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The U.S.  coal markets dip to a six year low in 2015 while world exports create a market glut!  Does this make sense?
If all the yammering on climate change was really about saving the planet, world trade would not be expanding and making a killing off of coal exports.  Wake up and see the real picture – establishment elite are once again playing globalist games with world trade and crippling the American economy.  Wonder how long it will take to close up the mining industry only to have global traders come in and buy up TPP land rights and mine clean coal?  Think about the long term plan.  The establishment elite certainly are.
So what can be done to stop this runaway train?  If you listen to the propaganda being spewed on main stream news and from the Washington corridors…you would say not much.  Yet there is one who is calling them all out and standing up for clean coal.  Guess who?
YES – TRUMP IS FOR CLEAN COAL! The establishment never scoffed at the Gulf Oil Spill, in fact they had the media keep important facts hidden from the public. Facts that could have prevented many health issues. Facts concerning toxic Corexit.  Facts that destroyed sea life and crippled the fishing industry.  Facts that endangered people going to the beaches.  Tar balls are still washing up on American shorelines.  Clean coal is not.
It’s time to understand that American coal is a good energy source and clean coal is less costly to use and does not harm the environment.  Sea life is not at stake in a coal spill.  It is time to bring back the economy in West Virginia, Virginia and other coal states.  Time to stop tampering with the mining industry to create problems that cause death and injury just to push an agenda.  Yes, we are on to all the games. Climate change and carbon emissions are all part of a made up agenda designed to restructure thinking to promote private establishment interests.  Yet, as noted above and in the links below, the rest of the world is riding the coal train!
Meanwhile back at media central….the establishment bought la la la’s are not just bashing Trump, they are bashing coal and pushing climate change agenda 21, solar panels and wind turbines that produce infrasound!(see link below)  Establishment candidates are in line with the propaganda and soon their train will be heading to coal country.  What will they say then?
So while the agenda darlings are waiting for the next train….the caboose line is getting longer and it seems the passenger cars are empty in the back. The real action is always with the engine that drives the rails and don’t forget that old iron horse needs plenty of workers to shovel that coal to make her run….plenty of those shovel ready voters coming up in Virginia! Trump loves clean coal!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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