We are at the midnight hour. The clock is ticking and Cinderella is ordered back to her old life of scrubbing floors and doing all the chores for her wicked step sisters and evil step mother. Or so that is what the globalist behind the Lockstep – Covid -19 lockdowns are telling all who experienced freedom for the fleeting moment they thought they had it. 

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For you see, after world war II the world was at a point of an optical illusion where peace was found and the people could rebuild their nations. Or so it appeared on the surface, but beneath the façade of world peace lay the underpinnings of evil. The NAZI scientists were paper-clipped (given new identities) and sent to work in the newly formed NASA. Russia and the United States divided up who got what as General Eisenhower ordered lots of pictures to be taken of the devastation at the German concentration camps as a reminder to NEVER ALLOW SUCH EVIL TO HAPPEN AGAIN.  But the devil and his minions who will do his work never sleep. They simply regroup and go in another direction, but alas, the plan is the same and that is world domination. For Rockefeller and his elite foundation friends formed a world secret organization –  there-after to be called – The Bilderberg Meeting.  They named themselves after the meeting place of their first union which was at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands.

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These rich and powerful personas were “a- typical” of the Wicked Step Mother of Cinderella.  Believing they provided the chore list for the floor scrubbers and the reward is a roof over their head and some broth. As long as the floor scrubbers produce the goods desired by the cruel fairy tale world of the overlord.

So, it is the midnight hour and even though Cinderella  (the metaphor that represents the average earthling) has attended the ball and experienced a taste of freedom, the wicked ones swear she shall never live happily ever after. She shall go back to scrubbing the floors and doing what the wicked tyrants want. And if they could destroy her memories of that wonderful time at the ball with the Prince, they would. But, alas they cannot and all who remember are not going to sit down and shine the shoes of the wicked. They are going to re-claim their glass slipper and marry the prince!  A metaphor for returning to their Biblical teachings and reclaiming the promises of God – following the way of the Lord!


And after all the trials and tribulations when the dust is settled, they shall indeed live happily ever after just like it is prophesied in the Bible in both the old and the new Testaments.

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So the wicked stepsisters and evil step mother are out to crush all the Cinderella’s in the entire world. But, Bibbidy,  Bobbidy boo…they shall fail. For the shoe of freedom fits and the feet of the meek shall wear it!

Dianne Marshall


The meek shall marry the Prince and inherit the earth and all shall live happily ever after. But remember, before that happens there are a lot of floors to scrub, and much abuse and ridicule to be taken in. But,  fear not for we have the Holy Spirit guiding our every step. The clock is striking 12 – so hurry on and go inside for a while until the scourge passes over. For it is a time of great wickedness and the wicked will do everything to keep you from knowing the truth that will set you free.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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