Trump, RINOs & Freedom!

Nothing is as it appears and people are sure realizing that now more than ever!

You are not allowed to point out what you see, say what you feel, call out those bamboozling you, nor say what you believe or even think if it is not what the other side wants you to believe, and think, see and say. And heaven forbid if you dare say it anyway! You will not like the response. And I’m talking about the ones you are paying hard earned money to go sit and listen to, not the government. At least not the part of the government wearing political hats. We could have a few or a lot, of ops running amongst us all. Just saying… nothing is as it appears.

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So as we wind down the weekend and anticipate Monday morning… here are a few updates and a few things to ponder. Just don’t say things to loudly and be careful where you bring these type of things up. We are no longer in America; we appear to have transfigured into the land of deception and are now in the dangerous process of exposing.

In Switzerland they have scrapped work-at-home and quarantine requirements and announced plans for an easing of other restrictions in coming weeks. The people continue to protest.

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Then, just like that…one week later –

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The irony is the deep state’s message is the same as the conservative message. Why is that? Remember the conservative never Trumpers, also known as RINOs?

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It appears they are for free speech unless you have a different opinion. Then you are intellectually immature, deep state or vastly, vastly uninformed, or they’re trying to dissuade an entire swath of us to disengage from the system with pleas not to vote? Does anyone else’s head hurt listening to the arrogant hypocrisy worse than any political correctness we have ever heard? Let alone the hammer over the head pounding dogma designed to sway and divide an entire swath of we the people.

Using the name Trump is an old promotional tool of the never Trumpers. They act like they are for the man while their true actions are to win you over and give you another face to vote for. Are you awake yet? 

After all, Trump quit us right? They can’t keep talking out of both sides of their mouth. Sooner or later people will start to question why they are doing this? Sad also that no one at the road show said a peep about the truckers until after Trump did. Why is that?

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We watched this show in 2015 and 2016 with the entire republican party run by RINOs. They hated Trump but could not win without him for he had won the vote of the people. So, they made him sign an agreement that he would not run third party and shoved Pence onto the ticket and Paul Ryan was happy and they supported Trump. We later find out that Ryan and Pence had a plan to run on their own ticket after they rid the nation of Trump. But God had another plan and that went by the wayside… or did it? Someone else figured it out as it was always hidden in plain sight. But that’s another story and one of Treason. At least that’s what they say about those who plot to eliminate a seated president. Ask Lin Wood about that one.

And then there is the famous “DISINFORMATION” that FLYNN gave to Mike Pence that led to RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, that Byrne admits he already had helped to manipulate with the “Dirty Trick Squad”, and this lack of honesty and trust got Flynn tossed out of his new position, but we aren’t supposed to ask any questions, none, zip, Nada. Now we have to wonder because we can’t ask… was this planned? Or just a goof? Was Pence dupped or was he in on it? Or was he just planning things with Ryan? Oh, it is so very hard to keep track of it all. Especially when no one is allowed to ask questions.

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Here are some facts to ponder:

Trump never mentioned the road show, not even once.

Trump has never said listen to Flynn. Not even once.

Flynn has never attended a Trump rally since Trump has stepped back out to hold them.   

In 2021, Trump held rallies in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Alabama,  and North Carolina. In 2022 Trump held two rallys in January 2022, one in Arizona and one in Texas. Both on the same days that Clark was holding his Flynn et al road show. Why was that?

Trump endorsed the Truckers. He highly endorsed the truckers both at the rally and on media. He said I support them and stand behind them. That’s what we should have been doing from the start.

Trump said – Watch D’Souza’s movie 2,000 Mules!  He highly endorsed the film publicly and want everyone to see what they did.

Ask simple questions get BIG ANSWERS! Remember, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom…PRESS, PRESS, PRESS!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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