Ukraine Corruption and Fake News Cause NWO Deceit To Prosper!

Never forget! The 13 troops put in flag draped coffins was by the same man who helped topple the Ukraine government! And by the same man who helped create the Red Revolution in order to keep the bio-warfare labs and money laundering going, along with human and child trafficking and his Burisma oil interests that also included his son Hunter and the sons of Romney and John Kerry! What happened to the tanks, and military weapons? Where are all of those now Joey?

The question is: Are we watching doubles in a show or are these creatures of destruction and depopulation for the New World Order still in office? I believe many of them have long been removed and we are watching their doubles. But in this sick show… where the focus is on COVID and the Deep State war on humanity, nothing is as it appears. The hub of their RESET is now looking like it has been Ukraine. The centralized location serves their interests in the entire land of Magog which includes Europe. And the sister cities of bio labs and universities in the USA have been working together for a very long time with the D.C. Incorporated and its’ fellow corporate giants of London and the Vatican. These have plotted and successfully killed, stealed and destroyed together for a very long time.

For all the prophets who are interpreting or trying to interpret visions…might I remind them all that Russia is also Ukraine. And perhaps it is the Ukraine part of Russia that God is angered at most? Or perhaps it is all of it…one thing is sure…it is not the Christian people of these nations. It is their cries that have reached into the heavens along with the cries of all God’s people throughout the world.

Any people who are blinded to the great evils taking place in Ukraine against the Russians who live there and the massacres that have been plotted against the same Christians…need to open their eyes and see it. Or at least open their eyes to see what is taking place in their own state and town. Take a look at the mandates, forced jabs and tyranny they have done in free nations with constitutions and rights. The entire world is shaking… but Ukraine is their secret weapon to start for WWIII. Or so they shall try and may well succeed.

All of these world events are spoken of by the prophets of our Bible. Many of the visions were sealed up until the time of the end. He who is worthy would open up the seals. That one who is worthy is the Lamb of God and John made it clear when he wept for no one was found worthy and one of the elders said to him, weep not for behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah is worthy to open the seals….

Revelation 5: 4-5: And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon. And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

Today we are watching men, women, preachers, teachers, and prophets trying to report these wonders like the nightly news and wrap it all up, checking off their list what they believe is the end of this and that. Like a check list… hurrying up events to make prophecy appear to have been accomplished. This has turned into a real head scratcher and free for all, especially with all the new ideas and visions many are announcing. Add to that misinterpretations of Bible scriptures and geography and you have quite a table full of confusing stuff. I had to turn my eyes away from this as I was looking to the truth in the Bible, and I was hearing many wrong things. I asked the Lord for discernment for it is the truth that I seek. I do not seek to be right…I seek to know the truth. And then, by accident I came upon an interesting you tube that I was not searching for. Now this Rabbi is waiting for the Messiah to come, he is an Orthodox Jew. I believe in Jesus as the Messiah, but, what I learned from listening to this man is the history of the region we are hearing all sorts of ideas about and what the cabal in the world plan and are doing. His explanations matched up with my own research and so… the things he said that I gleaned…I researched much of what he said that I did not know of, and he was spot on. He has valuable puzzle pieces.

Please listen to this riveting video lecture by Rabbi Alon Anava. He tells the facts about what is taking place in the world and what the Bible tells you to pay attention too. He explains the situation in Ukraine and what is Gog and Magog and what is really important to know and what is not. He shows you what to focus on and exposes the lies of the new world order.

It is time to open your eyes and see. No matter what these evil tyrants do, the Lord has already won this war. Follow your Bible and you will see that the good outcome is planned for God’s people. Listen to his riveting lecture on Ukraine, Russia and Putin and what is happening. He covers it all and it is well worth the listen.

Ukraine is still a part of Russia no matter how they try and spin this. Those who have infiltrated and betrayed them, have been building US Bio-warfare labs, and persecuting Russians within the Russian land. These sins began long ago and have not ceased. This all began way before Putin was ever President.

God is showing all of his people in the world who are called by His name what happens with their complacency when they are in the world and do not obey His commandments, i.e. those called by His name and live by the rules of the world!

On March 20, 2014, after the red revolution and Ukraine on Fire, the deception and plot of those who desire a new world order and who have been using Ukraine as their laboratory station of evil science under wicked rulership, and all the evil plans of the Davos World Economic Forum founded by Klaus Schwab and their evil designs on all the nations.

This is the United Nations backed Beast of the Earth! This is the wicked spirit of python or something even more wicked. This he says has fooled the nations of the earth. And it well has! They are all in league with it but two men. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Both of these men have been fighting a deep state evil in their own nations. This is a great evil that has went out into all the nations of the earth and resulted in COVID BIO-WARFARE LAB – RESET, which include, LOCKSTEP, CLEVER TOGETHER, HACK ATTACK AND SMART SCRAMBLE.

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Today the truth in Ukraine is that the Ukrainian government is using their weapons against its’ own citizens bombing those of Russian descent and blaming it all on Putin. Donbass Update: Ukraine Continues to Shell Residential Areas | News | teleSUR English This spirit of evil is every where now but especially active in Ukraine, where all eyes are focused in order to sway the people who are fed the propaganda and not the truth. Fact check: Benghazi, not Ukraine, pictured in video of downed plane (

The truth behind the mess reported in 2015 blamed on Putin is that it was the infiltrated nation of Ukraine that created war within it. The War in Ukraine was originated by Zionists of the State Department and Vanguard Group in order to create new Khazaria, and start WWIII by forcing Russia to bring military forces to Donbass: |

This war is now growing with the RESET intent to become a hot spot to create their world war III. They have been experts at killing and blaming it on Russia. It has always worked in the past and especially in 2015. That hid their evil from the people in the US but they could not hide it from the people in the region being attacked and slaughtered. In 2015 the Ukrainian corrupt government destroyed the airport in Donbass and blamed on Russia as well as bombed hospitals and other infrastructure. Ukraine widens war against Donbass region – Workers World

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Misinterpretations of Bible prophecy along with fake news propaganda, and lies about current events have caused great error in the truth of what is taking place in Ukraine.

Keep on Pressing Into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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