Trump Said, “We Can’t Let That Happen!”

What did he mean by “THAT”?

President Trump said, “And now these radical left lunatics want to interfere with our elections by using LAW ENFORCEMENT. We can’t let that happen. With all of THIS BEING SAID… and with a very dark cloud over our beloved country, I have no doubt never the less that we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

This is a persecution disguised as a prosecution!

It is becoming more and more obvious that those who guard the true Commander in Chief have already removed a States Attorney and a District Attorney of their responsibilities (or at the very least are about to) and we are now watching the season premier of “Take Down in Manhattan”!

Trump is giving America updates daily. This is your real President. Look and listen. Stay focused.

Know the plan is to dismantle the Deep State…

That has been and yet is in progress. The sheer number of rubber masks and silent loud mouths… is your indicator on how this process is coming along. So much clean out has already been done.

Many people still don’t understand what a Presidential motorcade looks like. And that’s okay.

Sometimes you will see and know things before anyone else you know sees and knows. Trust that gift of knowing. Sometimes it isn’t the right time to shout things out and other times you will know that “NOW IS THE TIME” SO SHOUT IT OUT!

Be prepared for opposing opinions… and let others say their piece. Avoid vain arguements. Remember always that you are only responsible for letting the truth be known. You are not responsible for what they do with the information.

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The rubber masks although done very well and look very convincing… still have their obvious flaws. Very few would know it, let alone allow you to talk about such things as doubles and rubber masks, if it weren’t from this mass awakening where people are now paying attention to what they are seeing, hearing and going one step further and discerning all things.

Those who are still distracted can’t see it and are programmed to defend it… while those with eyes to see are now focused on key details and learning to spot the small stuff. The stuff we have been told isn’t there to see.

So often we are duped by con artists who take advantage … and even by 501c3 government programmed religion.

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Although I have not read it, Dupped is a book, that exposes elements of religious deception that have misdirected our lives away from having a personal encounter with God.

As we get closer to the Holy Spirit in asking all of our questions in conversation and asking unceasing in every moment of our day… we find we are not only connected but we are empowered. Our new best friends forever are God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. These are the only ones that can be trusted in this hour of deception and corruption.

And even in doing our best to do so, we often find ourselves listening and following someone or being a part of something because we believed what they said was true and later find out there was no weight behind their words. So, it is then (after the mess) that we take it before the Lord and ask what am I to learn from this.

That is when you dissect it apart with the Holy Spirit to see where you were duped and what you did about it at that first dupping point … which embarrassingly is always the first time the Holy Spirit nudged you with that gut feeling and you didn’t heed it. As you have more such heart to heart discussions… you grow and learn to heed faster. The tricky part is learning to act preemptively on what is unseen and only felt. For the goal is to avoid the deception… not experience it. But, the experiences are what help us grow.

We are truly God’s children and there is so much for us to learn. So have patience with yourself and be patient with others, even as God has been patient with you.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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