Ultra Mind Control in America – Altering The Brain.

In a nutshell, it is the upgrade to gaslighting and propaganda with extra bells and whistles.

Much is learned for the good of mankind under the disguise as Brain Research where they take what is good and mess around with what else they can do with it.

And some programs will even put your brain in the cloud. (I.cloud) Remote control you with frequencies. For the betterment of mankind. It’s all in how you label the research and what you do with the findings. The question is, “How do we protect society from some of the findings?”

image 345

Our senses are affected with colors, sounds, vibrational frequencies, words, phrases, touch, memories, triggers, fears, smells of odors, taste sweet, sour, bitter, etc. all these are naturally stored into our subconscious programming and in mind control these are purposely reprogrammed so the person’s ability to reason what they are feeling and or experiencing is gone. That part of the brain is shut off or separated and they will act or react and do as commanded upon a trigger. (That is my layman’s interpretation of it.) It is a hypnotic trance, and in some cases worse… it is a total loss of reason by a method of programming that actually shatters the brain’s normal way of functioning. It is similar to being caught up in a moment of action and not knowing what came over you to make you do the thing you did. Many have at one time or another have had one of those moments. Especially in our childhood. When you acted out in some way or did something that made no logical sense and were asked, “Why did you do that?” and you can’t answer why you did because you don’t really know yourself? It is like that except you can’t recall any of it because you don’t remember doing any of it. That action is totally blacked out from your mind with no recall.

Above, Katy Perry has said the above physical behavior was due to MK Ultra Mind Control. What went wrong? Why did it go wrong? What was the message or was it just a mistake?

What could possibly be normal about the situation below? Either this is a staged event to create rumors, or these young people have been drugged, mind controlled or experimented on.

How and why is mental illness on the rise? When did you ever hear of a story like this one where a 65 year old woman takes a pick ax to someones home that she doesn’t even know? These stories are now becoming common place occurances. But then again, when did you ever hear anything like what is happening in this show?

This is all called programming. We are all being bombarded with programming. And some are MK Ultra Programmed or whatever the new covert name for it is. It’s part of the RESET program.

How globalist oligarchs do it in the open…

Government and philanthropist funding go to help research programs through universities, labs, etc. to find scientific and medical results for many areas. One of the biggest today is brain research. Research findings are picked up and used for government projects. Often times Federal tax dollars and funding from foundations like Gates, Rockefeller, Ford, etc. Labs like Mitt Labs offer grants for specific research. Those receiving these grants work specifically on the task they receive the money to research for, such as specific areas of brain research, or robotics for artificial limbs. Most people working in the research departments believe they are doing something good to help people with brain disease, cancer, etc. and they are. Other top secret projects take the research and use it in their programs, such as mind control. We never have these conversations because those who question how these research programs also can be used for mind control are called conspiracy theorists and fact checked as misinformation.

Links to brain research programs: BRAiN Program | Neuroscience | School of Medicine (cuanschutz.edu) ; Kodak Software Assists Brain Research At Los Alamos Labs (hpcwire.com); Marcus Institute for Brain Health Overview (cuanschutz.edu);Your Brain on Imagination: It’s a Lot Like Reality – Neuroscience News

Video below is a must watch in order to see what RESET has done, is doing, and plan to do.


So when we have speakers such as WEF Yuval Harari in charge of some of these science projects to chip the mind to take away emotions and free will… we are told to shut up and sit down. These did not all of a sudden pop up out from no where. Our tax dollars have been funding these and pretty much all of the programs that are designed to depopulate and control us.

So now we have Harari preparing and mesmerizing the masses by telling us it is going to happen. People either fear or blow him off. The truth is the Universities have been doing this research for years and years now and have the ability to mind control us through frequencies and tell our minds what to do…they can put your brain in the google cloud, so to speak. Harari has also been talking about this openly for years. Today there is a mass push to make people aware of this mass push. And some can only tell you it is coming and smirk as though they can’t wait while they tell you how crazy bad it is. While others are fearfully selling the peril of it and those who can do something to stop it won’t because they have been funding it and are ready to use it. This is where we are at. So what do they really have and who is helping them push it. That is the question to ask.

We aren’t asking the right questions. It begins by finding out who else is thinking for some of these people.

We also must ask what makes this work better? How do you break down the persons thinking…cause their mind to split in order to fix it with their new mind control methods? Which won’t fix it, it will just control the person. As we are seeing much evidence of in your face experimentation in videos and in some cases real life if you live in testing zones.

Why are people who look like zombies doing crazy illegal things as though they have a sick right to do so and they show no emotions?

The gaslighting fake news is creating a lot of aggravation that seems to be triggering a lot of preprogrammed minds into doing bad things.

These people sitting in the road did not just get up one morning and decide to do this. Who is sponsoring them and why are they all looking so zombie like? How can they natually stay in that zombie state under such circumstances? I don’t believe they can. It appears to be by some mind altering assistance. Look at their faces. They look programmed.


Below, Elizabeth Warren is a good example of a programmed programmer having an interaction with an unprogrammed human. We also see those who are followers of the programmed programmers.


What do we know about what they are doing? The focus has been redirected to the perceived issue and or crisis and not on the real issue which is mind control. By repeating the same info over and over about the Jab, and the “my body my choice- right to kill a baby”, and “save our democracy”… no one is talking about the real problem of mind control. There are many reasons for this. One of them are because they do not want that conversation. They want you to call it a conspiracy theory and get back to your pearl clutching and hand wringing.

Biology, anatomy with some science… how our brain works naturally. Know how it’s supposed to work so you know when it is broken.

Our senses are God given and all serve a purpose when used the way they were designed to be used for our good. Such as the sense of smell. Our sense of smell warns us of danger, such as smelling something burning, or smelling a gas leak. It also affects our memory and triggers our emotions and behavior. The sense of smell is the only sense that goes directly to the brain. When we smell that scent travels up to the limbic system which is where our emotions such as love and rage are triggered. We associate what we smell from our past experiences of it. Such as the smell of cookies baking in the oven. That aroma can trigger childhood memories of mom’s fresh baked cookies and all the joy that brought you and how delicious they tasted and or how much fun that experience was.

The limbic system, also known as the paleomammalian cortex, is a set of brain structures located on both sides of the thalamus, immediately beneath the medial temporal lobe of the cerebrum primarily in the forebrain. It supports a variety of functions including emotion, behavior, long-term memory, and olfaction.

image 347

Other Parts of the Limbic System

 The Hippocampus – It’s primary role is in memory formation, classifying information, long-term memory. It processes and stores new and temporary memory for long term storage AND It’s also involved in interpreting incoming nerve signals and spatial relationships.

The Hypothalamus -this part of the limbic system is connected to the pituitary gland and monitors and controls your circadian rhythms (your daily sleep/wake cycle), homeostasis (making sure your body is running smoothly). It controls your appetite, thirst, other bodily urges and also plays a role in emotions, autonomic functions and motor functions. The sense of smell affects the Hypothalamus portion of the limbic system to affect your emotions and trigger memories.

The Thalamus – This is the relay station in the brain affecting the sensory signals like sound, vision, and somatosensory (from your skin and internal organs), go through this organ on their way to other parts of the brain for processing. It also plays a function in motor control.

The Neocortex – This is the “Rational Brain”. It takes up 2/3’s of the human brain and is divided into two hemispheres, right and left. The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. THIS is where we find the brain power to develop language, abstract thought, conciousness and imagination.

Also the hemispheres are divided in terms of what kind of thought they process or produce. The right being more concerned with the artistic, spatial and musical. While the left is more concerned with the colder, linear, rational and verbal aspects.

The Frontal Lobe – This is the CENTER FOR COMMAND and CONTROL in your body and is responsible for functions such as: reasoning, problem solving, judgement, impulse control AND also manages our higher emotions such as empathy and altruism. It is the last to develop when we are young adults.

The Parietal Lobe – This is where processing pain and touch sensation occur. It’s where the Somatosensory (from your skin and internal organs) Cortex resides. It’s also associated with cognition (including calculating location and speed of objects), movement, orientation, recognition and speech.

The Temporal Lobe – This is involved in auditory (sound) sensation and is where the Primary Auditory Cortex and on the left hemisphere, Wernicke’s Area (language recognition) are located. This lobe is also involved in emotion, memory and speech.

The Occipital Lobe -This controls visual sensation and processing. The Visual Cortex resides there.

Broca’s Area -This is also located on the frontal lobe and is the part of the cortex that controls speech, language recognition and facial nerves.

The Corpus Callosum – This is the neural bridge that connects the two hemispheres to each other, located centrally in brain.


What happens if this system is damaged or altered in some manner?

The limbic system is where most unconscious thoughts and judgements are made. The information surging through this system is either agreeable or disagreeable. It is where what grabs your attention occurs – where spontenaity and creativity happens. If the limbic system is damaged it can cause the hormonal system to become unbalanced. The ability to perceive hunger or a feeling of not being hungry is reduced and emotional reactions can change. It effects behavior. Drugs and alcohol also effect the brain in numerous ways and some can be very damaging and affect behavior, mood, and memory. To learn more of how the limbic system of the brain works please read: The limbic system – Queensland Brain Institute – University of Queensland (uq.edu.au)

Now for the not so obvious to some….

Can they really make us believe we are doing the right thing in these huddled groups that keep repeating the same thing?

Has anyone sat and thought about all the podcasters who have joined the CC parade? Has anyone thought about how they all report the same thing? Has anyone thought how it looks a lot like the Fake News Wrap Up Smear technique? To make one particular person look big? Has anyone noticed how this is mocking God at all?

The obvious….

I can see where one would say bugs are good to eat. I can also see where human celebrity meat becomes acceptable. I can see where a world of zombies exist. I can also see how the programming works for so many areas. Like sales techniques are used on the masses one by one to sell cars, vacumns, pillows…whatever works, they work it.

Today we have a lot of things about religion and God being sold. I do mean SOLD. We must come out from all of these sales pushers for they are at every turn. It’s not just politics and advertising media for widgets and wares…it is everywhere.

How many times do we hear these type of stories before we start connecting the dots?

There will be some who connect them quickly and some who never will. Pray unceasing and let the truth be told.

image 348

In my first book written in 2007 – “Burning Whispers” about the devil and his trusty minion named O’Hellian, he is bragging about how the world is ripe to have a final take down. For some reason the Lord laid it on my heart to see where all of this was going by simply connecting the dots.

Here is an excerpt that fits into what is taking place as we watch and pray.

““O’Hellian!!!!!” raged the Dragon, “Deep down everybody seeks my kingdom!  Haven’t I proven that?  Look at the greed and the lust for the stuff I offer’em!  We can’t worry about a 10% margin here.  We need to focus on the rest and get them to crush the 10%!”  calming down a bit, the Dragon speaks more softly, “O’Hellian, you are right in the fact that we can not speak against the Holy Spirit.  So it will be your task to find a way to get around this.  We learned through our hero, Nero that this type of do gooder with the Holy Sprit will martyr for God’s cause.  So rule that out, we have to think beyond the box here.

     “Perhaps something along the lines of getting a message written by someone from my liberal list that condemns the actions of the do gooders.  Some kind of new age concept of all religion traveling to the light garbage that gets things stirred up. Or maybe some intellectual piece that makes do gooders look like they are being prejudice against half of the American society.  It can be pulled apart and claimed radical thinking by my liberal media.  Something that can be twisted around to make the Holy Word look like it is nothing more than a Tyrannical  Dogma that is unconstitutional for today’s society. 

Make  religion look like it should be banned from practice.  Present a convincing case that it mind washes kids into being intolerant  of  the human  rights  of others  and breeds racisms. Point out that it condemns all other religious freedom, which is unconstitutional. Then we have all Christianity denounced publicly through my liberal media.  This will lead to congress passing an act against any and all, public or private, display of only one religious  view.  God will be reduced to nothing more than an ancient concept. A myth of man that created strife and Jihads throughout the ages.  It’s time to worship democracy in its place.End of excerpt.

The topic of deception and mind control is a very large, vast topic and one that the devil has used against us from the beginning in the garden of paradise. One would think we would know it by now? But, then again, knowing and doing are two different things. Ponder the above information and then we can add more to this conversation in the next blog, this one was getting very long. Consider this the foundation for the next discussion. This one gives you an overview of the backstory on the Research and Science foundations that have been built behind closed doors.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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