On June 14, 1993 at a press conference in the Rose Garden, White House, Washington, DC, President Bill Clinton addressed the  nation  on going forward with the ideologies of the  1992 UN Earth Summit convention in Rio on sustainable development for the 21st century. He and Hillary have been doing their part for the globalists who want the new one world order and continue to do their part through the Clinton Foundation.  This foundation is pushing money into the fourth world goals of a one world order.

Hillary is all about pushing America against the UN wall and making it into a North American Union where states will bow down and do as they are ordered in the same fashion we all just watched Bernie do.
That will not happen on Trump’s watch nor on the watch of the real patriotic citizens of this great nation! Trump will prosecute these crooked people – all of them!
Climate change was a master mind project of Maurice Strong to push the world forward into one order and one government where the nations will fall in line under a one world system of rule.
So what was Maurice Strong advocating and leading America and all nations into ?  It was a new agenda.  Read for yourself:
If you don’t like to read…then watch the videos: Here is part one of six.  Please watch all six.

Hillary is not your friend, she is not for America she is for world order and sustainable development goals which are the problem. They are the real noose around the neck of American citizens and the constitution.  She is not for any of you at all. Only those who will get in line so they can complete their agenda.
The Clinton Foundation involves the entire US Government…therefore they will do everything they can to shove Hillary in power so no one can stop their corruption! If they lose they all go to jail!

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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