When Is It Time To Help?


If you haven’t met Jarrin Jackson, he is an all American Patriot and a redeemed combat vet; family man; Biz owner; and calls himself a Millennial committed to biblical Christianity & America. He has another view on President Trump’s remarks at the Alabama Rally.

Jarrin points out how people are complying in order to have a life and proceed to do what they are told to do even at the risk of their own health, life and the very future they complied to have. At what point do these lies stop and at what point do we stand up and say NO! At what point do we fight for those who don’t have the strength or resolve to stand up and not comply?

Helping others helping yourself

As a people, and especially those who are of the faith of Jesus Christ, we all know that to do nothing when someone is weak and heading to a pit, is not morally right to just sit there and watch them fall in the ditch. It is not what loving your neighbor as yourself is all about. It is not what Christians with strength are told by the Lord to do. He never said to just sit there and watch and do nothing to help those who need your help. That is not in the scripture. It is time to stand up and do what needs to be done to help others who don’t have the ability to help themselves. Stand at the ready to serve yourself and others as though you are the only help coming for you, your family, your neighbor and your country. Remember, it is each of us, individually, that will answer to God for what we did. Don’t let your answer be, you did nothing! For the Lord said to the lukewarm church he will spit you out of his mouth! Rev. 3:16 16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. 

Meta-ing a Moderate - 7-6-2021 - Jarrin Jackson

Here’s what Jarrin Jackson has to say

To be clear, today’s FDA “approval” of the Pfizer shot will mean a few things:

A) nationwide mandates are coming. Do not comply. They are illegal.

B) companies who previously did not have a mandatory policy will now have a mandatory policy. Make them fire you. Do not quit.

C) class action lawsuits will begin to become a patriot talking point; and while it’d be cool to see all the godless commies go bankrupt, I’m more excited about patriots unifying & working together – that’ll mean we’re going in the right direction.

D) Trump, being on record supporting the shots & freedom to choose, will be in a position of contradiction; his response is an indicator of where his thinking is, where his loyalty lies, & the future of the country (I’m very excited for this because I believe Trump to be a patriot). Him being booed on Saturday was, I think, one of the greatest moments in American politics because it showed the people who support the most popular & rightful president don’t just take what he says – We The People are thinking, unifying, & growing in numbers.

E) Lockdowns as leverage. Godless commies will begin to message that lockdowns must go on until “we have X% of the population vaccinated.” The % isnt the issue; the issue is dividing Americans & sowing hatred against those who choose freedom.

F) The gospel of Jesus Christ (His death, burial, & resurrection for the remission of sin as the only way to heaven) will become more prevalent & divisive; people need Jesus Christ – more people will preach the gospel; time will tell if God will grant us repentance or not.

G) Godless commies will use mandates/lockdowns to retry HR1 (We The People Act) that’ll federalize elections. They’re simultaneously destroying their carefully crafted “reality” because they are showing who they are.

Keep preaching the gospel. Never give up. Make the godless commies DO stuff – not just threaten & SAY stuff.

Now, go to war.

Jarrin Jackson


Mass deception, treason, and evil is being thrown at humanity to destroy it. Stand up for freedom. Pray for strength to keep on pressing forward!

Check out Lin Wood’s New Site – Strike Back For Freedom See how you can get involved for you, your family, and others. It’s time to MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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