We’ll Arm You Now Go Fight!

We, your government, will be hiding in our bunkers. Let us know how it fares in the end. So we know when we can come out.

So the leaders of Ukraine are using their jab mandate and booster shot sheep as their new resources to go fight for them in place of the military.  If this were a movie we would have a mix of laughter and boos. But what we are watching is real because they said so and told us Putin was a Pariah. The truth is we are watching a nation of people who were not allowed to own guns, now realizing their fake RESET controlled government was never for them and now they are turning them into an armed military even though the rest of the world is watching them driving around in their cars and carrying on in the streets like all is well.

At least the Fox GI-Go Brandon took off his helmet and is now back in his reporter uniform. I wonder if he heard all the laughter from those writing about that? What will he hear in the background tonight and what will he see in the sky?

Meanwhile Tyrannical Trudeau Cabal puppet-controlled Canada is bold enough to say that Trudeau Marxist Oil is better than Mean Pariah Putin Oil?

The same Canada that Trudeau called in the UN Militants to trample his citizens with horses, arrest them, and confiscate their property, while he called on world banks to freeze their bank accounts…did his part to send money and weapons to Ukraine. I guess so Ukraine could hand the guns out to the new citizen sheeple army or whatever they are going to call it? Does anyone know? Just asking.

image 106

Oh, and while we are discussing Trudeau, the Canadian government is now facing lawsuits over calling the Emergencies Act (martial law) on their peaceful people. I’d say it looks like the deep state cabal is losing world wide. They will need more propaganda and we need more popcorn.

Federal government facing lawsuits over Emergencies Act: Federal government facing lawsuits over Emergencies Act – The Globe and Mail

Canadian Officials Launch Investigation After Chilling Messages From Ottawa Police Surface | Republican Party News

And then there is this….

image 107

I told ya we needed more popcorn. This pay back is getting good.

Meanwhile, we know Putin is keeping President Trump up to date on his take down of the RESET CABAL’s bio-labs in the Ukraine as they go ‘pop’.

So Biden said he will get Putin…he will sanction them. Then he said it will take some time. But he is sanctioning them.

Political cartoon of the day: Dirty Hairy-Legs | Fox News
image 108



In a nutshell, Trump told us at the Texas Rally what was coming down in Russia and China. Who listened? Trump always tells us everything…when you stop, listen and discern.


Keep on pressing into the Kingdom …Press, Press, Press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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