the Repubs for not supporting the bill that will reform immigration, which the bill does not. Their bill adds more chaos to the chaos illegal migration has already caused. But he has the nerve to look at the camera and lie through his teeth.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Schumer failed to tell the press that the bill allowed all the illegal immigrants to vote! So they miss and diss info the information and fake news pushes it out in a wrap up smear while a few stations try to expose what really happened and if you didn’t catch those… you are left hearing the smear that stinks like the swamp goo it is and meanwhile the borders are having their own war on terror? 

So with that in mind… there is one thing you can rely on as true… and that is the fact that nothing in the swamp has changed for they continue to rinse and repeat the same strategy believing that if you tell a lie long enough people will believe it.

They have forgotten that pain at the gas pump, pain in the grocery store, pain in unemployment, pain in rising crime, and pain in a failed protection of our children are screaming much louder than their liar base and the news can’t shout that down. The people are no longer listening to the lies. They are now all pointing the liars out and demanding someone end the wrap up smear campaigns and restore law and order to their neighborhoods and stop the lawlessness in the city, state and government overreach.

Climate change is now exposed as the freedom killer it was always designed to be.

The same base that once supported it, via Soro’s funded organizers who spread the propaganda and hit the streets to burn down and destroy cities and legalize lawlessness, are now being shouted out by their own so called and assumed base. Funny thing when you are in the process of having nothing and aren’t happy… how that changes the minds of even the most diehard believer in the cause.

The truth is, there were never a majority of anyone in America who wanted to have nothing and be happy. There were never a majority of anyone in America who desired to offer up their children to the government to decide what they were going to believe and what their pronouns were going to be. There was never a majority in America who wanted to have nothing and be happy nor wanted their trans-human A.I. controlled world.

That being said… the clock is ticking and the people are waking up to the truth. The same truth they were never supposed to see. Once they see it, they can’t unsee it. So now… the tide has turned and it’s drawing out to the sea and ready to hit the shore as a huge tsunami!

The more the deep state plays their game, the angrier the people become. Funny how losing everything changes a lot of people’s minds on what is good and what is bad for them.

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God!  PRESS, PRESS, PRESS!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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