Ukraine Human Rights Abuses!

Donbass Minister of Foreign Affairs Natalia Nikonorova gave an address to the people about Ukrainian human rights abuses. From recent world headlines saying “All hell broke loose in Greek Parliament”, etc., and heads calling Zelensky out for presenting a Greek NAZI as a Ukrainian freedom fighter, it looks like Greece has had their belly full of watching the citizens of Ukraine getting pummeled by Ukrainians own army and pointing a blame finger at Russia. They have also had their belly full of having all nations pay for Zelensky’s comedy act that has affected livelihoods around the world. He simply isn’t funny and his war crimes are reaching over in an attempt to start World War III for the Khazarian Oligarchs who got caught breaking international laws inside a sovereign nation, led by their obedient puppet leaders including Clinton, Obama, and Biden, et al. This has been ongoing for years and now they are all caught.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs for DonBass, Natali Nikonorova, had plenty to say to Greece and the world-

“All president Zelensky’s online addresses to the Western audience have one goal: to hide the war crimes the Ukrainian regime has been committing for all 8 years against the Donbass inhabitants and continues to commit until this day.

“Fakes of unimaginable absurdity, blatant lies of staggering scale are being used

“Among the latest examples of the fake genre: the alleged mass execution of civilians by Russian troops in the city of Bucha, Kiev region. There is not a single piece of evidence supporting it, there are only dubious videos, which raise many questions.

“Fakes of the Kiev regime in Mariupol have no limits of cynicism. A whole staged show was created with the involvement of actors, with no mention of what was really going on there.

“Representatives of Greek nationality in Mariupol also suffered from the atrocities of the national battalions.”

Among many things that are taking place in Ukraine, the wickedness so far is dished out to the civilians by the Ukrainian NAZI troops at the expense of the citizens, as it has been for the last 8 years and more.

Ukraine is busy trying to hide a lot of their illegal activities and they are busted!

Mariupol in video above. It is estimated 3000 Azovites have made the steel factory their base. The factory doubles as an underground city, as far as 8 floors down, with many catacombs – built in the Soviet times, in case of catastrophe.

It is also impossible to strike it from above – Basurin explains (, it is believed the factory houses secret underground biolabs with more deadly pathogens.

It is important this evidence, if it is down there, is captured.

It seems that all the taxpayers money from nations to equip the NAZI’s is getting destroyed as fast as they receive it. Their soldiers are only good at killing the elderly, women and children…so it appears.

It appears Russia has been reporting the facts and Zelensky has lied to protect his puppet masters.

Now it has gotten so bad even US media is reporting it … somewhat. The fact is this is all out slaughter against a people by their own government. Call it what it is…a NAZI declared all out genocide against the people of Donbass and anyone who is of Russian descent in the nation of Ukraine, by the Ukraine Government. And blame it on Putin and have the entire world go to war. Thereby no one has time to go after the lawless ones who built the bio labs and turned children into lab experiments.

Meanwhile, Zelensky cuts off supplies and Russia brings in 10 tons of food and aid to the people of Ukraine.

Citizens are crying out for help and reporting the abuses that have taken place day in and day out and way before Russia entered in.

Propaganda is rampant. It is time to end this madness! Oligarchs need WWIII with bombs and deaths in order to push their agenda. They need called out by the good leaders in the world.

Keep on pressing forward! Pray unceasing! This evil shall not win! Stay alert and call them all out!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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