Twitter Loses $5 Billion In Market Value After Trump CENSORED AND BANNED!

That is just the first stock reaction…the final reaction is yet to come. In a desperate attempt to stop truth from getting out, the high tech monopolies purged other sites and went to war with Parler and any independent site. Foolishly believing that if people can’t tweet no one will know what they are doing. What they did was create a hardship on small businesses and those who relied on google and other sites for a livelihood. They also brought all the attention right smack in their face.

Parler suspended by Apple, Amazon and Google
Parler posts by supporters of Capitol riot show unmoderated threats -  Business Insider

Thinking they silenced people, they laughed and snickered along with the users of the left all while they shout to unite! They have no idea they just got people who weren’t even paying attention to the bla, bla, bla to stand up and shout against them and their monopoly on communications. This is more than censoring, this has been a bullet in the very lifestyles we have been pushed into. With online banking, ATM’s, credit card society and machines running the monetary system…they have now awakened all the people and they are standing at attention.

twitter pu

Meanwhile…it is now strongly rumored that President Trump is serving four more years and these tech giants have just proven that they indeed have grown to big for their greedy britches, as well as have been a pawn for the voter fraud interference. Most all know by now that the technology these social media sites use is CIA and NSA operated and the patent that made the chat connections possible was actually stolen from Leader Technologies.

Leader Technologies has been in a long battle to get his technology that was stolen from him in the US Patent office back, and or at least compensated in royalties for all social media giants using it.

president trump039s message today

So, as President Trump announces a new platform is coming…Twitter stock holders and other social media sites who have partaken in the boot kicking censoring of MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS will reap what they have sown. The chatter among patriots is they were only on twitter for President Trump. Nothing else about it interested them. Well….I agree. I mean it will now be filled with nothing burgers and no brand names to attract others to join. He will be sitting on an ANTIFA chatter log. If that was the goal, they achieved it.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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