How many Americans knew this was going on in 2013 thru 2016? How many know now?

How many know that Biden has been charged by Ukraine of a Class A Felony?
Watch the full movie here!!!
How many will see this was an inside job to create a revolution to topple the Ukrainian Government? How many know that Obama, Biden, McCain, and even Graham along with ambassadors and other key government players were involved in this toppling?

Many of the key players involved with bringing down the Ukrainian Government are the same ones that Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff used in their basement trials when they were trying to impeach President Trump.

How many knew that some of the Dem’s their key witnesses were key players in toppling Ukraine?

Pelosi unsure when articles of impeachment will be sent to Senate

How many remember Pelosi’s hand picked impeachment managers?

It Insults Everybody's Intelligence”: Nancy Pelosi's Handpicked Impeachment  Managers Are Trying to Make GOP Senators Own Trump's Guilt | Vanity Fair

How many knew why they were desperately trying to accuse President Trump of something their own Obama Administration along with some RINO’s were guilty of doing?

What were they afraid of? They were afraid of what is about to boomerang and explode in their own faces. International war crimes and treason against their own country. It is Biblical.

image 62
McCain speaking to the masses in Ukraine. Why?
image 63
Snipers fired shots at the civilians fired from the Ukraine Hotel. This was not from the citizens. The revolution was a masacre by those toppling the Ukrainian Government. Not the people in a revolution! It was a blood bath. Similar to the ANTIFA and Matters Soros groups. It was a blood bath. This appears to be in the plans for America…they always follow their playbook when they topple nations. Thank God for President Trump and all those who have taken a stand to guard this land and its’ people.

The European Union was in league with the toppling, Obama was not alone. These are the same ones that want to rule the world. The same ones that are in Lockstep and are using COVID-19 as their bio warfare weapon to topple all nations. Their plans are the same for all nations. The end result is to push a revolution, cripple all cities, mass killing of the people and destroy sovereignty of all nations. Bringing them all into a new world order run by the same evil souless bast>>ds that toppled Ukraine and other nations.

Pray for justice for the innocent that were killed in the US progressive democratic marxists who assisted in the toppling of Ukraine for the oligarchs new world disorder. Pray that Durham and A.G. Barr bring justice to address the evil web of Burisma as a shell company for the cabal. Joe – where is Hunter?

Who knew? Honestly folks, who knew this happened? Who knew this was going on while we were campaigning for President Trump? And Hillary was not campaigning. Why bother…she had hammer and scorecard and already stolen the spot from Bernie. Meanwhile, I’m sure she was watching the transactions going on in Ukraine and her other Solar panel dealings. She had a lot on her plate. No time to be bothered with campaigning when she had Dominion over all.

Today, Joe had a wrestle with a dog and twisted his ankle. All it took was a dog to bring him down. What a dog right?

Dianne Marshall

“It’s almost as if [Ukrainian] oligarchs are part of the process in which people rise to power,” she said. Read more here: Ukraine fighting: Oligarchs work behind the scenes (

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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