Trump Supports Truckers!

Trump is all in and stands with the Truckers for Freedom 2022!

He says.. it’s time to stop the lawless mandates!

Lone Trucker Headed To Convoy Pulls A Fast One….

Seriously Trudeau?

Elon is at it again…

image 120

Meanwhile, Trudeau was not really missing, he merely went hunting to find the right costume for the occasion as he often does in his self-historic paper clipped world.

image 121

Earlier this evening Trudeau was found ready to speak to the people of Canada, but had to delay as he was having fun playing CONVOY.

image 122

On a more serious note:

image 123


Who was the mysterious cat in the White House?

Mystery Cat Story Solved:

While it is still unclear how the cat got inside the White House, nor why Go Brandon just sat there and let the cat pound away on his noggin, other details have come forth as to the cat’s owner. A lady named Anita came forward to claim the cat, she had this to say, “I had just turned on the television to check the fake news and I saw my Daisy. I recognized her right away. But just to make sure, I looked at her cat dish, and sure enough she hadn’t touched her tuna. That’s not like her. If she were at home it would be empty. So after calling “Kitty, Kitty” just to make sure…I called the number on the TV screen and made arrangements to come and get Daisy.”

Finally, 5 hours later, Anita arrived to pick up Daisy. Although swatted repeatedly for hours, reports show that no real damage was done that affected Go Brandon’s mental capacity. Meanwhile, a Facebook Friend immediately started a “Go Fund Me” page for Daisy when she learned Anita had taken the cat directly to the vet’s emergency care. Anita was relieved to hear that the cat suffered no damage to her paw and will not be needing the $45 million raised in the last hour. All monies will be returned to the donors and Anita thanks you all for your love and support. Both Anita and her cat have returned home and are resting safe. Go Brandon has refused to comment on the situation.

When asked if she had anything more to say, Anita added that Melania Trump was the smartest and most stunning first lady in American history.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom! Press, press, press! Every lie shall be revealed!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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