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In days of great distress of a people, there comes a time where the need for a leader to arise to make a difference is dire.  So often no one comes forward, especially a man who has built a name brand, an excellent corporate dynasty…and one who has now reached an age of wisdom and content that he can rest on his laurels and enjoy the rest of his days. Yes, I am speaking of Donald John Trump.
So what does an international man do who can look back on his life and say to his maker, “Thank you God for all you have helped me accomplish and all my many blessings, especially my children and grand children.” ?
And what does a people do when the same man instead says this, “Thank you God for all my many blessings.  Show me the way to best serve my family.  I know there is great peril in the land.  If I am to stay here show me why and if it is best to move to another nation show me where to go.”
As a man awaits his answer, sometimes there is a tugging, a pulling of sorts.  for such a prayer as this is often answered and not in the manner one would expect.  In the case of any  who is chosen for such a time, it is often a struggle.  A strange struggle all in God’s timing. The man somehow  knows at just the right time, perhaps with the proper nudging and quite often with the last straw – exactly what the Lord has led him to do.
It is then, at that exact and peculiar time that he steps forward and says, “Here I am Lord, use me.”  That is what it is.
When this happens God touches hearts and there is a movement.  A movement quite different than anything prior.  Always epic, for God is about to do a thing, a marvelous thing, a wondrous thing.   It is at first a tugging and then a pulling in the hearts of individuals who somehow know exactly what needs to be done and feel the very same need to do as the one who has stepped forward and announced what he will do.
This is what happens when good is the driven force- people stand up and speak out and reclaim the God given principles, morals and values that are and have been usurped by those of ill intent.
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Whatever the outcome of a time as this, only one thing is sure.  It is in the hands of our Lord.  The time for God to set up his Son in the Government as promised in scripture  or a time of deliverance to a people who have cried out in repentance and asking for mercy. Which ever it is…it is one or the other for certain.
All is on the horizon and what God has put in motion, no man, no power, no principality can thwart it.  It is all in God’s hands to accomplish and it shall be done.
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I believe Donald John Trump has answered a calling.  A strong calling that was tugging at him and he had a choice….he chose to answer it at such a time as this. Thank you to him, and thank you to our Lord who nudged him to come forward.  Amen.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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