THE BAD NEWS IS voter fraud was reported all day long in Wisconsin and nothing was done about it. The good news is Wisconsin is not a winner take all state and although voter fraud was committed…no bad halts on Trump were impacted.
The good news is, we the people are all aware…and we have all the cards on the table along with our Trump card.  In the worst case scenario where the GOP comes out and just does what it has openly stated it will do on the internet…and that is not allow Trump to win even when he wins…yes…they have stated that.
It is at that time that the NEW AMERICAN PARTY SHALL RISE UP AND GO FORTH!  Leaving the GOP with a handful of puppets in their tent and no one buying puppet show tickets!
We the people are on the verge of the most historic time ever in America.  Never get dismayed…always look for the shining light that beams forth after voter fraud is committed in your face….that is the light of a new thing, a wondrous thing that is forming, shaping and coming into fruition.
That thing is the emergence of a new party – one that has been brewing, festering, and now coming to a head….that is THE AMERICAN PARTY!  The silent majority will have their day, they will have their moment – the moment when who they voted for is elected.  Even if it comes down to rattling some pots and pans as Iceland had to do.  It is here, the movement is sure and we the people will not sit down this time around.  NOT AT ALL.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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