Trust Me, I’m From The Government…

It’s time to clean out the entire mess! It is only going to grow worse if ignored.

The same McConnell that denied capitol police chief assistance on J6 is the same McConnell that is telling Americans that they will have to go along with the Democrats views on the second amendment and compromise their values called the second amendment. It’s the same McConnell that is telling us we need to support Ukraine’s democracy…the kind that kills its’ own citizens and bans its political competition…but when you look at the rest of what McConnell has done and is doing…then you know he is speaking from his corrupt “Never Trumper” heart. The one that has lined itself with lots of money since he took office some eons ago and for some reason…perhaps election fraud… ??? … he continues to remain in his seat.

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Even Tucker Carlson has called him out saying, “If you listen to Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republicans in the Senate, you would think that what the average, say, welder back in his home state of Kentucky really wants, more than a pay raise or an affordable vacation, or decent schools for his children, what he really wants is an end to Russian aggression against the brave people of Eastern Ukraine.”

“Oil tonight approaching $100/barrel. That’s not a small thing, and it doesn’t just apply to you if you drive a car. If you purchase any physical object, it’s almost certain that object had to be driven to you by someone who burns gasoline. So, the price of everything is about to rise, and in a country that just beneath the surface is a lot poorer than it looks, that’s not a small thing.”

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So Tucker went on to shame the lot of those nasty thieves in DC… and among many things stated, he made a point to describe what Ukraine is to those who sit in their corruptible seats, “So, Ukraine, to be technical, is not a democracy. Democracies don’t arrest political opponents, and they don’t shut down opposition media, both of which Ukraine has done. And, by the way, Ukraine is a pure client state of the United States state department.” Ukraine is not a democracy ⋆ Politicrossing

Now the kicker to all that I just said is this. None of this was said recently, it was said in February 23, 2022 before it even revealed itself to be the biggest viasco of Oligarch money laundering, human and drug trafficking, US bio weapon labs and before it was revealed to be THE CORRUPT NAZI KHAZARIAN VILLAGE PROJECT THAT IT IS! Now many have been shouting this since the Obama McCain, Biden, Nuland toppling of its’ government in 2013 and 2014… but… most people weren’t paying attention and instead, they were busy living their lives. They had no real idea why the shouts of Russia, Russia, Russia were originally shouted, nor did they know just how corrupt the DC bunch had been all along. Both sides of the party lines. It has always been a bi-partisan project.

That being said, there are several things you need to know. First of all they got it wrong because the so called war in Ukraine does not exist in the way they want you to believe it does. What you are watching is a take down of the Khazarian Oligarch’s global playground. Their camp where they have set up their bio weapon research centers and crafted all manner of evil eugenics and bio concoctions. They have tested on humans and altered DNA, played with RNA and all aspects of eugenics in both petri dishes and real live subjects, both animal and human… and have been creating monstrous creatures in their attempts to transhumanize and create whatever the heck they desired to attempt to create.

Money laundering and drug and human and child trafficking abounds in the little patch of land on the border of Russia. NAZI Khazarians run it and they hate humanity. These are a heartless vile seed line. And so they are not alone in this evil. Israel is among those who also have a part in all of it. They have their own hands inside a few of the Zionist heads of the Khazarian puppet show. Yes, Israel has also been infiltrated. The entire world has been infiltrated and there is no place clean. The goal now is to clean it up and quit looking at this with the Darby dispensationalist skewed Jesuit version of it all. Read the Bible and quit letting global one world UN 501c3 religious mega church groups feed you the vomit from their tables. There is a global one world church organization that is thriving.

So, that being said… look around you and then ask the Lord what part of all the things going on does He approve of? Start there.

Ask the Lord if he approves of the child trafficking? The adrenochrome production or the petri dish flesh meat? Ask if he approves of the transhumanism that the EU Davos group supports? The COVID RESET? Is God for the COVID RESET? Did God annoint Klaus and his advocat Yuval Noah Harari to usher in the last generation of what they call homo sapiens?

None of this is new. In 2018 they were so bold to push this at us openly. Did you know about this then? Remember before COVID when EVERYTHING was so called NORMAL? Well President Trump was watching all of this crazy nonsense and he took us out of their climate change and many of their UN GLOBALIST crazy shows. These are not new. These have been shamefully pushed on the world and Israel has helped a lot with the research programs for all of it. This was all back in the conspiracy theory days where anyone saying any of this was labeled a nut. Today, they brag openly about it … and the irony is… they also were back then… and denying it at the same time. But most people were busy working and paying their bills and taxes.

From 2015. Where were you when they were pushing this?

All things can be used for both good and for bad. You decide where this is all going.

Israel Pledges To Become World Leader in Transhumanism

The Israel Innovation Authority Is Spending $10 Million to Advance CRISPR Technology.

And changing DNA changes the organism, even in human beings. Change enough DNA, and the patient will cease to be human. Bioethicists have not yet had that philosophical debate. Read: Israel Pledges to Become World Leader in Transhumanism (

Gene-editing, Moderna, and transhumanism – The Times of Israel

EXCERPTS: “Transhumanists give special attention to genetic engineering, robotics, molecular nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, and the Covid-19 pandemic is providing gene-based vaccines a chance to break through into the global health market.”

Moderna and gene-editing

“Currently there are various companies such as Inovio, Moderna and CanSino Biologics that are testing mRNA and DNA vaccines to counter SARS coronavirus-2 (SARS CoV-2) which causes Covid-19, but Moderna is the front runner that recently nabbed $472 million from U.S. governments Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) to develop the vaccine. This is in addition to the $483 million it had already received back in April, bringing its total funding to $955 million.” Read: Gene-editing, Moderna, and transhumanism – The Times of Israel | Futurist Transhuman News Blog (

Moderna was established in 2010 and never brought a product to market but has worked closely with the Pentagon for biodefense with Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) on gene-editing and mRNA therapeutics. They have worked on TRANSHUMAN projects such as genetic engineering and soldier enhancement with robotics. Billions of tax dollars have gone in to these programs. So we see that DARPA has had its’ hands in funding this RNA manipulating to make every living cell create proteins to cause the body to make its’ own medicines, i.e. tamper with the God given immune system. They have been striving for this way before COVID RESET was introduced… and we now know it was never introduced because of a virus. We also know they tell us all the wonderful things it will do to help mankind so that they can fund it out in the open and then use it to destroy. That is simply how they do their thing.

This is all part of their bio weapon lab experiments. The kind we are not supposed to do because of an international treaty. But they say it is for biodefense to protect the population against biological warfare which is what DARPA and BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority) which is a second government agency, are using it for…allegedly.

Transhumanism and hybrids

So, DARPA has been developing other forms of human enhancement in addition to gene editing. Such as in robotics with the human body to create super soldiers, using brain-to-computer interface (BCI) right out of the movie Avatar where a soldier with physical injuries (loss of use of legs) could regain its’ functions, when it used brain to computer interfacing.

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Who knew they were already doing this when they released the film?

image 271

Well, with the DARPA research, soldiers can become smarter and more powerful through the fusing of their brain with machines. The Pentagon is now building real super heroes based on comic books and film characters. Where soldiers in exoskeleton suits are physically more powerful than those without, while other soldiers with bionic limbs perform better than soldiers with human limbs. When they add their artificial intelligence with BCI, they have an army of genetically modified robotically enhanced humanoids we now call transhumans.

What they aren’t telling us is that Russia and China have also been doing their share of these experiments. It isn’t just the Western world.

So because these are also done by Israel…and Israel is leading the world in this type of innovation to create transhumans….and working with microsoft (Gates), Google, Oracle, and DARPA, the Pentagon…. Klaus Schwab, Globalists, heck all of it…. it is somehow supposed to be okay? Is that the drill here? That because Israel is a leader in it and God loves Israel we should all look at this as some God ordained blessing to become transhuman and take away free will and replace it with a computer chip? Where we can now say it is okay to turn mankind into some form of robot or live transformer or super hero mechanical soldier because scientists in Israel are doing it too and doing it best? Well that is exactly what many are suggesting.

It is way past the time to look at all things. This is a spiritual warfare battle on top of physical warfare with things like starvation, toxic bio jabs, torture, killing, stealing, and lies, upon lies, upon lies. Poisononous nano particles and weather manipulation… all sorts of toys that can fry you in seconds and make the earth quake.

So, look at all things with wisdom. And remember not all who came out of Egypt were of the same mindset. God knows who is who and what is what.

We are sent out as sheep among ravenous wolves. Literally.

Keep on Pressing Into The Kingdom of God! Pray unceasing for wisdom and press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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