“Trump surgically desurged the Cruz surge- SURGIO!” Tweets Bill Mitchell

“It’s funny how the media calls Trump Supporters “low information” when we dominate the INTERNET where ALL THE INFORMATION IS!” another great tweet from Mitchell.
That being said, I had no idea, until recently that Bill Mitchell was a very strong  Trump supporter, even stretching beyond the front line of fire, masterfully defending him like one of those General Patton’s Trump loves to talk about.
It wasn’t until I had the unfortunate experience of picking up on a faux article sent to my wall where Mr. Mitchell was misquoted and I jumped to Trumps’ defense to set the record straight of which I later found I was terribly wrong, that I got to actually meet the man, even most embarrassingly so. With egg on my face and hat in hand, I found Bill Mitchell to be every bit a man of good standing and definitely a great defender of America’s heartbeat – Donald J. Trump.
In my fury over the liars and cheaters in Iowa campaign camps and all the news of Carson, including the Hillary/Bernie coin tosses….I just jumped on what I thought was one more person trashing Trump. Especially in the middle of my own battle of being attacked behind the scenes by those I call “Cruz-bots” accusing me of being a propaganda writer for the Trump campaign, paid personally by him to spread Cruz lies.
I was grateful that Bill Mitchell accepted my apology and to my surprise, it was then I also discovered I was already following him on twitter. More big egg on face. I started reading his tweets and wow…he has great information and I loved his writing style. Now I remembered why I followed him. If you haven’t followed him on twitter, please do. He is full of current news on the Trump and campaign events and his writing is on target. I love his wit and accurate points!
Here are a few good recent tweets of his:
Bill Mitchell ‏@mitchellvii
“In Iowa Cruz LIED. Now he is stuck LYING ABOUT LYING. Next he’ll be LYING ABOUT LYING THAT HE LIED. Oh what a tangled web we weave…” 
“You know the weird thing? I get attacked by Cruzbots regularly but I can’t recall ever interacting at all with a Rubiobot. Where are they?!!” 
“Who says @marcorubio has no accomplishments in the Senate? He set all kinds of records for FUTILITY!”
And, might I in ending add to that last tweet, “Even Santorum in his lovely endorsement could not name one accomplishment…unless he wanted to bring up the gang of eight? He didn’t go there.”
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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