What Are We Missing?

What do you miss most about Farcebook or Twitter?

Do you miss the factchecking or the banning process the most? The peer pressure or the arguing with opposing views? The trolls? Or Facebook jail?

I Am a Facebook Felon INMATE Idid Time for Keeping It Real! Repost if You  Ever Wore the Facebook ORANGE! If You've Ever … | Jail meme, Facebook jail,  Facebook humor

On Farcebook do you miss the recipes or family photos of strangers you do not know? Do you miss the reminders to tell people happy birthday, or do you miss the memes?

Do you miss the fun of trying to build a social network with big numbers so you can say, ” I have x amount of followers, therefore I am important?” Have you ever thought about numbers as making or breaking your own voice? Or your own significance?

When these social networks first went up, the goal was to have lots of friends. Lots of numbers of people. I remember people asking me to get on FB and friend them so they could talk to me. At the time, I found that ridiculous. I was not one of the first to join any social media platform. She was a good client and kept persisting, so I joined and friended her.

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As time went past, I remember being at a family members house and they said to me, “OH…I have to go check on my garden.” I said, “Ok.” The family member did not go outside, they went to the computer. I asked, “I thought you had to check the garden?” They answered, “I am. It’s my Farmville garden. My grapes are ready to harvest. If I don’t pick them they will rot.” I remember laughing and saying, “What are you talking about?” The family member explained how things are planted and grow and if not harvested they rot and you have to start over. I said, “I can’t believe you are actually treating a game like it is real and watching the clock to see if it’s time to harvest crops?” I soon found that there were millions of people doing this.

Facebook tops 350 million users, tightens privacy

Virtual reality had become just as important as our real lives. Then it became a political tool and a platform for sharing opinions of life events and news. I remember joining Twitter, just to keep in touch with Sarah Palin when she joined it. I never used it but to check to see what she was saying. I remember commenting on something and having someone discredit me because I only had like two or three followers. So, I learned in the virtual world that if you don’t have followers you aren’t important. You are a speck…you have no voice, simply because you have not invested time in building followers from people you do and do not know.

Trump and his allies are banned from these platforms - The Washington Post
Trump said, if they will do it to your President, they will do it to you. Well, we all know he’s right on that one because they have been banning, facebook jailing, and simply deleting many of us for a very long time. Trump wasn’t the first, he was the most blatant and that was the straw that broke the monkeys little backs!

When I built my so called friends lists, I thought it was because of things I said and people were asking to be my friend. (I’m sure many of those requests were to be a number on the requesters belt for number only). I do not miss any of that. But, I do miss the right to do it.

It all came out with timing to prepare for the 2007 elections (which it was in 2006 that I joined FB). I am presenting this in order to jog some memories in others. To look at how we got here? How we became lost in the virtual world of herding our minds.

what are we missing

I was never one to have a need to post family photos and recipes. Nor tell people what I ate and post a photo of it. Nor Tweet what I was doing throughout my day. That’s kind of how it started out…but, wow….look where it ended up? Data mining, politics, trollville, and perpetrators of minors as well as dating sites. Whatever could go wrong has gone wrong because clay and iron does not mix.

what are we missing

Who knew that one day truth tellers on social media would become the real news? That a president would use Tweets to deliver his messages to the people because the news would be so corrupt and full of lies that he would have to do so? Who would have guessed back when it started that one day the people would use the social media channel to expose corruption in high places in the greatest fight for their lives?

Twitter then and now: How the site has changed since its launch in 2006 |  The Independent | The Independent
It started by limited the amount of characters you could write. Not WORDS…characters. From the onset language was everything. Remember, in the beginning was the WORD…and the WORD was with who? NEVER TWITTER.

So, today…we the people are joined together in a class action lawsuit against the big tech giants with the greatest president ever in the history of the United States of America. Who would have ever predicted that one?

Facebook Jail: terriblefacebookmemes

If your crops have failed on social media by no fault of your own…and you were banned from the garden…you can now fight back. Join the real world in taking down the virtual mind controllers who never intended you to have a free speech platform. It was always intended to distract and have you think what they wanted you to think and it was a giant game they played on you. When you actually started using the platforms to share truth and news…they had to censor you, block you and bann you. You were destroying their mind contol platform and waking people up. So….now it is time to bring on the lawsuit and call these mind eaters out! Go to: America First Policy Institute (constitutionallitigationpartnership.com)


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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