Ukraine, Biden, and a Bankrupt Corporation. He has no Military!

Today we have Zelensky going over the top again.

So now the puppet child is throwing eggs at Israel trying to start a war?  This is so out of control one would almost guess this is part of the Biden Show.  In fact, I have come to see it as exactly that. They have had to go to extreme measures to wake people up.

image 90

Zelensky has got to be as bad as Biden in his script. Who wrote it? Obviously, it sure looks like the same people who are writing Biden’s and Trudeau’s are writing his. Just a week ago Israel was telling Ukraine to surrender. Now the propaganda push is the clown is doing his thing. His stupid thing.

Zelensky says if Ukraine falls, Baltic states 'next'

Photo above, this guy sure operates like he is a cartel leader, not a President. Not sure if his image is any more than that of a thug. He rather looks like ANTIFA. I wonder if he has Open Society Funding?

If I were writing a book (fiction) and I was at this point…I would be throwing everything out there that these people had on their “to do list” and throw it out and keep the people on the edge of their seats waiting for the next thing to happen.

In the first part of the book chapters I would hint at their evil world order agenda and their meetings to get things done and have the citizens laugh at the conspiracy nuts on You Tube and social media and cut away to people listening to fake news. Then later at the point in the book we are now at…all the things the so-called nuts have said are coming to pass. And now even more crazy things, crazier than the so-called conspiracy nuts have said.

I would not give the reader any clues except the ones the conspiracy theory people were saying in their scenes. Let the reader laugh or roll their eyes, or maybe try to decide what is really taking place. 

Then I would reach the point where the boy puppet in Ukraine gets Congress to cheer for him as he single handedly fights Russia super power and looks like an idiot wearing a Nazi T-shirt and hiding nothing his little oligarch hands attempt to hide. ( But it would be at this point the reader would begin to think this book is to fake to be real or maybe even interesting.) Any good editor or potential publisher would hand the book back to me and say- what’s the plot here? Are you seriously wanting the readers to believe any of this is even possible? Go back and rewrite.

That being said, I would make the one who stole the election look more and more senile and bring everything to a climax….

I would show Biden with stacks and stacks of executive orders, the most extreme prices on food, gas and housing…. Taxi’s even more expensive than filling up your tank. That would have to be one of the scenes.

“Guy in Uber Transportation rolls up to big office building in big city, Uber driver says that will be $255 dollars. Guy yells, argues with Uber driver who is Ukrainian, who pulls gun and man pays with his card that only has $225 funds available, and guy scrambles in his pockets for the remaining $30 only has $28 and Uber driver threatens to call for back up, holds gun on guy and punches numbers on his cell phone. Guy panics as the call is on speaker and it’s a man named Louie on other end, and he’s got a deep Russian accent.

The Uber driver says, “I got someone who needs a lesson on how to pay.” Louie answers, “You want me to send Vick, or Igor? Eh…I’ll send both.”  The guy throws in his Rolex and Uber guy takes it and says to Louie, as he pushes the guy out, “Never mind, he just got honest.”  The Uber drives off and the guy stands there fuming.”

Political Cartoon U.S. GOP election holdup

The scenes would be dramatic and off the wall, leading up to the point where in the end…and only in the end….it is discovered that all the government inside scenes were staged by the white hats and Trump was still president as he never conceded. It would be revealed in a scene where the only thing the DC Corporation had was a shell and they were operating their bankrupt government structure with the other two corporations that were also headless. For the Crown and the Vatican had been taken out long ago, and both were bankrupt. The only thing that was propping up the fake government and great merchants was the propaganda.

The people become very angry knowing they were obeying a power structure that never had any power over them except the power they gave it and yet some still can’t wrap their head around it or even imagine it so there is division and confusion.

But finally, enough rise up and quit giving their power to it…they are then able to organize their real government of the Republic.

The reality is that the people had to have all the evil plans that were set to go into effect be enacted in order for them to see it was true, the progressives were serving a new world order and depopulating them at every turn. They had to suck on it a bit in order to wake up and see they were without any true power.  I would write in everything that they had devised and implemented and the epic disaster they had planned to carry out and let the white hats save the day at the very last moment.

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Then the people would expose the clown show for what it was and clean up their state and local government offices, and all of their systems from education, to the post office to the bureaucrats who dictate every department there is from  Big Food, Big Pharma, Banking, to environmental protections. It would include scenes of what is taking place in the Pentagon and  flashbacks showing key prisoners in GITMO talking about how things went down prior like the fall of the Crown, The Vatican, and Italian Mafia.

We would learn that the J6 arrests and the DC Jail was not as it appeared and the real place that contained prisoners was a place where the good guys were taken good care of. The bad guys were in DC jail. 

The end would be left as a cliff hanger where it is up to the reader to decide if the White Hats knew all of this and controlled it to play itself out in order to change all of the systems, or if it played itself out like a runaway train with desperate Oligarchs actually shouting the orders?   There was destruction and mayhem, and no one ever knew for sure what exactly took place…only that everything changed and healing began.

The Real Value of the Queen's Crown - CashNetUSA Blog

THE CROWN CONTROLS US ALL. why aren’t we talking about this?

After hearing David Straight say Illinois had their Attorney General’s duties beholding to the Crown. I decided to fact check that since it sounded a bit …out there…way out there. So I checked and he was correct. This is what I found.

The powers generally understood to belong to the Attorney General at common law have been summarized as follows:

” * * *

* * * 1st. To prosecute all actions, necessary for the protection and defense of the property and revenues of the crown.

2d. By information, to bring certain classes of persons accused of crimes and misdemeanors to trial.

[3rd.] By scire facias, to revoke and annul grants made by the crown improperly, or when forfeited by the grantee thereof.

4th. By information, to recover money or other chattels, or damages for wrongs committed on the land, or other possessions of the crown.

5th. By writ of quo warranto, to determine the right of him who claims or usurps any office, franchise or liberty, and to vacate the charter, or annul the existence of a corporation, for violations of its charter, or for omitting to exercise its corporate powers.

6th. By writ of mandamus, to compel the admission of an officer duly chosen to his office, and to compel his restoration when illegally ousted.

 7th. By information in chancery, to enforce trusts, and to prevent public nuisances, and the abuse of trust powers.

8th. By proceedings in rem, to recover property to which the crown may be entitled, by forfeiture for treason, and property, for which there is no other legal owner, such as wrecks, treasure trove, &c. (3 Black. Com., 256-7, 260 to 266; id., 427 and 428; 4 id., 308, 312.)

9th. And in certain cases, by information in chancery, for the protection of the rights of lunatics, and others, who are under the protection of the crown. (Mitford’s Pl., 24-30, Adams’ Equity, 301-2.)

* * * “

1919-20 Ill. Att’y Gen. Op. 618, 629-30, quoting from People v. Miner, 3 Lansing (NY) 396 (1868).

Over One-Third of Congressional Members Held Significant Health Care-Related Financial Assets - Penn Medicine

So then I wondered how every Attorney General for every state, and every person in Congress, and the Senate, (state and federal) and every governor all know these things and they have done nothing about it, nor have they spoken of any of this publicly to the people. They know they are working for the Crown first and foremost – all of them have to know once they get in office, at least they all know how the crooked dealings and side moneys work. They all know that very well.

So, there is no question as to the evil that has been perpetrated on the American citizens and now we are looking at how to TRULY FIX IT. This is way beyond electing new leaders and all will be fine…la la la land rhetoric we have been told by every one. This is a serious state of the nation and a very serious matter. Infiltration is deep and wide and appears so is the mental mind control games. They have totally brain washed many people and they walk among us.

So, this is the mess we have inherited and the type that requires a broom and dust pan, in the hands of every true citizen of the Republic, as well as many dumpsters and a first and second amendment  in  tact.

When we look at the show and see the puppets, doubles, CGI’s, or what ever they are walking around doing everything wrong and out of sequence…we wonder if they’ve all gone mad or if we are in a coma and dreaming all of this and will awaken soon only to find we had a concussion and almost didn’t make it. But, here we are. Since that is unlikely…unless they write it into the show????  We will have to take a good hard look at what it is that is taking place over and over again…or develop our relationship with the Lord and let the Holy Spirit lead us through this reality show.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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