What Is The Spirit of Python?

The first time I ever heard of the Spirit of Python it was through Kim Clement’s prophecy. It fit so well with what was happening during COVID. But, I knew not what it was other than a suffocating spirit. I didn’t look deeper into it until Mark Taylor talked about it being a legion of evil spirits and Satan himself. I was associating the obvious snake with mask mandates and squeezing humanity to death with evil and the toxic jabs. Then after listening to Mark Taylor, I was led to look deeper into this Spirit of Python in order to understand its’ danger and what it does to us.

In acts it speaks of this.

ACTS 16:14-20 

14And a certain woman named Lydia, a seller of purple, of the city of Thyatira, which worshipped God, heard us: whose heart the Lord opened, that she attended unto the things which were spoken of Paul. 15And when she was baptized, and her household, she besought us, saying, If ye have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, come into my house, and abide there. And she constrained us. 16And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying: 17The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation. 18And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour. 19And when her masters saw that the hope of their gains was gone, they caught Paul and Silas, and drew them into the marketplace unto the rulers, 20And brought them to the magistrates, saying, These men, being Jews, do exceedingly trouble our city.

The original Greek phrase translated, ‘spirit of divination’ is πνευμα πυθωνος (pneuma Pythonos), literally means ‘spirit of Python’ and refers to the serpent of Delphi. 

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In past studies I had been aware of the oracle of Delphi through writings of Manly T. Hall, and from other past studies I was able to associate this with a mocking of the Arc of the Covenant. In respect to when the High Priest would go before the Holy of Holies to ask discernment on questions they could not answer. Whereas the High Priest would take a matter before God, the high priestess of the Oracle of Delphi would sit upon the oracle itself on a tripod over the snake/dragon pit. The same type of 3 legged tripod that we recognize as the masonic tripod. The same used by the Illuminati and their all-seeing oracle of Delphi Symbolism.

Through our Lord Jesus the Christ and His death, and resurrection, which was a sacred sacrifice once and for all to atone all sin, we have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit to dwell in us as the new Holy of Holies. Our bodies are now the Temple where The Holy Spirit dwells in us to guide, teach and comfort us and show us the way to go. The Holy Spirit intercedes for us to the Father in prayers most Holy. This great powerful gift is freely given to all who believe in Jesus through and by God our Father. Through this gift the Lord dwells in us and us in Him to guide us in all our ways.

The entire oracle of Delphi and Spirit of Python is a mocking of God and his most Holy Spirit. I found a very well written piece on this spirit of Python by Qodesh Ministries. Home (qodeshministries.co.za)

Here are some excerpts from a PDF on the Spirit of Python.


Acts 16:16 – I Samuel II

EVERY FAMILY AND BUSINESS HAS A REDEMPTIVE PURPOSE. Python spirit tries to destroy this redemptive purpose.

Python always hangs around the following:

1. Worship

2. Intercession

3. Money

4. Government (Authority) especially true Apostolic or City Government

Four faces of Python work closely together.

These are:

1. JEZEBEL which is occult-empowered. – It is anti-prophetic and manifest a great deal in control.

2. LEVIATHAN which is PRIDE. – It bites down and then twists. It twists word, motives, your ability to understand another, others ability to understand you, it twists communication. It is the river dragon. It likes to manifest near water even physically.

3. ABSALOM which manifests in spiritualised ambition. – It loves to manifest among Believers well camouflaged and all about “me”. It’s selfish ambition, self-promotion, trying to take over, betrayal.

4. PYTHON which manifests in compromise. – Anti-apostolic and hates prayer, especially night and day prayer.


1) Python is a territorial spirit that gathers and communicates information about the destiny, the activity, the calling, the anointing, the mission and the level of spiritual authority in the life of those in its territory. It guards its territory.

Its goal is to:

a) Broadcast information

b) To mark people for demonic pressure and to squeeze out unwanted and threatening ministry in a city or a region, especially if it’s apostolic level authority that’s coming into the city.

2) Python spirit desires to work through people and give the appearance of revelation, discernment, prophecy and the ability to tell the future, to be accurate .

Outside of church, it manifests in New Age, Channeling, Fortune-Telling, Horoscopes  etc.

Inside the church, it manifests through prophetic people who refuse to submit to authority and without them knowing it, they begin to receive 2nd Heaven revelation and they begin to prophecy what the devil would like to do. People flip back and forth from authentic revelation and prophecy to rebellious activity, slander and gossip.

3) Python spirit shows up in ancient history, the Old Testament and the New  Testament and Greek mythology where it guarded the gates of Delphi. If  people wanted information they paid for it. It’s the same today with Psychics  etc.

4) According the Word of God in Isaiah 41:21 — the spirit of Divination which claims to  predict accurately CANNOT do so outside the revelation of God and His authentic  prophets. All they can do is pass on information that everyone knows.

a) Python’s goal is to gather information through the demonic worldwide ‘wicked web”,  such as leylines etc.

(Ask the Lord to disrupt demons’ communication about me ask the Lord to send the Blood of  Jesus through their tracking mechanisms)

b) Python collects the information and announces it to stir up opposition that squeezes  people out of the move of God.

c) Python does not affirm ministry but raises an alarm, waving a red flag to bring to bear a demonic resistance that would squeeze off the prophetic destiny and kingdom potential and the results as quickly as possible.

d) The fortune-telling aspect of Python spirit is in reality the tracking of a person through demonic spirits and the sharing of that information along with manipulation of ideas, thoughts and events to appear able or to appear gifted to predict the future to create a relationship of dependency, fear, slavery, manipulations and financial dependency.

e) God, through the prophet Isaiah exposes them as frauds and challenges the ability of soothsayers, psychics, palm-readers, those who consult spirits, idols and the dead. God wants us to know that true revelation belongs to Him alone.

f) Python works through lies and manipulating information. It does not have revelation knowledge. We need to WATCH WHAT WE SAY. Especially what we say about other Believers, because that becomes demonic pronouncements. I Cor 2:6g) Prophets and prophetic people can hear God and can hear His revelation. God created many people with gifts to receive revelation, but when those people choose not to follow God and tune their heart into God’s heart, that receiver gift still works and those people can tune into other demonic channels where information is passing around and their receiver is still on, they’re just tuned to the wrong channel. They don’t narrow the beam to Christ alone. They get enough real information to look real. Christians who are rebellious and uncorrectable often get 2nd Heaven revelation.

h) One third of heaven’s angels fell and they can and do collect information about people and it is not revelation but observation. Demons communicate amongst each other and people with receivers can tune in and get information but pass it off as revelation. It is the beginning of the Python squeeze.

5. Python spirit especially resists worship, prayer, prophetic intercession, apostolic anointing and true revelation. It will try and create lethargy and a prayerlessness and an inability to worship.

6. When manifesting through unwitting people in church the prophetic person is a mix – operating in legitimate prophetic and then demonic.

7. Python stirs up and connects itself in church members as well as in the community, city and state with:

a) Ambition

b) Greed

c) Gossip, rebellion, ungodly authority and control

d) Slander, lies and manipulation

e) Brutal and being unmerciful towards Godly leaders

f) Constricting, tightening and shutting down. It loves to hang around money and manipulation of authority.

8. Key weapons against a Python Spirit:

a) Praying – especially at night

b) Worship – sing

c) Trusting the justice of God to manifest – having faith in God

d) Declare the citizenship and authority of your covering

Luke 18

Night and day prayer releases the quick justice of God.

9. Python manifests its manipulation and perversion of authority with fear and control of money in an attempt to apply pressure to an Apostolic, prophetic ministry. Some church boards squeeze the life out of their leaders

10. Python spirit tries to pressure, squeeze and push people out of a life-giving apostolic ministry to stop a move of God in a region or city. While Python is working, God is using his to expose how deep and crazy and fearful this Jezebel and the faces of Jezebel is how terrorized the spirits are by anybody getting a little bit of God. They are hysterical and will resort to brutality rather than let someone get more of God.

This spirit does not want you to believe the prophecies about yourself, does not want you to receive anointing it does not want you to stand up and believe you are who Christ says you are and that you have access to revelation and the prophetic and the Word of God is real.

This Python spirit is afraid of anyone who looks just a little bit like they might threaten the territory. It’s not afraid of religion. It is afraid of anointing, apostolic life, intercessory prayer, the prophetic and worship. It’s scared to death that someone may wake up in the night and pray!


Repentance of control, manipulation, pressurizing people, squeezing people to get my way, manipulative prophecy, gossip, slander, prophecy while in rebellion to an authority, especially a church, using spiritual gifts and at the same time refusing to submit to the authority in your life – that’s Python. (see PDF link below for more listing of many prayers.)


“We want the authority of heaven in our lives, in our church and our city. In Jesus name, as citizens of Christ’s kingdom, we bind all ungodly authority, ungodly spirits, ungodly power, ungodly principalities connected with Python spirits that make war to bind the apostolic move of God in this city, in this church and the churches of this city. In Jesus name we command Python, unshackle us. We open the jail doors. We remove the shackles through the blood of Jesus and we release the apostolic in this house, in this city, in city government and the churches of this city. As citizens of Christ’s kingdom, we declare we are free from ungodly authority in every dimension. As citizens of the kingdom of heaven, we render ineffective Python and his work to hold back the apostolic in us, this church and the churches of this city and the city government here. As citizens of God’s kingdom of light, we ask the Father to send His holy angels from the throne room to displace all demonic angels who have taken up authority in our lives, our church, this city and the churches in this city and we ask Father God that all demonic elders, all demonic authority be replaced by godly elders, by godly authority in every dimension of our lives, our church and this city. As citizens of Christ’s eternal kingdom, we declare in unity the old era, the anti-apostolic era, the anti-worship era, the anti-prayer era is over in this church, in this city, in us. And we call for the rising up of godly apostles in every dimension in ———-


This targets/besieges cites belonging to God to try and turn them into a testimony of dryness, shame and confusion. Where your dreams don’t come true. Whatever God has freed you from and forgiven you of, you have redemptive authority there. Whatever’s been in your family from years and years, whatever you have been forgiven of whatever you’ve renounced and whatever the Lord has given you grace to overcome, you now have authority there. The enemy knows that and hates that about you. It thrives where children of God are passive (this passivity can also be called Ahab) and try to accommodate the serpent’s pressure rather than going to war. Nahash can smell a coward, a shame-based person.

It will compromise with the children of God and co-habit if the people will surrender their prophetic destiny. Its ultimate goal is to bring disgrace on Israel, reversing the redemptive destiny of the city.

It is vulnerable to intercession.

End of excerpts, please read the entire PDF here: http://qodeshministries.co.za/SPIRIT%20OF%20PYTHON.pdf

I found this video very informative of the Spirit of Python. I hope you do as well.

We have found the enemy and the enemy is SPIRIT OF PYTHON! CAST IT OUT WITH HEARTFELT PRAYER!

By knowing what the enemy is we can cast it out in powerful prayers and the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray unceasing for we battle principalities and powers of darkness. We cannot vote out this evil. God and God only will rid this evil from the earth for it is written that he shall, it is His promise to his children. This battle is not fought with human hands, this battle is fought through prayer and fasting and the Power of the Holy Spirit … it is the Lord’s Victory to win, and every eye shall see Him do it! This is our destiny and God wins!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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