Ukraine Explosions – pop~

Ukraine at Maiden Square, live now…looks pretty calm. Everything is in tact. Remember, nothing is like it appears in this Go Brandon game. If this is a full scale invasion… what was the ANTIFA riots? That was nuclear!!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong… I don’t want any explosions, I am merely calling out the fake news and their false flag events.

Traffic is moving along. No truckers are out. I noticed a little heavier traffic in the right cross lane. But, other than that… the full scale attack is looking like Biden walking to the podium.

But, pay no attention to the fact that Putin is letting the world watch the real deal… and listen to the Khazarian fake news. Looks to me like Putin has the false flag under control. Wonder what he intercepted earlier today?

Even Laura Ingraham is doing an eye roll.

Take a look at the gaslighting…and the propaganda.


image 103

50 CENTS says if a missile strikes him his vest won’t help? Any takers?

Oh this is worth the popcorn… the same reporter is now still in his GI-Joey suit and talking about air raid sirens going off in what looks like a green screen shot behind him.

So GI-Joey says martial law has been declared, bombs and sirens…and people are on cam driving to work as the sun starts to dawn… and she asks him, are the people ignoring the dangers of martial law? I spit out my water!!! This is such a ridiculous false flag. I swear that is a green screen behind the all colorful GI-Joey.

image 104

I remember Bushes shock and awe and this looks like we are watching the White House with Nancy Drew at night. What do they really think we are that stupid? She is in the video talking about this is an all out invasion… and is telling us what we will see. And they are telling us everything they think he said, and now they are saying Putin is a mad man and something we have never seen. A sovereign country being invaded by a nuclear power…..what A CROCK OF LIES!


So Russia has said if anyone intervenes in their affairs he will retaliate. So no one wants a nuclear war they say so they have to stay out of it because Putin is a mad man. Meanwhile Trudeau is having horses trample citizens and arresting old people and the biggest genocide in the history of all the world is taking place with toxic jabs.

If I hear Putin is a mad man one more time while watching videos of people going to work while GI-Joey is dressed like a kid playing army… shouting it’s all out war….I will scream…no I will burst out laughing.

Well that is the false flag update. Will check in again later if the situation changes. Smile.


Okay, I’m back. I got out my army hat and a hunting vest (closest thing I had to bullet proof vest) and now I feel like a real reporter. Smile.

They are actually showing pictures like this one in stories of all out war with Russia. good Grief!

It looks like Tucker sees through this one too. Fear not… Putin won’t hurt Ukraine. He is only going to blow up GI-Go Brandons who come near to harm it. You got to hear Pelosi on Tucker below. She just called Putin the richest man in the entire world and so evil we have to take him out. LOL. Now I know I’m root’en for Putin!

Go Putin you got the Dems all screeching like owls!!!!!!

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom! Press, press, press!

Putin, if you are out there and reading…this one’s for you!!!!!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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