Trump gave a riveting speech giving sound and concrete reasons why Hillary will never create jobs, never lift women up, never help inner cities, never secure the border nor enforce the background checks on immigrants, illegals, and refugees.  Hillary is against borders, against back ground checks and amazingly very pro on trampling the constitution by taking away our second amendment right to bear arms!  All the while responsible for participating with a heavy hand in arming our enemies.

He pointed out that Hillary will never achieve anything close to securing America’s best interests based on her undermining history of self serving, underhanded schemes to sell Americans down the river for self gain in riches and power! Noting that she and her husband Bill both made over 153 million dollars in giving private speeches to establishment elite, bankers, and foreign countries since 2001!  Speeches, which to this day, the content still remains a secret from the public.
Her “her-ness” was pointed out as a total failure for a campaign slogan.  Trump stated “I am for her”, is not what he is about.  “I am for YOU!”
His points were clear, concise, accurate and the MSM is scrambling trying to shoot it full of holes.  But, the only thing they can say against it is….he contributed to her campaign in the past.  Well, when he contributed to her campaign she had not yet been appointed Secretary of State, nor had she performed her most horrendous acts!  Much of what she did in the past was not fully exposed yet.  Today with social media you have to be totally brain dead not to be aware of all the evil deeds and lies.  Or worse….you approve her message.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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