When Psychopaths & Puppets Try To Cull The Nations…

Then It’s Time For Trump To Flush!!

Here are the brilliant leaders who are hand picked by Klaus Schwab and do everything he asks for the new World Economic Council to usher in his new world RESET.  That is before a few BRICS shattered a glass window or two… maybe three or four? What will they do with that nasty Putin and that pesky Trump?

Serious question….do you really believe these were elected by popular vote by the citizens of their nations?  Hard to believe, now isn’t it?

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I saw today where sanctions were being proclaimed some proudly, such as China saying to Putin, or shall we say more to the UN, and other allies he trades with…. “No financing to Russia from the China bank!” He pauses… “Or Belarus!” He turns to Putin and whispers, “But, we keep our wheat contract. We need Russian Wheat”. Putin nods for that gives Russia 7.9 billion dollars annually. Xi ponders a moment and then whispers, “We still have deal for pipeline…right?” Putin IGNORES XI.

Then, just like that…one week later Guo Shuging, chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission says…. “China will not impose financial sanctions on Russia or Belarus, and will continue to have normal economic, trade and financial exchanges with the parties concerned.”

Shuging also said at a news conference held by the State Council Information Office, “We disapprove of imposing financial sanctions on Russia, especially unilateral sanctions, as they don’t work well and don’t have much legal basis.”

China and Russia had already agreed to terms last month and signed a 30-year contract for Russia to supply gas to China via a new pipeline. So, sorry Go Brandon…they aren’t all in with the Schwab destroy your nation thing…they seem to be making 30 year plans of their own. I believe it is safe to say their goals don’t include they will have nothing and be happy. That’s Schwab’s idea, not theirs

These recent actions are very revealing. Anyone with common sense who is paying attention can reason that China and Russia are not ever going to join the new world order club. Only trade with it. The rest is a show of support. Fake, but so is the support from the Oligarchs of the west, as President Zelensky is finding out the hard way.

Putin is not liked by the nations who want a new world order. His is for sovereignty of nations …not a robotic world of oppression run by tyrants. No Mr. Global for Putin.

Today we learn that Go Brandon also has side deals that make you scratch your head over the sanctions. Why are we buying 600 thousand barrels of oil a day from Russia? How can we be at war with them and do such a thing?

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So at $100 a barrel 600,000 barrels a day that is $60,000,000 (million) per day. In one year (365 days) that is $21,900,000,000 (billion) a year! Okay. And how is this hurting Putin?  Oh my head hurts!!  What if Putin says…You get no oil. Will we get a Keystone Pipe line or will we be told to walk? Tell me how our  US sanctions are going to punish Putin again. How exactly are they going to do that? I missed something…like this information where we buy 60 million a day in oil.

When things don’t make sense. Especially when even a child knows that if you say you can’t  buy anything from me, but I will buy what you have. A child will sell and be happy for they can always shop at another store. Like the BRICS STORE.  YES, THE BRICS STORE.  The same store that Putin shops with and banks with. THAT STORE HAS THINGS FROM BRAZIL, INDIA, CHINA, AND  SOUTH AFRICA.  One would think between those choices that almost everything Putin needs he can get.  He has a few other stores he can also shop at like Iran, Cuba, and Syria too. I’m sure there’s a few more??

It seems China is still trading with Russia since they both love the BRICS store. Too bad the news isn’t explaining the friendly shopping at the BRICS store. It would really help people understand this a whole lot more.

Even if we weren’t buying all that, Putin would be okay for he is sitting on 528 tons of gold reserves. I know I’ve said this before, but with all the propaganda we have to remind ourselves of the facts as many times as they repeat their lies. So the question is, will Putin ask for his oil to be paid in Gold now?  I mean since Biden cut him off of any lucid currency exchanges. And will Putin sell the special ores and minerals to his sanction NAZI’s so they can make the special chips they are not allowing Putin to purchase?  The special kind that only that precious metal can make? Will he continue to sell oil to European nations? What about lumber… will he sell Go Brandon lumber, or will he utilize plastic for building materials? Oh no…not plastic…that isn’t green. Maybe the pressed recycled stuff?  I guess that will be sorted out in the “build America better”…or whatever he said his phrase was?

I guess Putin will do okay, he’s pretty self-sufficient now and I guess he can get anything else he needs from the BRICS store.

With all of this happening so fast, I was wondering, is Russia still gonna take us to the space station? Where are we at with that one? Remember we relied on Russia’s space shuttle to go to the space station. No one’s talking about outer space these days. Not since they put their death star into outer space hovering over the flat or round earth. Does it stay in one fixed spot or does it rotate? Or does the earth rotate around it? Does anyone know how that works???? What’s going on with Mars? Have we forgotten about Mars with Covid? Are our land rovers still on Mars? Where did the aliens all go? Gee, I thought Schwab could juggle all these acts and keep them rolling out as planned…maybe a few scenes had to be cut out of their Global grand finale due to COVID? Or maybe due to a bunch of their bio-labs getting knocked out? What other toys are they losing? Any puppets? Oligarchs?

Oh, I am so glad these negotiators thought all of this out.  I bet Trump is laughing his arse off behind closed doors at their lousy deals. Maybe he should send Biden one of his books?

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Think about this all that is taking place. Then look at who is in charge. If this were a movie would you be laughing or in suspense for what was coming next? Or would you be asking for a refund?

When a film takes twists and becomes laughable at points where it is supposed to keep you on the edge of your seat.. my mind always wanders. Sometimes I try and imagine what other scenario, other than the one they presented could have made the film better? And then look for motives that would make it more believable. For example, If the three sons of Biden, Romney, and Kerry are not involved with Burisma, why would they sanction Russia and still buy their oil? Makes no sense. Unless…. Biden Romney and Kerry are still involved…at least to the point of payments. Maybe they were never physically anywhere? Maybe the entire thing was a shell to launder money for other projects and the Burisma was a front? Just asking?

So, still thinking of 600,000 barrels of oil a day at $100 per barrel, times 365 days per year is $21.9 billion per year into Russia’s treasury. Tell me again how the US sanctions are punishing Putin? Especially when we are giving Russia this obviously huge US monetary support?

In ending… what do you think Lyndsay Graham is? He’s certainly not a patriot. He looks all New World wanna be to me? Wonder if all this was worth it to him?


Keep on Pushing into the Kingdom of God! Push, push, push!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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