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America is a nation.  Without borders we are not a nation.  The constitution is in place to protect each American citizen.  Without a nation there is no constitution. Without a nation there is no bill of rights.
The United States Military have taken an oath to defend the nation from enemies foreign and domestic.  A forever oath to a land of “We The People” who are citizens.  Not a land of corporations with interests abroad.  Not a land without borders and not a land controlled by the great merchants of the earth.  The time to protect this great nation and all of it’s people is at hand.  May it be done with integrity, wisdom and with peace.  May it be done with a great leader elected by the people, for the people.  Donald John Trump is such a man.
Trump speaks for the people of the United States of America.  He does not speak to social classes, nor politically correct segments of society.  He speaks for the American people.  His words are the words of the common American.  The same common American that the constitution and bill of rights was penned to protect.
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It is time to awake and take back this nation and restore her to the greatness our forefathers envisioned.  A land of freedom to choose and to be and to speak without fear. A land of liberty to choose one’s course in life and not be deprived by the dictates of others. A land where law and order replaces chaos and confusion.
America has been usurped little by little.  Sadly failed foreign policy has made her a tyrant over other nations to do as a handful of oligarchs have desired. The time has come to end such failed foreign policy and call it what it truly is – “A TYRANNICAL PLOT TO RULE THE WORLD!”
americaPresidentJFKplot I, for one, have never met an American who has voiced their desire to rule the world.  I have never met an American who desires to depopulate it and create a class of servants governed by a ruling class.  I have never met an American who thinks a North American Union would be grand, nor have I met an American who believes a New World Order would be an answer to the problems stemming from those who already control the monetary system and industry.  If the plan was so grand all the people in the world would be shouting for joy and those who are implementing it would not have to do so in secret with lies.
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This election is more than a president for the United States.  This election holds the future of the world in its’ hands.  Those who desire to rule the world will stop at nothing to insure that all of their hundreds of years planning to rule it will not be in vain.  America is at a dangerous  crossroads.  Be prepared.  The battle for America has just begun.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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