Welcome Carly and Cruz…HP Shredder And Canadian, Lying Cruz. A Match Made In???? Where?

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Carly and Cruz, yes I said that correctly….Carly first and then Cruz.  They are like a song duo that no body liked. They are like the flies and mosquitoes that people slap away. They definately are not Mom, Pop, Baseball and Apple pie. They are more like dictatorial images, with chain saws and vinegar. It is what it is.
It will never be Cruz and Carly.  Why?  Oh Teddy had no idea what he agreed to when his handlers arranged this marriage….it will always be the gender bender and then Cruz.  Or maybe that is exactly what his handlers had in mind?  Either way, Ted reaps the shrew shredder of HP and the hype is on that face and not his own.  That is what he wanted…but that will not win him the GOP.
cruz carly-fiorina-1024Cruz bought into a strategy that will shred what is left of his campaign into the HP Monster Shredder.  You can’t even sing your way out of this one.  Even Hansel and Gretel was lured into the house made of candy … only to be thought of as food for the old, kind lady that turned out to be a witch.  Is the bus a symbol of the house of candy?  My, my….sure does make one ponder.  The question is…who is the real witch here?  Cruz or Carly?  It is certainly a match made in ….well, to put it nicely…it is not made in heaven.
Actually they look like soul mates…twins of sorts.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

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