Watch Bolsonaro and Trump Take Back Their Nations!

Brazil’s election was stolen by the same foreign interference that stole our election and these same ones have been controlling elections in all nations.

The selection election system is going down. Watch Brazil, and watch today in The United States of America when President Trump gives his speech. It will be historic.

Brazil on the street protesting a STOLEN ELECTION 11-12-2022.

As my friend Cesare Sacchetti said in his recent article titled, “BOLSONARO AND TRUMP: STORIES OF TWO DEEP STATE COUPS” …

“The first thought that crossed our minds when we were following the Brazilian election was about a dejà vu.”

Cesare is an Italian investigative reporter and he connected some very big dots! He said, “We had this thought when we saw that Bolsonaro was leading the race with more than 5 percentage points against his opponent, the leftist candidate and former President, Lula. Suddenly, Bolsonaro stopped receiving votes. As the vote counting proceeded, Lula took most of the votes and broke a statistical principle according to which when one of the two candidates leads the race by more than 3 points, he ended up winning.

Lula went on to recover the gap and he surpassed Bolsonaro after 60% of the votes were counted. When we witnessed all this, we thought that we probably stepped into a time machine that led us back to the night of November 3rd, 2020, in the United States.

Those who have been following Brazil know full well what Cesare is talking about for we have felt the very same thing. In fact, fake news will not talk about that at all except to say things like Bolsonaro is a poor loser…and he is ruining the Democracy in Brazil. Democracy is the precious new code name they have given their communism. Their new precious… the thing they are out to save.

Cesare said the Washington deep state carried out what could probably be defined as the most blatant electoral coup in the history of liberal democracies. If you agree… give out a shout and a high five in the air! No one expected to be so blatant and in our face with the obvious election fraud and be told to shut up and sit down.

image 218
President Bolsonaro and President Trump. Good friends and both love their nations and the people.

He recapped the election, for anyone who may have forgotten the way they did it….. “Trump was winning the race against his opponent, Joe Biden, and he was winning without too much effort. At a certain point of the poll counting, the count was halted. Hundreds of thousands of mail ballots were dumped in Wisconsin, in Pennsylvania and in the other swing states that are crucial to establish who wins the presidential election. “Incidentally”, the vast majority of these mail votes were all for Joe Biden. Even dead people resurrected from the grave and cast their vote for the Democratic candidate. Apparently, this was not even enough to steal the election from Donald Trump.

Something more was required. Trump was getting too many votes. He was, and he is, still too popular.

Trump is right when he says the world is watching all of this. They are still calling Trump supporters election deniers, and now in the same fashion they are calling the people in Brazil the same. They have censored the people in Brazil from hearing the truth about their elections, about the numbers of people and the details. Fake news simply won’t report the truth. They push the propaganda. But all the good people know how the democracy thing is being worked by the select elect KM Oligarchs controlling their paid puppets behind the curtain. It is serious election fraud and treasonous nation toppling.

Cesare explains how the 2020 race was stolen and connects it to the same way the election in Brazil has been stolen.

“The deep state called in foreign allies to complete the electoral theft and we are talking about the Italian government.

Several qualified sources claim that a company owned by the Italian government, Leonardo, used one of its military satellites to switch the votes from Trump to Biden.

This time, something similar occurred in Brazil. It wasn’t necessary to dump mail ballots because votes were cast electronically and not with paper ballots. In this case, a fraud is even easier. The only thing you need to switch the votes from a candidate to the other is the electronic servers.

If you have the control of those systems, you can easily assign the election to anyone. You do not have to create imaginary voters. You switch votes from one side to the other. The Brazilian press immediately denied that an electoral fraud might have occurred. They blamed Bolsonaro for not having acknowledged the “regularity” of the vote. And the Brazilian President, like Trump, has not conceded the election to his rival, Lula, and he doesn’t seem to have any intention of doing it in the future.

“He held a press conference two days after the election and said that he will follow the Constitution without adding any specific detail about the transition of power towards his adversary.


It’s now looking like the Pelosi, McConnell et al and their faux J-6 and the entire J-6 Unselect Committee’s primary purpose was to make sure Americans never tried to fight for fair elections, and set the standard for other nations to follow in their nation toppling. It sure looks like it matches the NATO rules of war and new nation toppling through cognitive mind control methods and techniques now doesn’t it?

How many RINOs supported all of this deceit? This is treason!!

image 220

Cesare goes on to speak of Bolsonaro’s strategy to expose the fraud

“On November 2, he went to the headquarters of the highest judicial Brazilian institution, the Supreme Federal Tribunal, (STF), and he had a conversation with the justices but he didn’t release any statement to the press that was gathered outside waiting for him.

According to some government sources in Brasilia, the capitol of Brazil, the meeting was quite tense.

“Bolsonaro would issue a sort of ultimatum to the judges who were asked to declare the election as illegal due to the irregularities that affected it; otherwise, the President would order the arrests of all who carried out the fraud at every level.

He goes on to say that before Bolsonaro left the STF building, a military officer with a small suitcase was seen walking with him. The same government sources reported that President Bolsonaro showed the proof of the fraud to the justices, and the Brazilian armed forces published an official report about the integrity of the latest election.

But the international mainstream media are claiming that the Brazilian military cleared the election. They claim that the military couldn’t find any evidence of irregularity and, therefore, no fraud was committed. But if you read the 65 page report, the conclusions are quite different. The document is signed by the Brazilian ministry of Defence, Paulo De Oliveira.

De Oliveira states that some serious flaws were found in the electronic voting system. Firstly, he clearly says that the fact that the machines were connected to the Internet compromises the safety of the system.

Cesare stated that this is probably another déjà vu for the American public, because the voting machines were connected to the Internet as well! And that secondly, the ministry of Defence stated that there’s no guarantee that the electronic voting system can’t be manipulated by a sort of “infected code” that can alter the result. In other words, the Brazilian government is officially stating that the electronic voting system is compromised but if you read the MSM propaganda, they’ll tell you that the military said that the election was “regular”.

But there’s more. In the following pages of the report, the ministry recommends an official inquiry in order to establish if there was a manipulation in the writing of the source code. And Mr. De Oliveira is very keen in stating that this process is necessary to preserve the stability and credibility of Brazilian democracy.

So you have the same election fraud taking place in Brazil that is taking place here, and De Oliveira is not authorizing the election like the fake news is claiming he has. The report states a more eye opening conclusion…. it states that the military couldn’t draw more detailed conclusions about the voting machines because the Supreme Electoral Tribunal denied the military access to some servers.

image 219
President Trump highly endorsed Bolsonaro for president of Brazil. Both men are loved by the people and hated by the globalists. They have both had mulitiple assassination atempts on their lives. Pray for them and for Putin who is fighting the beast in his homeland.

Just like fake news has done to President Trump, they are pushing lies and propaganda to the people of Brazil and trying to basically topple the government by appointing the loser that they hand selected to head the nation of Brazil. They actually pulled Lulu out of jail to run for them to be their Fetterman/Joey Avatar puppet.

Like Trump, Bolsonaro is hated by the deep state and by the powerful globalist circles, because both love their countries and put the people first, they are a threat to the Oligarchs new world RESET order. Remember, in 2016 they never thought Hillary Clinton would lose and they had the machines rigged, but they had not anticipated the huge voter turn out for Trump and she lost. Had she won… we would have already been thrust into the tryannical pit and Clinton would have had the military working fast and furious with NATO to conquer the rest of the world in her manner of “we came, we saw, they died” type of democracy spreading. We would all be forced vaxed and owned by DAVOS demonic mind controllers with Harari’s transhumanism program. Or shot for resisting.

That bullet missed us only because of President Trump acting preemptively with his executive order the EO 13848 in 2018, where he declared a state of emergency because of the involvement of foreign powers in meddling with the US election. You bet President Trump used it too!

When you look at the Joey Avatar regime…they are basically powerless and they had a funeral instead of an inauguration, complete with Joey having to find his own plane to come to DC. After the most bazzarr ceremony he went to his White House and the door was locked and no Marine Guard to salute him. The dots were all along the way but at that time most refused to see them…all they could see was Joey was sworn in and Trump had left DC.

Cesare’s conclusions are like ours. He states that Biden withdrew the troops from Afghanistan like Trump ordered and his desire for supporting NATO, the military arm of the NWO, is basically nonexistent.

We have watched green screens and actors. We watched a plane with people hanging all over it, with a painted on windshield and no air coming out of the fired up engines as it rolled like a snail down the runway…with computer doctored images of people falling from the plane in the air, that somehow survived the take off by holding onto the plane to get to freedom. That never happened folks.

In Cesares article he says, “We have considered several hypothesis to explain why Biden is not in control of the White House, and the most likely is that the power was never really transferred to this administration. The power is in the hands of the military because Trump would transfer the power to the former before leaving through the Insurrection Act.”

He also states that because of Trump, Bolsonaro and Putin who said NO TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER DAVOS BUNCH… Read the full article there are a lot of good details to both Brazil and the US resistance and Bolsonaro’s next moves. Bolsonaro and Trump: stories of two deep state coups – Cesare Sacchetti ( are about to see some serious action against the beast and the KM Oligarchs.

Another dot or shall we say domino that is going to start a row of toppling… now we see FTX also funded Biden’s 2020 campaign illegally!

Mitch McConnell got some of that tax payer FXT Ukraine money.

image 222

Now you know why the uni-party didn’t want a audit of Ukraine money & had to get rid of Trump.

image 221

They are all caught, busted and in so deep they won’t get out…they are already swirling in the drain. The plug has been pulled!

Their worst nightmare has now overpowered them and they have no where to hide. None of them. They didn’t expect Brazil to flood the streets by the hundreds of thousands demanding justice, nor the power of so many standing up for sovereignty for their country.

As Cesare put it, “Everywhere, in every part of Brazil, there are crowds of hundreds of thousands of people who protest against the fraud. The streets are flooded by this green-gold river that demands independence, justice and sovereignity for the country.

“In some cases, the police even joined the protests. The Brazilian people do not seem intentioned in walking back to the past. They don’t want a Brazil turned into a decadent province of globalism. They don’t want liberalism for their country but Christianity.

The slogan that they pronounce “Brazil above everything, God above all” clearly states the hierarchy of values of the Brazilians. They firmly reject liberalism and Marxism. They reject that desert of value that liberalism and Marxism would like to establish. A desert of value that first pretends to disguise itself under the State-atheist doctrine and then it reveals its real Luciferian identity like we could witness during the COVID terrorist operation.”

Anxiously awaiting to see what President Trump’s message will be today.

And remember Ukraine is in big trouble with the election fraud campaign financing and biolabs, child and human trafficking, drug running, and dark market trading. He has no power to negotiate…he will be hung for treason against his people and at best spend the rest of his life in GITMO.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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