What The Khazarian Puppets At DAVOS Are Saying…

Observing the talking heads at DAVOS brings to mind a college sorority club where the group believe they dictate who’s who on campus. Only these puppets at DAVOS aren’t that smart. They just devise ideas like script writers in Hollywood and believe they will set the stage, hire the actors, raise the funding and distribution then release their live version of “Hell On Earth”, coming to a nation like yours!

Who elected or put these people in charge of the entire world? I don’t recall a single election picking them to make any decisions affecting me or the United States of America, nor any of its states or cities. They really do need to please shut up.

Here are some of Schwab’s finest and brightest:


Look at the think tank…. observe and wonder…

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has stuck to his conviction that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not win the war in Ukraine at the same time it is obvious Putin has done just that – he has won the war and Zelensky is being told by Kissinger he best give it over… the parts Putin seeks. Why is that? Could it be that it is no longer a secret that Ukraine has been attacking their own citizens murdering them with bombs and guns for the last 8 years and longer ever since they started Ukraine on Fire to topple the nation with the help of Obama Regime and Biden? Which also means NATO and the EU’s blessings if you are going to truly call it all out!

image 148
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

 Scholz said the “brutality of the Russian war” has prompted two states to move closer to NATO: “With Sweden and Finland, two close friends and partners want to join the North Atlantic alliance. They are most welcome!” Does anyone even wonder who was leaning on them to make such a request? A doomsday one at that.

Scholz also said that Putin underestimated the unity and strength with which the Group of Seven major industrialized nations, NATO and the European Union had responded to his aggression. He failed to say that it backfired big time and now they are the ones doing without and looking for alternatives due to resisting to pay in gold backed Rubles. Do these people even know what their reality is? It appears they are using DAVOS as a propaganda tool saying the things they wished were happening for so far, their assessment is far, far away from the truth.

Now this is the same guy who said in March that he didn’t favor sending any MiG fighter jets to Ukraine, and didn’t. At the time he said, “Otherwise, we must consider very carefully what we do in concrete terms, and that most certainly doesn’t include fighter planes.” But Germany did send Ukraine financial and humanitarian aid, and some weapons.

It appears it was the seven major industrialized nations, NATO and the EU are the ones who underestimated Putin and the BRICS…and not the other way around.

READ: Germany’s Scholz indicates opposition to supplying jets to Ukraine | The Times of Israel

image 149
Mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko

Meanwhile in DAVOS the Mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, said the support is important but “first of all, right now, we have to stop the war. And after that, we have to rebuild all infrastructure which destroyed (by) aggressors.”

He said 300 hundred buildings in Kyiv have been destroyed, including 220 apartment towers and begged for millions and millions of more dollars 85 million! So, what is this small nation under fire doing with the billions and billions and all the aid? Follow the money it’s going somewhere but it sure doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere Zelensky is shouting it’s going…which he hasn’t really been clear on any of that. Outside investigative reporters on the ground such as Anne Laure Bonnel of France and independent journalist Lora Logan have reported and filmed the destruction of infrastructure is by Ukrainian forces. Not Russian aggression. Russia has targeted underground bioweapon labs. And not residential buildings and no hospitals. That was Ukraine destroying Ukraine. See Bonnel’s video below. READ: Davos updates | Scholz doesn’t think Putin will win war (yahoo.com)

Which bring us to another topic at DAVOS…social media. That pesky social media delivering a thing called facts and truth.

Americans are watching all things. We see it all. At least those who are watchers see it. And speaking of watchers…they seem to be wanting to do something about social media…they are losing the propaganda war.


Here is a photo of the DAVOS attendees line up of private jets they rode in on to discuss climate change. The count was 1,500! How telling is this… rules for thee but not for me. President Trump had it right when he pulled Americans out of their pseudo-Climate Change.

image 147

It never was about the climate it was always about rearranging the world trade centers and who gets to do what, when and how! Trump also pulled the US out of the beasts WHO….and Rights of a Child…but Go Brandon/masked double or whatever it is… signed the US back onto the mess. Someone prepared the 13 amendments to enslave the world through WHO for the dementia candidate and simultaneously hosted a false flag shooting in Texas so Americans would pay no attention to DAVOS while they fought for their second amendment rights…but, the distraction isn’t working.


  • The possibility of new missile strikes on west Ukraine has been flagged by a senior Ukrainian military official today.
  • General Oleksiy Gromov said that Russia has been moving Iskander missile systems to Belarus’ western Brest region, which triggers this plausibility of new strikes.

Elsewhere, UK foreign secretary Liz Truss accused Vladimir Putin of holding the world to ransom over food. “It is completely appalling that Putin is trying to hold the world to ransom, and he is essentially weaponizing hunger and lack of food amongst the poorest people around the world,” Ms Truss said during a visit to Bosnia.

The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that they “categorically reject the accusations and accuse Western countries of taking a series of unlawful actions that has led to the blockade,” and added that “the West must cancel the unlawful decisions that hamper chartering ships and exporting grain”. The progressive NAZIs all sound alike…they accuse the other side of doing what they are doing. And we thought it was just the Dems?? It’s a Khazarian thing! And it isn’t working any more. We are on to their lies. READ: Ukraine news – live: Russian weapon movement sparks fears of new strike west of Kyiv (yahoo.com)

So, the question is…who is starving who, and who has food? Where did the baby formula go? What happened to our own manufacturers? Does anyone see the entire manipulation here? We are a self-sufficient nation being destroyed systematically from within by a corrupt regime and cooperative blue state governors. Complete with false flags and a big assault on our second amendment rights. This is a sample of their climate change. The climate change thermostat in DAVOS for the USA is set for HOT ON FIRE!

We have all the signs for a color revolution between gun grabs and the Supreme Court ruling on Roe versus Wade. This is what they are doing… so be prepared.

image 145

The Khazarian puppets have been doing their masters bidding for a long time. It is called nation toppling. It started with the little nations….and now it has been interrupted to the larger nations fighting back. Superpowers against the Khazarian young blood mind-controlled programs placed in office by those who fund the super packs and count the ballots.

image 146

Is this article a sign that the KM is sweating a bit?

RIP Davos Man, long live globalization

Open markets aren’t what they used to be. A more complicated, more regional economic system is reshaping the global order. Read: RIP Davos Man, long live globalization – POLITICO

image 144

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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