Ukraine and Russia Propaganda In Full Force!

Maelstrom DeSantis takes on Hurricane Ian in Florida and exposes serious corruption. So, fake news turns its’ attention to Zelensky and Biden as they get ready to play Nukes with Russia!

Which brings us to … The Five. Darn it, just when I thought I found a pretty decent source for some real facts… they go and start reading scripts written by Zelensky writers. Or that is what it all sounded like to me. Judge Jeanine was not with the Five on this program. So don’t include her in the fire propaganda bombs.

Actually, I couldn’t believe my ears. I thought, what has happened to The Five? They are reading some scripts and look like they are CNN. They sound like Biden and the EU. Seriously. They rattled off all of Joey Avatar and the EU’s talking points. All of the Five Show contributors were totally on the EU script!

Saying things like- “Putin ILLEGALLY declared a part of Eastern Ukraine as part of Russia”, as though Putin woke up one morning and said… I declare that part of Ukraine. I will go conquer it for Russia.

The Five totally forgot all about the Maidan Square massacre, and the snipers on the rooftops killing innocent unarmed people that were attending a peaceful protest. The very same J6 type of sabotage event. Only in Ukraine they successfully started a revolt by shooting people in the crowd. That was the start of the toppling of the Ukraine gov. sponsored by the Obama, Biden, regime for their KM puppet masters.

The Obama Regime didn’t blink an eye at any of the blood shed. They were cold blooded and seemed to gain energy by their perceived power to create massacres.These are sick, crazy people. Evil. The Obama regime interferred with Ukrainian elections by creating an orange revolution.

It ended after a bloody murderous trail that led to Ukraines new leader being APPOINTED, NOT VOTED IN, APPOINTED by the collected decisions of Obama, Biden, Nulen, McCain, Graham et al… and the Big Guy (Biden)who had set his son Hunter up with Burisma and had the prosecutor fired who was investigating the same… all to insure his share of the dark money would continue flowing.

They all spit out a trail of lies. Downright lies. Saying things like – Experts say this is the largest landgrab since WWII; Putin has painted himself in a corner and has no recourse but to use nukes; Putin has few friends….and he kidnapped over a million people and took them off to Russia against their will! And there is more. All lies but a few things correct like there is war between Russia and Ukraine. Watch the video and you will see and hear the lies quite clearly. Remember Dana Perino was the press secretary during the George Bush war on terror and all his nation toppling…so she is well trained to repeat the lies. It is time to call them all out. Just when you start to think they are going to tell the truth, they switch…like click bait and tell you a bucket full of garbage and dangerous lies.

Just to refresh your memories….

These documentary series were made in 2016 and filmed live during the entire event that took place in 2014 and 2015. Part one is a historical documentary that shows the KM pattern that led to WWI and WWII. It gives you the cold truth about the situation of Ukraine. Not the liar version we are told by politicols, fake news and propaganda experts of the dark side.

Follow their pattern, it hasn’t changed. They are doing the same thing again with one exception – this time they are trying to topple the entire world at the same time!

It’s one huge world nation toppling. Know their pattern, it repeats itself. They are shaken in what to do and wavering. Why? Because this time people are waking up and calling them out. They weren’t supposed to do that. Knowlege is POWER!

That being said…

President Trump spoke in Michigan on Saturday, October 1st. He had the crowd roaring when he said, “I’m going to be fighting for you for a long time!”

He also said many things that sounded like clues to what was taking place. There were a few things that stood out. Here they are:

You see all this fake stuff, They’re fake people.”

You may not recover…but, we will save the day!”

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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