Truth Versus Propaganda – Knowledge is Power!

Knowledge is the best weapon against mind control. We now all know that the news is no longer investigative, and rarely impartial, but instead, it has become lots of commentary and opinion. That is how they get away with gaslighting. They say they are professional, or an expert, or a scientist, and it is their opinion. Even if it’s wrong, a lie, or said by deceit to sway your opinion. They lie because if you knew the truth they know you would not allow it.

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Good investigative journalism is very rare and when you find it, you want more. That was key to the huge attraction to Trump. He spoke out about the things we were concerned and troubled about and became our voice. The silent majority finally was being heard and we learned how to speak out and get loud! That is what the left and RINOs feared. Trump was a trumpet sounding for us to wake up!

Fake news Trump called it out. We cheered because we had known that for a long time. We weren’t idolizing him, we were cheering because we agreed! He was telling the TRUTH! WE WERE BEING HEARD AND THE TRUTH WAS BEING SAID!

Trump spoke out again today telling the truth and saying the things we want to say! We all see it, we are all living it… and they still dare to lie to us in our faces.

The media has long been controlled and scripts handed out and read. So when did this begin? You may be shocked to hear that fake news began with the very first news broadcasts. Including radio, TV, newspapers, and word of mouth. Filtered scripts being read isn’t unique to this generation, it has been taking place since man learned how to push their ideas and opinions in print and other modes of communication. Probably since he could chizel it on stone… we see proof of that in artifacts of Baal. Now before some of you get upset and start shouting not so… let me clarify a few facts.

Fact 1: Not all news announcers are reading scripts. There yet are a few good investigative reporters who report facts as they understand them.

Fact 2: The associated press is a news affiliate who gathers the current world news and sends that out to all news formats. If at times it sounds like they are all reading the same scripts…it is because they are.

Fact 3: Social media operates from the same processes. We see what the associated press and other reputable sources are saying and we print or broadcast via the many modes of media and online networking available (via internet, I-phones, I-pads, etc.). When we like it and want others to see it we share it and spread the word. And some might simply comment with an emoji so others see we like it.

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If we find it interesting, cute, funny, informative, uplifting, etc. and believe it to be true and important for others to know we will forward it on, like it, share it, text it, private message it… or if not… we simply scroll past it and ignore it.

Regardless of the sources, each has free will to think, feel and choose their own opinion about the information received.

Our mind processes information based on what we have been taught, experienced, seen, and/or what we have been told by others that we believed to be true. Many have been easily influenced by other peoples opinions of other people, places and things that they are not as familiar with as the one sharing the information is. Therefore we rely on others to be honest. But what if they aren’t?

Today people are bombarded with so much information and much of it is propaganda. The most believable propaganda is when 95% or more of the information is true and the remainder is a lie. Without discernment we automatically believe it all. Because of all the lies and lawlessness our world has been turned upside down… having a sense of “normalcy” is the new buzz word and getting back to a sense of normal is what most all are searching to find. Perhaps a better word to use would be STABILITY.

So back to the news sources and how mind control was used to sway and form opinions by reputable sources like our news reporters and government.

Marketing and advertising also play a huge part in swaying public opinions and messing with our thought processes but for this article, we will focus on news stories and information.

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Big names, big buildings, locations, strange symbolism and powerful influencers always enter in when it comes to what we get to know.

Let’s start with the Associated Press, the most trusted news source. It was headquartered in Rockefeller Center in New York City (pictured above) until 2004 when it relocated to 200 Liberty Street (pictured below).

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The AP is presently located at 200 Liberty Street, in a building formerly known as One World Financial Center. It is one of four towers that comprise the Brookfield Place complex in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan in New York City.

How the AP began…

The Associated Press (AP) was formed in May 1846 by representatives of five competitive New York City Newspapers. After the Civil War, the owners of these newspapers realized that they, through their newspapers, were all essentially paying for the same information from their reporters. (Reporters covering the battle sites of the Civil War used the telegraph to send in their reports.) The owners of the newspapers realized that it would be cheaper to have a service collect and pay for the information once from the telegraph company. Deciding to pool resources to collect news from Europe, they formed the Harbor News Association.

The driving force in its formation was Moses Yale Beach, publisher of the New York Sun, when he invited the other New York publishers to join the Sun in a cooperative venture in covering the Mexican-American War. The five New York papers joined in the agreement were the Sun, the Journal of Commerce, the Courier and Enquirer, the Herald, and the Express. Until the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the Penny Press, newspapers competed by sending reporters out in rowboats to meet the ships as they arrived in the harbor.

In 1849, the Harbor News Association opened the first bureau outside the U.S., in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to meet ships from Europe before they docked in New York. In 1856, the Harbor News Association became the Associated Press. The AP thrived under the leadership of Kent Cooper, a former reporter who joined the organization in 1910. Cooper encouraged a more effective prose style. He also facilitated the incorporation of new technology into the news dissemination process, introducing telegraph printing and the first system to transmit photographs via wire into the offices of the AP. Cooper also used his position within the AP to advocate for freedom of the press, introducing the phrase “the right to know”.

The AP Today…

Today the Associated Press, or AP, is an American news agency, and the world’s largest such organization. The Associated Press is governed by an elected board of directors chosen from the heads of a number of large news organizations including newspapers and broadcasters. The AP is a cooperative owned by its contributing newspapers and radio and television stations in the United States, who both contribute stories to it and use material written by its staffers. Many newspapers and broadcasters outside the United States are AP subscribers—that is, they pay a fee to use AP material, but are not members of the cooperative. Generally using a “just the facts” writing style, the AP has provided basic news coverage of events around the world to the world, and its Stylebook has become the standard “Bible” of the newspaper industry.

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With advances in technology, particularly the internet, the role and style of AP reporting has evolved. Thus, the AP has maintained its position as the preeminent world news agency. They are known for doing more to inform and educate the public about current events than any other single organization.

As part of their agreements with the Associated Press, most newspapers grant automatic permission for the AP to distribute their local news reports. For example, on page two of every edition of the Washington Post, the masthead includes the announcement, “The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and all local news of spontaneous origin published herein.”

The collapse of United Press International as a major competitor, AP’s traditional rival, has left it as the only nationally oriented news service based in the United States. The other rival English language news services, such as Reuters and the English language service of Agence France Presse, are based outside the United States. Read: Associated Press – New World Encyclopedia

So here we have Great Britain, France and the USA reporting news that is considered reliable and trustworthy and all the television stations, news outlets, radio and broadcasting go off of these reports from their journalists.

Home town local news feeds can also have stories that make headlines that the AP can pick up and feed through their outlets.

So there you have it in a nutshell. The main points to pick up from this is – it was formed in 1846 by five competitive newspapers in New York who all were reporting the same news from the same sources. During the civil war when politics was at its height with smearing and propaganda and the war between the north and the south to break away from the union was all about the industrial revolution and man power for labor along with Great Britain wanting to control southern resources for their own mills and industry. (nutshell version). So controlling the news was very important to Big Industry Tycoons in the North. And the Southern Plantation Owners had their motivations as well.

Today, little has changed except the size and scope of the various media outlets and technology. And one dirty little secret… political bribes and other influential means such as Nancy Pelosi and her famous admission of how the press works for them in the wrap up smear to make the news what they want people to hear. That is actually called propaganda.

Control the narrative and you control the people…

We have watched a steady decline in the truth being told by those in authority. This decline started long ago and began in the garden of Eden. It is what the devil does best. Jesus said the devil was a liar and the author of it. So it will always be with us as long as the devil is free to roam this earth which he is the ruler of.

We have watched 98% truth and 2% lies decline to the point of today much of it is 98% lies and 2% truth. And scarier yet is listening to Klaus Schwab who is telling us a 100% truth and letting us know we will have nothing and be happy because they will bypass our emotions and feelings with a chip and frequencies. Now…that is his truth of his great RESET plans.

That doesn’t mean the KM Oligarchs will succeed, it simply means they aren’t hiding it anymore. And that in itself is dangerous. It shows the level of lawlessness we have reached.

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Today, we all expect valid sources and solid witnesses to be given in order to accept the information as true and or accurate. Because you saw it or read it somewhere isn’t always enough proof for most of us anymore. Why? Because we know people exagerate, lie, and we all perceive things differently based on our own memories from our own personal experiences. Everything we ever saw, thought, read, and heard is recorded in our memory in the brain. Our minds do not know the difference between what was real or a movie. If we saw it…it recorded it.

Now with our rational mind we can say… that was a movie but it looked so real. Even when watching a movie, some things make us feel so horrible and we can’t stand to watch it so we look away or close our eyes. And some people aren’t phased by it. They can watch every gory detail. So what can torment one person may not bother the other person at all. But both… will have their experience recorded in their own individual memory banks. That can be recalled and refelt at any given time.

That being said, these are truly the days where discernment of the Holy Spirit is truly needed. For there are times that even with the right sources things are not as they appear. It is our responsibility to read a thing or witness a thing and then know we have just part of the story. For example, we see a car crash and the driver who caused the crash staggers out of the car groping like he is intoxicated. We therefore say it was a drunk driver. That is the most obvious assumption and analysis. We can possibly later find out that the man was a diabetic and having a physical reaction due to his insulin levels. Which give the appearance of intoxication.

Therefore, we rely on accurate reporting and truth from others in order to form the right decisions on what to believe. This is where the Holy Spirit leads each one to discover other hidden truths. Most call this a “gut” feeling. Scientists now say the gut feeling is the second brain that even overrides the heart messages sent to the brain on how to feel. I say this is the Holy Spirit.

The More You Know… The Stronger You Are Against Liars and Deceivers!

Controlling the masses with mind control is not new and it has been a government program. This has been taking place just like other bad things we don’t want to look at or hear have been happening. It didn’t just start with COVID.

That being said, we all make mistakes and sometimes we believe a lie. We all get caught off guard and we can’t erase all of the things inside our brain…even though Klaus wants to do just that. We now know that they have been working on controlling our minds and doing mad scientist Frankenstein experiments on humanity and have not stopped. When one program ends… it either got renamed or they were on to a new way of figuring out how we think and make our decisions.

Be alert and when something isn’t sounding right…it isn’t. Satan loves to attack God’s people and he loves to attack in the churches. Many have gone out to make money off the sheep through religion the same as any other industry.


World Council of Churches is a company that operates in the Religious Institutions industry. It employs 6-10 people and has $1M-$5M of revenue. Read:World Council of Churches – Overview, News & Competitors |

The hardest ones to mind control are those who love the Lord and have the Holy Spirit leading them through their heart, mind and soul. The Holy Spirit works as our built in radar warning us of danger, and of safety, giving us wisdom from out of nowhere at times…we call those times miracles. There is just no other word to describe it.

Pray unceasing and listen to the Holy Spirit within you.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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