Trump’s Battle, He’s Not Alone!



There are many things to ponder in this day of pondering. Discernment comes from knowing what needs to be questioned.


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If the FBI is investigating Schiff, do you really believe they allowed him to go to Ukraine with the Congress Queen? We know along the way it was said he was tried and charged in tribunals for treason and executed in July of 21. We have heard and read many stories of all of these creatures… not knowing what was true and what was false. We did see people morph into different looking persons from day to day.

Now we watch them parade around doing their evil things. So… we noticed doubles and have heard and watched so many things… who among you know the truth today? Are you confused?  Certain of what you know? Or just watching and discerning?

Do you believe the doubles of Biden are roaming around making decisions that are sending the USA into oblivion and not a soul is seeing this as treason?  Do you believe nothing is being done?

Then look at this:

Mike Pompeo’s international trips, visiting Taiwan as recently as March 1st, 2022. Why would he even bother to go there? Who sent him?

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Under shadow of Ukraine invasion, US delegation signals support for Taiwan over role in opioid crisis

Analysis by Simone McCarthy, Eric Cheung and Wayne Chang, CNN

Updated 4:11 AM ET, Wed March 2, 2022

Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, right, greets former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen at Taipei Songshan Airport in Taiwan on March 1, 2022.
Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, right, greets former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen at Taipei Songshan Airport in Taiwan on March 1, 2022.

The former defense and security officials, led by ex-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen, met with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday during a two-day visit to the self-ruled island — which has expressed its solidarity with Ukraine. US delegation signals Taiwan defense support under shadow of Russia’s Ukraine invasion, – CNN

I ask you this…. Why are the Trump Administration officials in Taiwan discussing USA Defense?

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Here is a list of things from Patel Patriot:

White House set.
Biden and his fake Truman Show Presidency.
  • A few things from Just Human – Find him on Telegram: or Truth Social: @justhuman
    • The Doha Agreement
      • The Doha Agreement was signed February 29, 2020 by the United States and the Taliban, and set up a conditions based withdrawal from Afghanistan. Once signed, it established peace between the US and the Taliban and not one US soldier has been killed or injured by Taliban forces since its signing.
      • The Biden Admin had two vectors by which they could have attempted to alter the agreement or negotiate a new one: one, the intra-Afghan negotiations called for in the Doha Agreement never happened because the Ghani Gov’t rejected the Doha Agreement, and two, President’s have a monopoly when it come’s to negotiating Treaties and Agreements so he simply could have declared Trump’s deal null and sough this own agreement.!/articles/2/essays/90/treaty-clause
      • Trump’s Acting SecDef said, “If he thought the deal was bad, he could have renegotiated. He had plenty of opportunity to do that if he so desired,”
      • He did not. Instead, the Biden Admin said, “White House’s hands were tied by the Trump-era agreement” and Biden himself said, “The choice I had to make, as your President, was either to follow through on that agreement or be prepared to go back to fighting the Taliban…”
      • To this day, both the US and the Taliban continue to affirm their commitment to the Doha Agreement.
    • Tarriffs remaining on China
      • The Biden Admin came under heavy pressure from businesses, China, and others to roll back Trump’s tariffs on China, but he did not.
      • The Biden Admin blames this on China’s failure to meet Phase One, “But the Phase One agreement doesn’t dictate any repercussions in the event that China misses its goals. It’s up to Biden to decide whether to keep the tariffs in place.”
      • If “Beijing Biden” really is in charge, why has he not bowed to the immense pressure he is under from China, major American businesses and globalists members of Congress to roll back these tariffs?
      • Furthermore, why did he make new trade deals with competitors of China such as ones in the EU and Japan
    • Blacklist, Redlist, and other bad things for China
    • AUKUS Sub deal
      • One of the worst things that could have happened for China. A stronger alliance between the US, UK and Australia is a direct rebuff of China’s quest for dominance in the Indo-Pacific. ‘The pact also includes cooperation on “cyber capabilities, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies and additional undersea capabilities”. The pact will focus on military capability, separating it from the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance that also includes New Zealand and Canada.’
    • Building up Taiwan into a Pacific Porcupine
      • ‘Biden continues Trump’s “porcupine strategy” to harden the island’s defenses.’
      • Biden was only in office for two months before confirming he would uphold a Trump deal with Taiwan to transfer submarine technology to the island nation AND go a step further by allowing an additional key piece of equipment to be exported.
      • The US finalized a deal to sell 66 F-16s to Taiwan in August of 2020. One year later, Taiwan announced it was increasing its defense budget and would buy more F-16s, as well as cruise missiles and warships.
      • US forces continuing to train Taiwan forces
      • Continuous presence of US carrier/strike groups near Taiwan and Japan.
      • So far, the Biden Admin has not done ANY favors for the Chinese at all. This is a GLARING contradiction to what we, and likely the Chinese, expected out of ‘Beijing Biden.’

That being said…do you believe the congress Queen who has had her share of doubles led her treasonous troops to Ukraine? Such a valuable Queen to endanger herself in an all-out war of guns a blazing and missiles dropping from the air by Russia, Russia, Russia…where 60 minutes just showed us that Zelensky has to hide in the bunkers in Kiev… but now, when the battle is at the heaviest (so we are told by fake news) Zelensky is able to parade in the open and entertain his American guests, among them the Queen of Congress and the Pencil Neck?

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Just Human

Here are some more of the crowdsourced listings of what has been taking place from “JUST HUMAN”. Find him on Telegram: or Truth Social: @justhuman:

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We are not abandoned. We have the military in charge and those in charge are doing this as painless as possible in order to avoid a color revolution from breaking out on our soil. We see how they are reacting with the Supreme Court ruling on Roe versus Wade. Imagine if they understood the total reality of things?

This war has two sides each side launching their own attacks. And we also have the military infiltrated, the Pentagon, DARPA, FBI, CIA, NSA and all alphabet orgs.

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There is a reason President Trump wore his Jacket with the US Presidency Emblem on it at the rally last night!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! PRESS, PRESS, PRESS!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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