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UN transforming our world by 2030 with new sustainable development goals.

The establishment elite are working in hyper speed to bring about radical changes nationally and internationally.  At the recent U.N. meeting, the establishment announced their new sustainable development goals to be achieved in less than 15 years from now.  Are you all ready for these radical changes?

These elitists have their agenda all figured out and they need their political puppets in place to carry out their wishes.  When you decode the agenda you see it is very dark and very evil.

Pope Francis is the new point man for the agenda for sustainable development.  At the Recent U.N. talks, the Pope gave his blessing on their new global movement for the benefit of all mankind and encouraged the world to participate in the new U.N. goals to rid poverty. Millions of people are now thinking this is a great thing to do to redistribute the wealth of all the world to help the poor.

The problem with this thinking that needs exposed is the groups and organizations behind this movement are not in it to help the poor at all. The U.N. speaks of social justice and equal rights to economic resources, tauting freedom and prosperity for everyone.

They don’t express the fact that they want to raise the UN taxes on the middle class and implement trade treaties that take the wealth out of the middle classes world wide. They don’t explain how in so doing this will eliminate the middle class entirely.  Nor that by following their designs of  taking from Peter to pay poor Paul the result is all will be transformed into one class. A social class of dependent people on a world system.

Today, we are feeling the crunch of this plan (already in motion).  People are stuck in jobs that do not pay well.  High inflation has been the result. The dollar does not buy much, the more they mess with the system the more we all have less buying power. The wealth is rapidly being reduced by global agenda plans.

Our congress and Senate are pushing TTP and other global agenda sustainable ideals and they are all bought by the establishment elite.  Take a look at all the deceptive practices that have been created to merge America into a north American union.  Look at all the agenda being pushed in America to weaken her and destroy the middle class and erase her borders all in the name of what?  Change? The multi trillion dollar debt is by design folks.  It always has been.

So let’s take a look and see whose wealth is being distributed in the new U.N. agenda 21 sustainable development plans, which are now on steroids.

The elite one percent own 99 percent of all the wealth in the world. Middle class and lower class compose 99 percent of the population of the earth and only control 1 percent of the wealth. So what are they really trying to do? Social justice is not being solved unless you are going after those with 99 percent of the wealth. The UN agenda which is controlled by the elite are the ones who are deciding the agenda and they are not redistributing any of their wealth. They aren’t sharing anything.

The only thing being targeted are the 1 percent who are already consuming all things made by the 1 percent who own 99 percent of the wealth and manufacture everything. I call this group the establishment elite. So, since 99 percent of the people are not wealthy, they are needed to make the goods and to buy the goods, but not needed to do much more.

The 1 percent club of elite do not care how many of these little workers and consumers exist, in fact they really don’t need this many at all.  They have referred to most of these as useless eaters.  Hidden deep in the fine print of the agenda 21 play books are plans to depopulate these useless huge numbers of people.  Especially the elderly, the handicapped, and those they have deemed as undesirables.

This is domination of all humanity by the establishment elite.   AGENDA 00-1122013952-United-Nations---US-Flag

Wake up America and figure it all out. It is real and it is being implemented right now. We need to pull out of the United Nations and stop the unsustainable plans before it is too late.

Written by Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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