It used to be that the news left people hanging on whatever topic they wanted them to hang onto and mull over on Friday… and people had to wait until Monday to hear any more on the report… excluding  opinions from live Sunday talk shows…. Today, the news continues via social media and independent sources.

So what if Wall Street Markets are still closed on Fridays… waiting to reopen Monday, the people now know it’s a padded deal that KM Oligarch hedge fund controllers “Vanguard and BlackRock” work diligently to control for their puppet masters. Today, we are all aware of the way they pick and choose who is going to be the next top stock and who isn’t. The same way the KM Oligarchs control who is going to be Hollywood’s next superstar, or whose book will be the next best seller, what kid is going to be the next big league sports player, who gets into the “big elite” universities… and on and on. Well that magic show is over for we now see the tricks up their sleeve.

Their BS is no longer hidden and we don’t have to buy into their show. Nor do we have to buy back in after they decide their trick didn’t work. Especially when they don’t even apologize for their blunder. Look at Anheuser Bush’s backlash with this WOKE Bud’s FOR YOU! The answer they are hearing is…NO IT’S NOT!

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So today we have Donald Trump Jr. going… “Ok guys this is an American Icon we’re bashing here… time to ease up.”  And many are saying… that American Icon has just fallen, fallen, fallen and the right to not drink from their beer can is what the real American Icon is all about. It’s called Freedom!
I had said, I’ll keep the Clydesdales but not the beer carriage, and then I discovered what they’ve been doing to the beautiful breed of horse. I don’t drink beer so that was neither here nor there to give it up. But the beautiful horses… oh now that was the last straw for me.

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Why on earth would they do that? They did it to celebrate Anheuser Bush’s 90th anniversary!

Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, animal rights organization Peta called out beer giant Anheuser-Busch for docking the tails of its famed Clydesdales – a cosmetic practice that veterinary groups deem unethical.The Drum | Peta Condemns Budweiser’s Treatment Of Iconic Clydesdales Ahead Of Super Bowl LVII

That being said…

Part of that American Icon was the inheritance of Cindy McCain in 2000 at the age of 46 when her father Jim Hensley, passed away and she inherited his entire estate which happened to include one of the largest Anheuser-Bush beer distributing companies in the U.S. of which Cindy inherited the majority control and became chair of the $350 million dollar a year company. Most don’t know or remember that John McCain worked at Hensley as VP of public relations for a year prior to starting his congressional career in 1982.

But the icon started before McCains with the German immigrant Eberhard Anheuser — a German soap maker who emigrated to Missouri in 1843 and later became the largest soap and candle company in St. Louis. Later, even though he had no brewing experience, Eberhard became part owner of the Bavarian and by 1860 had bought out the other investors, changing the brewery’s name to E. Anheuser & Co.

When you follow the iconic story, you find the names of those who made it big during the industrial revolution and how their icons were built on the backs of those who fought in the civil war and after by the same labor force that carried the icons and their desires upon their backs so they could be rich.

Oh what a glorious industrial revolution that made King Pins out of the sly ones. Granting a handful of them the prestigious title of “Icons”.  Dig into the history of the so called “Icons”, the ones who took advantage of the golden opportunities of the American Dream and you will find the same culprits (not all but a very key core group) are the ones who built the monopolies that later had to be outlawed, and so instead became stock holders who still controlled the companies only without the headaches of operating them.

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So much for President Theodore Roosevelt’s no monopolies law. They found a way around it. A way that was even more advantageous. To this very day we see it in action on Wall Street.

Look a bit deeper into the core group of “Icons” and you find the ones who controlled the entire iconic industries via foundations giving grants to Universities and laboratories for Scientific and Medical Research, birthing Big Pharma, Big Food, Big News Papers and Big Politics. You also find the funders for Nikola Tesla and the schemes for Central Banks, wars, and total control of economies, Federal Reserve Banking and WWI, WWII, the United Nations and all the NAZI agencies added to the government paramilitary operations. Keep following the icons up to this day and we are staring directly into the face of the Beast we are presently fighting.

At 8.49 minutes in… Don Jr. gets some feedback on his pull back.

So if looking up the Icons is what Donald Trump Jr. wanted us to do by his statement in his show “Triggered”… there is a lot to be covered and it is a web that has ancient roots and endless doors to be opened. What I have touched on here is just the surface of all the “ICONIC ONES AND THINGS”… there is much, much more. Have fun digging… the door is now opened!

Key “Iconic” names are birds of a feather and they do flock together in the groves, and secret places. It’s a Grand Central Station sort of thing. Wall Street and world trade. United Nations and WEF!  KM Oligarchs and espionage… still out to own and control it all, only without billions of the un-iconic ones.  As President Trump has said many times… “You’re the elite, not them!”

Meanwhile…. after a 6.5 Billion dollar loss later… Anheuser Bush backs off and does a patriotic beer push? 

Most are not that drunk to go for the obvious rewrite. Hold them accountable. They are the ones who chose to cater to a new segment of the market to buy their brand in the way they did, and with all their marketing and branding expertise we know they knew exactly what they were doing and whoever made the decision knew why they chose to do it. So, now that market segment they are catering to will need to support them. They chose to RESET their brand and that’s just fine. So did the majority of AMERICAN BEER DRINKERS! They’ve RESET their choices too!

Why draw this line? Because the fact is we are at war and they are targeting our children with every hurdle they demand that it is their right to break through! It started with rights to have a wedding cake baked whereever they wanted and a baker being fined for not doing so due to religious beliefs. Every inch they won they abused the rights of others with it. With each new right gained it destroyed the American family structure and silenced the voice of the majority for a few.

We watched them in the library drag book reading which led to drag queen strip shows for kids, which led to teaching woke in our school system, which led to gender identity sex education, which led to confusing children and guiding them to transgender surgeries, which led to more mental illness, depression and traumatized lives, which led to torn families and suicides. We watched parents get arrested by the F.B.I. per order of the U.S. Attorney General, Garland. Why? For standing up at school boards against having porn taught to their children from kindergarten on up!

We watched what happened by allowing their rainbow rights in the military via General Miley et al. The world is now laughing at our international joke of woke generals and the US military now has the lowest numbers of new recruits ever. We watched as men dressed in drag and entered womens rest rooms and it wasn’t long and a woman was raped and her father was arrested for taking matters into his own hands when the police would not. They entered into sports disgracing female athletes who trained for their competitions only to be destroyed by cross dressers competing and destroying womens sports.

This was never about rights for all, nor was it about live and let live which most all are all for that. It was about destroying the American family which was a vital step to destroying America from within.

So, we are not sorry Don Jr. for not bowing to this so called Icon. For this is not about gays or their rights. That is the illussion. The real battle is good versus evil at the expense of all of God’s children. We know that being gay is no greater a sin than the ones so called Christians commit daily, whatever that pet sin is. Most sins are decided by men. Most are man made just like the laws. All of that has been the lie. For there is no sin greater than another. All sins but one can be forgiven for when one repents. The unforgiveable sin is to deny the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we are fighting evil principalities and powers and by coming together as one humanity as God’s creation… that is the day the devil and his demonic ones fear.

That being said, this is the part of the show where MAGA ISN’T FORGETTING. Those days are over. Guess, the script writers need to think twice what they write in these days. Some of the writers don’t realize people are now thinking for themselves. No influencers are going to change their minds. Actions speak louder than their words theses days. That is the way it is. Everything they do is to target the children who are the future of God’s creation and all humanity. But then again, we know you know this Don Jr. and we know you are waking us up a little bit more and I’m sure you were waiting for our reaction. Now you are hearing it. Smile. We are still with you, just not on this Icon thingy….. WE STILL CHEER FOR YOU, WE STILL LOVE TRUMP AND WE ARE STILL MAGA!

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Which bring us to other American Icons such as the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

That is what we should be shouting to uphold and restore as the KM Oligarch puppets are stabbing at it left and right. The entire idea to have the McCain family owned Anheuser Bush icon shoved in our face like the Kerry Heinz Ketchup, and let’s look at a few others… like the Morgans and the Rockefellers…weren’t those considered American Iconic families?  The same Iconic families that brought us the new world disorder clubs?  All of them!

So again… have fun digging and look at the Bilderberg Groups, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, and all the Foundations that have sponsored the research to bring you GMOs, Climate Change, Big Food, Big Pharma, Wars, Mind Control, News Programming, Politicians, ANTIFA, Big Tech Social Mis and Dis Information, Black Hats, Rogue CIA, FBI, NSA, DOJ, COVID RESET, and the list goes on and on…tell us again about Icons. It’s time to end the Icons… and remember the real Icons are WE THE PEOPLE!!!  LET’S TALK ABOUT THEM!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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