US Obama Regime Provoking WWIII !


The stage is set.  The Western World’s creation called ISIS against Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Iraq…meanwhile US is sending battle ships to the Pacific to the disputed Islands that China and Japan are both claiming ownership. North Korea is just ready to bomb something, anything.  Meanwhile Germany and Hungary are building walls to keep refugees out so they can  “CONTROL” who comes in?  What will France do?  What will other European countries end up doing?

Are the nations going to allow themselves to be held hostage and continue the war games or else?  Will the establishment global governance push things to the edge in an all out war?  Especially now that Russia is destroying their proxy army in Syria?  Will they holler again about Ukraine?  Will they hit Somalia harder?  Will they hit Libya harder? Will they unleash the terrorists lose in America?  Or will they forget that and forge right into WWIII and simply stop the elections due to war?

One thing is sure…the NWO globalists are losing their ground and most are all so old they don’t care if the entire world blows up in order to get what they want.

So go ahead and fa la la la la…..and head to the Jeb and Fiorina fests, don’t forget Carson and Rubio along the way….Hillary is a nice side attraction and don’t forget to worry about gay rights along the way to WWIII.

Meanwhile, my prayer is that Trump organize a huge team of military brass right now and prepare for plan B.  He’s the only one that understands what is going down.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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