Trump Said Tonight…It’s Time!

President Trump is not on board for Biden’s “Build back broke “ agenda nor any of the 33 degrees. It was sure cold in SC tonight.

President Trump Has COVID-19. What Happens Next? | Time

BOOM! President Trump just torched the Deep State and rallied the people!

Together we are standing up against some of the most sinister forces, entrenched interest and vicious opponents our people have ever seen. But no matter how big or powerful these corrupt radicals may be. You must never forget this nation does not belong to them, this nation belongs to you!” President Donald Trump.

The most memorable words he said tonight:

“It’s time to protect our own sovereignty. It’s time to save our own nation from the people who are trying to destroy it. The people controlling Biden, Pelosi and the others.”– President Donald Trump

This was a Key reveal and a very important statement. Trump is speaking about the globalist here within our own country and breaking free from them! Remember when he called them the “invisible enemy”. Now he is directly speaking to them! Look how far we’ve come Patriots!

If you haven’t yet heard the speech, here it is below. Enjoy the speech, this one was riddled with lots of indicators of where we are going.

Our President …just told us that our victory is ultimately inevitable. Most believe he wasn’t just talking of a 2022 election. Take his speech in total context.

Tonight Trump took jabs at the horror of Biden and his calamity and disasters, one after another and shoved his nose in more deaths from COVID in 21 than in 2020 when it hit hard. He said there has never been a lower point in the history of our Country and Biden did it very quickly, pointing out all his failures from 85 billion dollars worth of military weapons in Afghanistan to his begging Maduru for oil. The same Maduru he is out to take down. How pathetic.

Trump gave a lot of clues as to what he is planning to do and boasted of the Space Force and our preparedness to go up against any nuclear attack anyone might plan to do…he hoped never to do it…but he said he prepared for it. He spoke like he is ready to take charge which has many people dreaming and counting days. I say, at least he let us all know there are good men and women in the military, who are still in control of the command center that are in charge of the missiles and nukes.

He told the story again of President Xi of China and the beautiful chocolate cake. How while they were at the dinner table in Mar-a-lago, being served beautiful chocolate cake, he told Xi they just fired 59 missiles into Syria while at the dinner table being served beautiful chocolate cake.

Trump has told that story many times. I understand its depth a lot more now than I ever did before. Dropping 59 top end missiles on Syria while you are having beautiful chocolate cake with CHINA’S XI. Now, what if Putin bombed a nation with 59 missiles, while having chocolate cake with Xi ? Are you connecting the dots here?

Reminding us that those missiles ended the threat with ISIS. (Now he was certainly letting us know he was as bold as Putin, either intentionally or not…he did share stories that are similarly the same to defending a nation against bad people.

At the same time, laughing about the chocolate cake and getting Xi’s attention, he of course bragged that he never started a war during his presidency. But, he sent missiles to end some that were not ending. So, I guess you can bomb those fighting you, drop a Moab (mother of all bombs) and it is not a war? Remember Putin also went in to help rid ISIS. Now, Putin hasn’t dropped a MOAB on anything….was that said for us to discern and understand?

Trump gave a pep speech for mining, refining and drilling like we never have before. He’s not worried about Biden’s blunders, at least not yet. That means he’s in control.

Trump covered many of Biden’s stupidest things and how he damaged everything he did and calling Biden mentally damaged and senile. It appears he is creating the global hell hole the Khazarians desire to bring about both a war and depopulation.

And now look at the infiltrators and their 15 minutes of fame.

So now you know these are working for Deep State!


Now here is a twist I never saw coming…Neo NAZIS from Ukrainian army at J-6 Capitol storming.




Remember the most important words Pres. Trump said tonight, “

“It’s time to protect our own sovereignty. It’s time to save our own nation from the people who are trying to destroy it. The people controlling Biden, Pelosi and the others.”

– President Trump

Remember when Hillary, Obama, and Biden did this?

image 60

Ponder all this and remember Babylon falls. Fear not and keep your eyes on the Lord and pray unceasing! The wicked all go down!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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