Trump Teaches How To Fish….Not How To Eat!

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Most people who lie about Trump do so to hide from the truth. Those that listen to the real lies do so because they are threatened somehow….most are threatened that their free ride will come to an end and they will have to get off and get in line ready to pay for the next one.
That gene pool is what it is.  It has already been established and my DNA doesn’t allow it into my cells.  My protein membrane is strong with no holes and it can detect the liposome carrier tricks (Fake protein shell that allows evil, deadly things into a cell or good things.  In this case the former.) of bad DNA  that lead others’ astray. (Fallen? Yes!)  Bottom line….like attracts like and those that like mooching off a tax payer system do not realize that which they live and breathe to milk,  will eventually give them living conditions, the same as we are watching now in  Venezuela.
I say, send the ignorant and mooching  “give me what you got” type of minds there. No place shall be found for the bottom feeder variety of citizen any longer.  There are far too many real citizens who need a helping hand. Monies need to go to them.  The ones who slip through the cracks because they will not become indigent to be an indigent and rest on that life style!  Isn’t it time to help the citzen who needs temporary assistance because of factory shut down and job loss?  Because of something beyong their control?
If not,  this nation is on its’ way to becoming a Venezuala and all it offers!

Sadly, the majority of our system of public aid receivers belongs to the segment who have  grown up in it and have no thought of progressing other than to perpetuate in it. Free phones, free education, free food, housing assistance, monthly checks, etc.  A wellspring of goodies for citizens as well as to  those who came here illegally and decided to use it because our government allowed it so in order to destroy our borders and usher in the North American Union for their New World Order!
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It is interesting that Chavez died with a net worth of 1.5 billion? Makes one wonder what the new President, Nicolas Maduro  thinks he will gain?
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The dull of mind  have been lied to, dummied down and now look at government assistance as an entitlement.  They have no clue where the government gets their dollars that are now running out.  They know not that it comes from the working class that is dwindling and over half are no longer working either at all, or at  the capacity they once were. Thanks to government education in our schools and all the other propaganda fed to generations of citizens we have a dull and ignorant society whose only hope is in learning how to fill out government assistance papers! Sad!
If this article offends anyone….well, look at some truths and deal with all this junk with your maker not me.
There is but one answer to this spiraling mess. That answer is Donald John Trump!
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Trump had me at the escalator and still does this very day!  I know what is  and what is not.  This man is sent to awaken and lead a nation of people lead down a path by global elite who have a sinister plot for the masses.  All but a select few.
I am for Trump who will teach a man how to fish and not just feed him a fish for a day! Who else is for this old, but new great concept?
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.