When The Lord Calls…

Will You hear Him?

Listen to Donne Clement as she recalls her father, Kim Clement’s life and legacy on the five year anniversary of his passing.


Kim Clement saw this moment in time and he prophesied of it. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, you will see the things that are coming and you will call upon the Lord for strength and direction of what it is you are to do. For this is a time like no other in history, nor ever shall be again.

Prepare ye the way of the Lord. The Lord’s Kingdom is coming and it is within you….the only person anyone needs to be concerned with figuring out what they should be doing…is yourself. What is it the Lord will have you do?

John 21:21-22

 21Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do? 22Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me. 

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Once upon a time a youthful and very imaginative woman who loved the Lord deeply, lay down for a rest in the afternoon after doing many chores. “Just ten minutes”, she thought. “Ten minutes and no more for there is still much to be done.” As she lay there, making a mental list of the laundry that needed folded, and the shower that needed cleaned, and milk…out of milk, a trip to the store and …..she drifted off to sleep and began to dream.

She felt herself floating upward as though in a strange wobble of time, going higher and higher when suddenly the Lord appeared and said, look and see. She looked down and saw flashing blurrs of scenes appearing and fading out. “Open your eyes and see”, the Lord said softly. She tried and tried and finally the blurrs manifested one by one then faded out and another appeared and faded out….she saw businesses closing, people unemployed.

The Lord said, “Open your ears and hear”. She listened hard and wondered as she heard many voices and watched the blurrs come and go like a movie and understood people were leaving their employment to stay alive rather than risk sickness, disability and death from a mandated poisoness jab that the doctor admitted did nothing to stop them from getting sick and in the next breath said it wears off in six months so you need another that also won’t keep you well and won’t last.

Then there appeared people wearing masks walking hypnotically in lines getting mandated shots, she watched as some shook like a blender, some walked away only to wrench up unable to walk, while some suffered heart failure and others died. Some lived and later entered the ER only to be told they are fine, it’s all in their head, Now she heard them say it’s time to do the same to your children or we’ll take them away and jab them without your consent. The blurrs changed and she saw tunnels and heard the most horrid cries of all ages in the darkness, sounds of torture and despair from little children. She saw eyes in the dark glowing staring at her. “Wake up, I must wake up”, she shouted…..and she felt herself floating downward, and looked to see the Lord as he was fading away she heard him say, “Follow me. There is much to do ….give me the same devotion as you have given to your chores. When you wake up call on me with ears to listen and I will teach you.”

The woman awoke and looked around the room, she saw the clock…ten minutes had passed but it felt like it should have been hours.

“What a strange dream”, she thought. “Thank God that could never happen.” And she went about her chores.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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