Tucker’s Historic Interview…

President Trump was the guest of Tucker Carlson on his Fox News show, tauted today as a “Historic Interview!” Well, every interview with President Trump is proving to be historic and today was definitely one for the history books! At least for the Trump Album of all time favorites!

Trump told us many and gave an intense interview. Tucker did his Tucker faces and otherwise listened intently as he always does with his “face(s) of intent”…

image 202

But through it all… I couldn’t stop unseeing what I saw when it first started. Did you see it too? Or was it just me?

image 203

Pause a moment and look at Trump then look at Tucker. Look at the chairs and look closely at each. Can you spot the big clue yet?

Look at the size of Trump in his chair. Now look at the size of Tucker in his chair. Both are the same distance from the camera. Why is Tucker so much bigger than the President? The entire thing appears to be a C.G.I. interview!

I’ll place the same size head in front of each one. Now this makes for a big question. But, we know the answer. The Historic Interview was a computor graphic imaging interview or C.G.I. Or was this Trump and Tucker spliced himself in with his intent faces? Something just doesn’t look quite right.

image 204

To be fair, the first thing I noticed were the eyebrows… then the size. But only because in the video of the historic interview the brows were so broken looking in the way they were divided. Like they stopped in the middle and jumped up and continued on. When you watch the video you will see what I mean. But in the photo you can see the lightning bolt or z shaped brow and ripples along Trump’s hairline.

image 206

I just have to call this out. I mean… I understand the importance of keeping the president safe, especially with all the crazy ones out there who aren’t his fan… I am just pointing out it sure looks like a C.G.I. due to the fact of the disproportioned sizes of the two, and the neck floats over his tie as he speaks here and there. The ripples and a host of other little clues. The jagged eyebrow stands out like a sore thumb as you watch the interview.

I’m just calling out the Tucker… and his ‘HISTORIC’ C.G.I. INTERVIEW… THE FIRST OF ITS KIND ALL RIGHT!

image 207

Watch the entire historic interview….


After I saw it, Tucker just seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. Or Trump was shrinking?  I pondered over both. I’m sure this all means something more to someone(s). And then again… maybe I’ve just been looking at too much of the crazy things in the show???

image 209
(JUST so you know… I doctored this one to make Tucker bigger. It’s not in the video like this.)

That being said, the message is still one of truth! Listen closely and heed all the words!

Meanwhile … take a look at what they can do. We also have to discern if a thing is something you know the person would or would not say. This is important part of spy training. How to hear a message without giving away the cover. So what could this mean? Is he telling someone he’s safe or is this a signal for the next bold chess move?

Maybe he’s just making sure people are learning all of the things the deep state does and uses. In the Historic Interview, President Trump speaks of his Uncle John and his work at MIT labs and nuclear capabilities. He also let us know he has spoken many times with Putin on the poor way Biden removed soldiers from Afghanistan. So he let us know he has been communicating with Putin.

We’ve been watching doubles for a long time … so looking at all of them, which one is your favorite? Maybe they will be collectible and worth more if you have the entire collection?

image 210



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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