When The Show Wobbles…

That’s When You Need To Pay Close Attention!

One day, in 2020, when the first gatherings to stand against the election fraud were formed and taking off. The admiration for Sidney Powell representing WE THE PEOPLE was motivating and gave all hope to press forward and expose the lies and present the truth. On one of these days, of hearing Flynn shouting to wake up and run for office…. and all the podcasts shouting fight like a Flynn it occurred to me that not all are called to run for office. We are a nation of people with families, a work force, and many are elderly and all are called to do different things.

So, I being frustrated at the orders shouted with no direction on how to do the things he said….thought how to help those who had organized like Powell, Wood, Lindell, and Dr. Simone with Frontline Doctors….and handed out instructions to the people….there was something lopsided. It led me to the point of one day thinking through the whole fight like a Flynn thing…and in so doing, I realized he caved and allegedly admitted to doing something he did not do. And it took a WOMAN named SIDNEY POWELL TO GET HIS ARSE OUT OF THE RINGGER! So from that day on, in my mind and out loud to those who I trusted….I said….THE HECK WITH FIGHTING LIKE A FLYNN….I WILL FIGHT LIKE A POWELL!!!

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That being said…

I learned a lesson by being to quick to judge in the Kyle case with several who had opinions that on their face value seemed trivial and problem causing without support for it….because of my lack of knowledge. And the Lord tugged me to look at what my head believed to be a waste of time….and it turned out to be vital importance…..I had to go back and apologize to those who spoke to show me and my attitude was “you can’t show me”…..it was humbling. I was wrong…and when I am wrong…I do admit it. My lesson learned was to not speak quickly before exploring the things said….and my excuse (which I never said) but I did to the Lord…for it was what interfered with my actions…was that there are so many people with their eyes closed that I got caught up in thinking they were the ones not knowing and seeing  things that weren’t there.  I saw….by my quickness to just read a comment and judge…and not using discernment of the Holy Spirit…I was the fool. I was the one who learned the lesson…that I must be slow to speak and NOT BE QUICK TO JUDGE AND DISCERN ALL THINGS….EVEN IF IT MEANS GOING DOWN A RABBIT HOLE I’VE ALREADY BEEN DOWN…look and see what else is down there that I did not see the first time…or things that transpired since my first visit.

Which now I am even wondering if Kyle was such a sharp, cool headed marks man with his gun like he said. Even now wondering if he was a crisis actor…or set up to be one?  Not sure…in this show…nothing is as it appears. Knowing they meaning deep state needed a trial to distract from the two big ones…what a great plan to have this Kyle deal go down for all patriots to watch as the other two trials had several year leeway ….plenty of time to plan a distraction.  Especially when deep state is in charge of all that matters and ANTIFA…..they had plenty of time to plan this…look at all the rest they have planned. They could have also planned the Flynn…..

Trump pulled a mix cabinet of people and lots of bad players. At the time, most had no idea unless they had been investigative journalist type researchers. So, knowing Flynn served in the Obama Administration and had been around the military a very long time…I wondered but didn’t question why Trump chose Flynn…any chance to wonder was drowned out by the chant that “Flynn knew where all the bodies were buried!” No one questioned how he knew or if he was guilty of doing bad things or knowing of them and doing nothing?  So of course he would plead guilty…but he (could have) had to look like he caved under threats and pressure of which they did. No one questioned the Democrat choice, the wrap up smear was he was guilty but not much pointing at what he was guilty of specifically… other than lying to the FBI…what were the lies about? How many can answer that question without having to look it up? Be honest…can you?

I had started to mistrust him when he kept shouting wake up and wanted 80 million people to run for office and gave no direction, only orders like we were now his military when we were civilian families with children, jobs and other callings. He was never charismatic he was just pushed to be a victim in the justice system and Trump never pushed him, he remained silent…Q pushed him. And the Q people made him the hero. Not Trump. I wrote great things about him always…even back in 2017 when we first learned of him. So, I was never doubting he was a good guy. And the jury is still out…and Lin Wood is presenting his defamation case to “we the people”…so I will leave it at that and watch and listen.

Which brings me back to what I had said many times… to only a select few …the following.. “THE HECK WITH FIGHT LIKE A FLYNN….I WILL FIGHT LIKE A POWELL!!!”

That being said…..enter Lin Wood….

Lin Wood from his Telegram Public Court Disclosure Proceedings…

Lin Wood said: The Flynn Family does the darnedest things!!!

Joe Flynn, General F-Linn’s brother, connected me with actor Rick Schroder to inform me that Rick was willing to help with Kyle Rittenhouse’s $2M cash bail which #FightBack was trying to raise as fast as possible after Kyle was transferred from the Illinois juvenile facility to the Kenosha jail.

Rick ended up generously loaning #FightBack $150,000 that reached the $2M cash bail requirement. I was asked to sign a personal guaranty on the note. I did so as I wanted Kyle out of the Kenosha jail as soon as possible.

I have now learned that Joe Flynn told Rick that I required that his cell phone and computer be “checked”

before I would speak with him.

Are you kidding me???

I NEVER made such a request about or to Rick or any person. Where did Joe Flynn come up with that darnedest idea???

Stay with me as the plot thickens.

Prior to speaking with me, Joe Flynn arranged for a man named Conan Hayes of RVCA to do a “sweep” of Rick’s cell phone and computer.

I was shocked when I learned this information in the last couple of days.

What is going on here???

Do the research.

Connect the dots.

Draw your own conclusions.

And stay with me for more intriguing information about Joe Flynn and the Flynn Family.

image 94

Who is this Conan Hayes that is apparently connected to Joe Flynn and The Flynn Family???

I know you know about Patrick Byrne.

Check this information out which I just learned:

After #FightBack raised the $2M cash bail for Kyle Rittenhouse’s release, I have just leaned that Patrick Byrne and Joe Flynn were making efforts to contact Kyle to tell him that Patrick Byrne wanted to raise $5M for Kyle through Byrne’s The America Project organization.

$5M??? What in the world was going to be done with that much money for Kyle???

And where was Old Patrick and Old Joe when #FightBack was trying to raise the $2M cash bail for Kyle???

Something ain’t right here.

Someone needs to research how much money The America Project has raised and how it was spent. A full audit needs to be undertaken as soon as possible. Errors may have been made or God forbid, something worse may be at play.

I don’t know if Old Patrick and Old Joe ever got in touch with Kyle as #FightBack was told to stand down on its efforts for Kyle right after the $2M cash bail was obtained through donations and the Schroder loan.

Are the pieces of the puzzle coming together for you?

They have been coming together for me over the past several weeks.

You need to demand the TRUTH from General Michael Flynn, Joe Flynn, and Patrick Byrne.

Just sayin.’

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Lin Wood, [11/25/2021 12:22 PM]

Take a close look at Jarrin Jackson’s post below.

Jarrin booked his own flight to Walterboro to visit with me last weekend. No one knew Jarrin and his two boys were coming to visit me.

I booked Jarrin’s return flight to depart on Tuesday from Walterboro. Jarrin’s return flight was booked in MY name out of Walterboro through Sentient Jets. The jet arrived in Walterboro on Monday evening for Jarrin’s early morning Tuesday departure. The flight itinerary was accessible to knowledgeable people.

After the pilot had to abort the take-off, he told Jarrin that if the plane had gotten in the air, it would have not sustained flight. Yep, it would have crashed.

Jesus protected Jarrin and his 2 young sons Tuesday morning. We might of lost them in a tragic plane crash due to mysterious mechanical problems.

Jarrin has always told me he would take a bullet for me. I never dreamed he might have to take a plane crash for me.

There are no coincidences.

The threats are real. The Deep State Cabal will stop at nothing to protect its control over our nation.

Or maybe I am just a disgraced lawyer who is a conspiracy theorist.

Only God knows.

On this Thanksgiving Day, give thanks to the LORD for keeping Jarrin and his boys safe. Pray for their continued Psalms 91 protection.

God bless each of you.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Lin Wood, [11/25/2021 12:22 PM]

(Forwarded from Jarrin Jackson (Jarrin Jackson)).

Plane explanation:

Lin’s security had massive issues this week. They left in the middle of the night. All at once.

A man who received multiple credible threats found himself without the enduring security he has had for months.

All gone. At once.

This happened before Lin declined an in-person meeting in Atlanta – that meeting was slated for downtown Atlanta. On Friday 11/19.

Security left. Then Lin declined his in-person meeting in downtown Atlanta.

Atlanta + Friday 11/19. Hmm?

So, Lin asked me to come. I said I couldn’t make it until December bc of my own stuff. Lin insisted. He paid – from his personal money – to fly me out there.

I brought my boys. They love Lin Wood. They love Stuart Guthrie’s kids more.

We did some things about his security (lots of details here that would just bore you). 😀

Today, the boys & I get to the airport.

Get on plane.


Pilot informed us that the engines weren’t running.

After a lengthy conversation, I learned that THAT specific issue had never happened to THAT plane.

Moreover, the veteran pilot explained that the problem was usually an “easy fix”. And that “I’ve always been able to (insert pilot lingo) really fast. No problem.”

This was different.

Folks coordinated for a new plane. The one pictured.

As we were leaving, the left behind pilot was flabbergasted as the first plane – the one with the “easy fix” – actually had massive malfunctions.

Malfunctions that were not caught in maintenance.

My website was hacked Saturday. Just learned an hour ago that my ammo business integrations are all off.

And now the plane I was to fly home in had major malfunctions that maintenance didn’t catch.

I posted a picture bc I have faith in God.

Just wanted folks to know.


Now, back to war.

Lin Wood, [11/25/2021 12:50 PM]

Today it is me. Tomorrow it will be you.

FIX 2020 OR BUST!!!

Pray for our nation.

Lin Wood, [11/25/2021 12:50 PM]


image 96

Lin Wood, [11/25/2021 1:06 PM]

If you have followed my Telegram Channel, I pray that you know or have learned that the God of the Bible is real. Jesus Christ, my LORD and Savior, is at work every day in out lives and the life of our nation.

He is at work with John Pierce who I always felt was searching for the road to redemption.

Today I give thanks to the LORD that he is working on John. I believe John is on the road. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

I give ALL the praise and ALL the glory to Almighty God.

God bless you, John Pierce. Stay on your knees. God will lift you up.

I love you, John.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Lin Wood, [11/25/2021 1:06 PM]

image 98

Lin Wood, [11/25/2021 1:22 PM]

I have always tried my imperfect best to speak TRUTH to you. My faith instructs me to do so.

The ugly TRUTH is very difficult to face and accept.

If you rip the blindfold off too quickly, people will refuse to accept the ugly TRUTH. Cognitive dissonance compels one to reject offhand any information which takes one out of their comfort zone.

So you have to lift the blindfold off gradually and slowly expose the TRUTH in small increments so that when the blindfold is fully removed, people will accept the TRUTH before their eyes.

I removed the blindfold on The Flynn Family and their cronies today. It has been an extremely painful personal experience for me over the past few months as I began to see the TRUTH.

I love General Flynn and Sidney Powell. But TRUTH is TRUTH even when painful. I had to face it. Then I had a duty to We The People to reveal it. My faith instructs me to shine light on darkness.

We must ALL face the TRUTH of our lives. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We must face it, embrace it, and live it.

Always search for the TRUTH to achieve justice.

Search diligently for truth-givers. There are few among us.

When you find a truth-giver, listen carefully.

You are hearing the TRUTH.

I love Jesus.

I love my family.

I love America.

I love freedom.

I love We The People.

And that is the TRUTH.

God bless each of you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

image 364

Forwarded from QAnon John


I have a VERY exciting announcement to make…

On this Thanksgiving day we all have SO much to be thankful for, and I couldn’t think of a better time to announce our next event over President’s Day Weekend, February 18-21!


It will be held at the Ahern Hotel in Las Vegas, same as the Double Down, and I’m also very proud to announce that LIN WOOD will be joining us IN PERSON, along with many others, as a Keynote Speaker for what is sure to be a very blessed and dynamic weekend!



Please email interest and any questions to:


On behalf of Amy and I…We want to wish ALL of you amazing Patriots a VERY Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🦃

We are VERY thankful for your loyalty, and dedication to The Patriot Voice. It’s because of YOU, that we can continue to do what we are doing on a daily basis. You guys are the BEST part of us.

We LOVE all of you, God Bless! 🙏🏻♥️🇺🇸

Lin Wood – The enemy has pulled out ALL stops to discredit me over the last year and a half. The last couple of weeks have been brutal and the Rittenhouse baseless accusations have been viciously repeated and recycled throughout the Mockingbird propaganda social and “mainstream” media networks.

The attacks have been intense in the last couple of days within the “Patriot” movement. I believe that movement was intentionally fractured from the outset. I did not create the fracture. I revealed it. The spilt was destined to occur when the enemy felt the timing was ripe and the attacks to discredit were necessary.

I am still standing.

At this point, it should be easy to discern WHO is attacking and is one of the enemy’s digital warriors.

Why the intense and vicious false attacks? Because I am over the target.

Think about it.

When I feel beaten down, Jesus lifts me up. He never lets me down.

When it seems virtually impossible to reveal and defend against a well-organized Deep State family, I am reminded that with Jesus ALL things are possible.

So I stand.

God inspires me. I know He has already won. We The People inspire me. We The People will never quit until victory over the enemy is achieved.

The young hero in the video below inspires me. Give it a watch and you will be inspired too.

God bless this young man and God bless you too.

Lin 🙏🇺🇸❤️

Lin Wood, [11/25/2021 11:26 PM]

I do not know whether the articles and videos linking Mike Flynn to Pegasus are true. I do know that they raise questions which Flynn should answer publicly and candidly.

I asked Mike about Pegasus in a phone conversation several days ago. He did not seem to quickly recognize the name and then told me it was fake news.

Do the research & ask questions.

Connect the dots.

Draw your own conclusions.

Lin Wood, [11/25/2021 11:31 PM]

Rod Rosenstein too???

Lin Wood, [11/25/2021 11:43 PM]

Given his involvement with Pegasus and NSO prior to joining the Trump Administration and my firsthand experience with Richard Jewell, if asked, I would have counseled Mike Flynn to have a lawyer present when interviewed by the FBI at the White House during his 22 days in the Trump Administration.

But I concede Mike may have had more experience with the FBI based on his decades of work with the intelligence community and his 2 years of service in the Obama administration as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Mike has had a long and seemingly stellar career in the military intelligence community. I respect his service.


Lin Wood, [11/25/2021 11:56 PM]

In a recent conversation with Mike Flynn, he disclosed to me that he was involved in teaching the CIA how to create and run psy-ops (psychological operations).

I was not surprised given his long history in military intelligence.

Mike could probably provide We The People in the Patriot movement with some insight and information on Q.

Many in the Patriot movement want to know more about Q. As a leader, I am sure Mike would be willing to discuss whether Q is, in his opinion, a psychological operation.

Just sayin.’

REVEALED: Israeli firm NSO Group spent millions trying to woo the US government and gave huge payments to Washington lobbyists, consultants and lawyers to push its Pegasus spyware software before it was used to hack reporters’ phones

Posted byBoanerges July 21, 2021 Leave a commenton REVEALED: Israeli firm NSO Group spent millions trying to woo the US government and gave huge payments to Washington lobbyists, consultants and lawyers to push its Pegasus spyware software before it was used to hack reporters’ phones

  • The Pegasus Project revealed that NSO Group tapped some of Washington’s most influential figures to burnish its image 
  • They included Michael Flynn in the months before he became President Trump’s national security adviser
  • And Rod Rosenstein advised it on a legal case after leaving his post as deputy attorney general
  • Details emerged amid continuing fall-out from news that the cyberintelligence company helped governments spy on opponents and journalists
  • NSO Group CEO Shalev Hulio said the claims were ‘concerning’ and that it was investigating the allegations
  • Amnesty International and a consortium of media outlets published claims on Sunday that foreign governments were using its software to hack phones 
  • They compiled a list of 50,000 phone numbers that might have been hacked 

I received a telephone call from Patrick Byrne today. It was the first contact that I have had with Patrick since he stayed at my property for 2 nights in early November of 2020 when he flew Mike Flynn and others to my property in South Carolina. I thought they were working on finding evidence of illegality and/or fraud in the 2020 election. As a true Patriot, I was happy to extend them Southern hospitality. Plus. I was honored to have Mike and Sidney as my guests.

Patrick and I had a long call. A couple of other people were in the room when the call took place and overheard it on the speaker phone.

Patrick conveyed to me some detailed and extremely damaging information about Sidney Powell and DefendingThe Republic.Org.

I do not believe it is my place at this time to disclose the details of the information Patrick conveyed to me. I told him I was flabbergasted and shocked by his information and felt that he had a duty to disclose it to the public.

I will leave it to Patrick to answer your questions about what he told me. I would hope and expect that he will be as open and candid with you as he was with me and the others listening to the call.

Maybe Sidney was referring to Patrick Byrne when she posted the knife in the back meme on her a Telegram Channel a couple of days ago??? I do not know. I guess you would have to ask Sidney.

We live in extraordinary times.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

image 99


Telegram (https://t.me/SidneyPowell)

⚡️ 🇺🇸 Sidney Powell 🇺🇸 🗽

Official channel of Sidney Powell – Attorney/ Author of LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice/ Made history to free  @GenFlynn

Don’t forget to keep checking on Gordon Rose’s informative channel, Deep State Dave.


Telegram (https://t.me/DeepStateDave)

Deep State Dave

Gordon Rose is exposing disgraced former Navy SEAL & deep state professional con man – David Hancock – #DEEPSTATEDAVE

Lin Wood, [11/26/2021 12:32 AM]

My life has been seriously threatened. My reputation has been falsely impugned. My privacy has been invaded.

My children have been threatened to the point they are scared to have any contact with me. I know the nature and form of the threats.

Even today, social media enemies were sarcastically asking me how my puppies were doing.

Why is this happening to me? You know the answer to that question.

WHO do you think is responsible? One person or a group of people. I think you know the answer but I am curious to hear your thoughts.

I have clearly been targeted. Other Patriots who are close to me have also been threatened and their computers and possibly their phones hacked.

We The People must rise up and demand that this nefarious conduct cease immediately. It cannot be ignored or tolerated in a civil society. It must certainly not be tolerated among members of the true Patriot movement.

Today it is me. Tomorrow it will be you.

Will you stand, rise up, and speak out for your fellow Patriots?

Asking for a friend. And for Professor David Clements and Jarrin Jackson, my brothers in Christ.

Enough is enough. Always has been. Always will be.

Now time for rest.

I am thankful for My Father in Heaven. I am thankful for Jesus Christ, my LORD and Savior. I am thankful for We The People.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Lin Wood, [11/26/2021 12:50 AM]

“Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you. These things I command you, that ye love one another. If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.”

– John 15:16-19

Lin Wood, [11/26/2021 1:04 AM]

(Forwarded from The Professor’s Record)

I regret to announce that I will no longer be speaking at the ReAwaken America Tour in Dallas mid-December.

I love meeting with “We the People.” I love hearing from true patriots.

But after considerable prayer, and a frank conversation with event organizer, Clay Clark, I informed him that I have too many outstanding questions about patriot leaders associated with the event, that have done nothing to protect Lin Wood from baseless attack, after baseless attack.

That, and a lack of pastoral leadership on the issue of General Flynn’s occultic prayer being stated in a Christian church, and repeated by the congregation. 

I have tried to get an adequate explanation from the Flynn camp, and I am unpersuaded they understand the significance of this controversy. 

My efforts for clarification were met with unfounded accusations of being anti-Catholic, and an odd and unsettling comment, wishing my family “luck.”

I pray for the organizers of the event, as I know they are wonderful people, and for the many speakers that will continue on the tour.  But most of all, I pray for those in attendance.

If you share my questions or concerns, please consider reaching out to the ReAwaken America Tour organizers at thrivetimeshow.com.

Lin Wood, [11/26/2021 9:32 AM]

Friday morning common sense analysis by Stew Peters of the “new variant.”

(Lin posts a Stew Peters report where he shows the irony of the fake news and fake scientists who have a factual report that says that a heavily mutated strain of the virus is heading to the USA as though there were some form of travel report available and they have a booster shot that will be 40% more affective than past vaccines….and he mocks that these are exact numbers and they have no way of figuring these numbers and they fail to tell anyone that the people who are sick are the vaxed. He laughs and asks why people still believe this stuff is beyond him. So…Lin is associating the seriousness of the things that are taking place, and the irony of how people believe the news even when it makes no sense. It’s the same non belief of those who are watching the rest of the show.)

Pray for those who remain blinded to the TRUTH.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

End of Lin Wood is presenting his defamation case to “we the people”

Note from Dianne: Sidney Powell is a true patriot led by the Holy Spirit and she is a discerning woman of God. Time will tell what she will do.

And now for the unveiling of the Amanda Grace prophecy of the cartoon sheep and the burning house.

Back when Amanda Grace had a vision, last summer…of the sheep and the burning house…I had a discernment. I shared it with only one or two people….and I sat on it watching.

I was led to make a graphic of her description of it to glean from it what the meaning was.

Here is the graphic below. I discerned then that the danger was that the Patriots and the Christians were infiltrated with cartoon fake sheep being led by false prophets, false leaders, and false carnival barkers. One of them, named Clark…even took Lin Wood’s 1776 Movement and bought the domain names up so Lin was pushed out of his own ability to put a site together using his own movement that he started on that day in Georgia when he shared the stage with Sidney Powell. I watched the You Tube where Clark was a guest on Amanda’s show and he mocked and laughed at Lin Wood (without naming him) for saying Clark stole his movement. Apparently Lin had discussed this with him and Clark was defending his actions saying he did not still his movement and making fun of Wood. It was clear then that he was a carnival barker and entered in to make money off the movement…all the wolves saw money in this manner to come in and organize the unorganized grass roots of “We The People” standing together. Those who read the Marshall Report can attest that in the beginning I went out of the way to post all the Truth Movements that began. They will also witness that after Clay Clark entered in as one of the Black Sheep and abruptly took over showing his wolf teeth beginning to be so bold as to even lay claim of being the Clark of Kim Clement’s prophecy of whom he perceived as the great one associated with Pres. Trump, declaring himself to be the fulfillment of that prophecy, that topped it off. I no longer showed nor followed these events on the Marshall Report. I only showed the ones with who I saw as honest like Mike Lindell Sidney Powell, Frontline Doctors and Lin Woods whose NEW NAME FOR HIS “It’s 1776”, is now “STRIKE BACK- FOR FREEDOM”!

It was not time to say anything until now. NOW IS THE TIME OR NEVER. I never covered the Clay Clark who came in and lit a match to the house of God’s remnant and laughed and lied about his organizing. I still hear his laughter at Lin Wood and his immitation of him pointing his finger exactly like Lin often does, and making his voice deep like Lin, pausing at the points Lin pauses…without saying Lin’s name mocking him. God saw this and I knew he would sooner or later be found out. He was part of the infiltration…be it for his own gain or whoever’s…it is what it is. He truly turned the entire thing into a house of merchandise…everything’s for sale…step right up.

image 365

People had entered in to steal the movement of people coming out of the mess of destruction…Babylon the Great and many would be used by the wolves in sheeps clothing represented by the black sheep and the cartoon sheep who were in front of the big house and fire all around them and they stayed ….meaning I was shown…that they were deceived…yet Amanda found herself standing outside of it all trying to figure out why the sheep were not leaving?  She could not understand it then, but she was given the vision in a dream.

Dream from July 2021

Many people gave their interpretations…I observed and said nothing.  Today, I present it for it is time…..for it has played out. There are only a few who know this…as I showed them only for a witness. And spoke the true interpretation which today has now unveiled itself.

I must also admit, I have been watching the professor as he appeared to be professing in a liberal college and came on the scene during the black sheep cartoon series we have been watching from afar.  So forgive me Professor, but, I , the same as Lin Wood, am watching all things. So, we must also consider maneuvers from those within the camp….and their true intentions….because we have all seen how deception works. Professor, I pray you are truly who you say you are. Forgive me for asking for Identification, but, you, yourself should understand for as you said…” But after considerable prayer, and a frank conversation with event organizer, Clay Clark, I informed him that I have too many outstanding questions about patriot leaders associated with the event, that have done nothing to protect Lin Wood from baseless attack, after baseless attack.” It is my prayer Professor that you are indeed who you say you are. If so, welcome to the remnant who are pressing into the Kingdom. Amen.

For the jury is still out on who has crept in and become a cartoon sheep. The house is burning…and none of the sheep are leaving…except…a few.  Hopefully Amanda and her husband are leaving. Smile….I know if the Lord is with her as He is….she is now watching the cartoon sheep and wondering….. it has sickened me to watch good people who are trusting…be bamboozled by the likes of carnival barkers who turned a calling into a side show.

Amanda also had another vision that has come to pass with this, Word from the Lord–May 17th, 2021 here are some excerpts (pulled from the vision):

And the spirit of the Lord says this day….

There are rumblings, My children, from deep within the earth and the oceans, to the mountains says the Lord. There is a rumbling with My people that are getting louder says the Lord, the boldness I the Lord thy God in this hour shall release a boldness upon My people, the boldness that fell upon Elijah against the prophets of Baal, the boldness that fell upon Elisha with the Assyrian army surrounding him, the boldness that fell upon Peter with Ananias and Sapphira, the boldness that fell upon Esther as she went unannounced before the King of Persia. There is a boldness says the Lord for My children are to occupy, they are to stand, put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles and the schemings of the devil and having done all to STAND.

“There shall be crippling blows to leadership and their plans and one who sits high up in the party of the elephant shall be found out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing and their face and name shall be smeared across the screens and the tickers says the Lord of hosts this day.

Hearing CNN watch CNN says the Lord of Hosts, just watch.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, a cave shall be discovered and more scrolls shall come forth as I the Lord am pulling what is hidden from deep within the earth.

“They are attempting to dry up the resources to cause desperation in the people to wind them up and send them in the country of the eagle in the way they as the corrupt council and leadership say they should go says the Lord of Hosts, in an attempt to resurrect a deal that was on life support from the beginning and I the Lord shall send my warring angels to cut the cord and the life source of that deal for there shall be sudden happenings to leadership secretly meeting to attempt to put this unholy mess of cracked shells and spilled yolks back together.”

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I the Lord am pressing Washington, D.C. I the Lord am pressing to expel what is hidden for behind the veil of secrecy. Secrets will come back to the forefront of those who choose to blackmail and threaten those standing for truth, for there is a core that I the Lord your God am operating through in this hour to oppose the dark, oppressive, Godless agenda that those who are part of the council have laid forth and are expecting their henchmen and women to put forth and to speak forth, however, the more they speak the infectious filth and blasphemies a righteous anger shall arise more and more in the people and there shall be clashes, even within the military the underground inner workings that you do not see there are clashes as a reverse coup takes place says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, a council has formed in this country of compromised individuals, who have dipped their foot in the DEEP and the enemies pond in order to keep what they have built, THEY KEYWORD, and be a mouthpiece of confusion and disinformation in this hour.

There is a council of those who proclaim to serve ME says the Lord who proclaim to know MY WORD, who have platforms of influence, a council has met for their cord ties back to the DEEP and they have allowed muddy waters to flood where they wade says the Lord of Hosts this day, and they are coming forth as CONTROLLED OPPOSITION KEYWORD, they sound as voices of truth as voices of reason as voices who give Jezebel an unholy place and presence at the King’s table, who bring modern doctrine to MY WORD and rewrite it with modernism being the root. And these says the Lord, in secret, are not who they appear to be they are NOT says the Lord filled with MY WISDOM but a worldly, wisdom of man-made ideas of social justice and modern family and demonic depths which are focused on says the Lord of Hosts, for the enemy is given way too much a pedestal as a fallen host and I the Lord God shall kick that pedestal and the pedestal of modernism and the pedestal and pillar that those who plot a vain thing have set themselves upon against those who hear MY VOICE. 

MY SHEEP KNOW MY VOICE AND A STRANGER THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW. Wolves in sheep’s clothing and Simon the sorcerers, Balaams, and Korah’s disguised as shepherds, who are playing a role to sway the people away from seeking the Lord and diving into the depths of demonic ideas meant to constrict, divide, and mute the voice of the Lord in the lives of the people so they are far more easily influenced.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, I shall scatter that council, I shall expose what they do not want the people to see, I shall expose their secret involvement with publications where they assisted in targeting those who truly are on their knees seeking Me the Lord their God right now.

Jealousy and a seared conscience has welled up in those doing such for their doctrine has become modernism and liberal ideas, the coverings are lifting, and their agreements with those who do not serve the Lord, with those who serve MAMMON shall be exposed before the people says the Lord of Hosts this day.

And I the Lord am going forth and vindicating those who have truly served ME who have put MY WORD ahead of how they feel, who have obediently walked with ME and those are the ones I have anointed I AM covering and will reveal MY SECRETS to, for I the Lord your God DO NOTHING until I reveal MY SECRETS to MY servants first the prophets.

Video below…listen 38 minutes in…Amanda is on fire with a true word of what is taking place today…..

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom…for God is not mocked and we each are being tested throught the fires of discernment. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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