Those voting for Hillary do not want a wall built to secure our borders. Why?  Because they are either illegal (and can only be counted in Hillary’s fraud count) or are married to an illegal, or have illegal friends they hang with or have no idea what the word “wall” means nor the word “border” nor do they understand what a “nation” is.
Hillary voters think it is cool to undercut American employment with bad trade deals because they don’t understand how trade works an they believe the government is rich and will take care of them for not working (that’s their idea of trade) baby popping is a bonus, and the daddy lives free too. Just don’t tell.  They have no clue this will all end and they will be the first to SNAP out of it.  Literally.
Hillary voters could care less how many jobs go over seas….they don’t like working unless it can be fun, like acting or singing or being a democratic politician.  They have no idea what an executive order is…they think it is Trump saying “you’re fired” on the Apprentice program.  They will never get it for they didn’t get it when America was great….they sure won’t now.
Hillary voters don’t care about Obama Care because they got free health care before it was forced on us, and continued getting it after.  They have no clue what it is to actually pay for their health insurance (except for the wealthy ones like Cher and they don’t seem to be caring enough to sponsor any families health insurance lately.)   Most Hill followers are clueless of what things cost unless it is a new cell phone or a food item.
Hillary voters don’t understand why their utility bills are sky high  and believe it is because of Sarah Palin.  They have no clue how anything works except their Xbox and text messaging.  They believe foreign dependence is like the immigration dream act.
Tax cuts don’t affect Hillary voters because they don’t pay them.  They get big refunds because of all the free stuff and number of kids they allowed to live and not get aborted.  They believe in abortion big league.  They don’t care about small businesses because they go to Walmart for everything.
They think Supreme Court Justices will send their kids to juvenile boot camp so they don’t care nor like them.  They want the liberal agenda because it is lawless and they abound in their anti blue lives and take all you can carry logic.
In summary, Hillary supporters are uninformed and believe global order is cool. They have no idea that the axe is falling on their necks and could care less as long as they know where their free stuff is.  Sadly, they will be the first to wake up when they find there is no more free stuff when Hillary finishes dying America off with her mandates from hell.  The only consolation I will have at that time (should the worst evil happen, which it will not, there will be a revolution first) would be to laugh at their sorry crying arses wondering where their free stuff all went as they grope around in the FEMA camp. It will be a time when every illegal begs to go back where they came from only to hear their nations shouting – we built a wall, stay where you are

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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