Trump Posted, “The Dominoes are Falling!”

People are asking… what dominoes?


An INFORMED PUBLIC threatens those in power who are guilty of deception and have lots to hide. Those who tell the truth are empowered by others knowing the same truths. Thus, we have been caught up during this entire mess in what I call the “Infiltration Wars”.


WHY? Because truth is empowering, and collectively, we who know the truth are a massive threat. An informed public weakens their ability to operate under their psyops! Truth is the greatest weapon against any and all lies.

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The infiltrators have underestimated their prey. The prey they’ve gathered together at a price, touting to audit the vote, and shouting donate, donate, we are out to save the world, led by one who swears he was chosen by a prophecy for such a time as this… and even put out an online public notice for President Trump, in an urgent attempt to tell the man he was “channeled” by a dead prophet to get in touch with him, which he has since changed to “told me”, which as we said, the man died some years back, but he was told by him to talk to Trump. Oh you can’t make this stuff up!

So the same one has side kicks with military experience and 3 stars, and even a side kick from the Foreign Council on Relations, and a host of grifters all with go fund mes….including a nutty professor that is also an attorney with no license to practice per say- according to another well known attorney who does have a license to practice. Whew….like I said, you can’t make this stuff up.

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Meanwhile, in their mischief and arrogance they have gathered up tares along with some wheat and bundled them up, tightly together. They have been very organized to say the least. They have no idea that there is a mass separation of the wheat from the chaff coming down the pike. So, in a way these are doing the Lord’s work; just not in the way they have considered it? How be it, the 3-star berated show must go on and many of these have lured sheep for a price and some have acted deliberate and foolishly, and some have acted nicely.

We have wondered where many of these folk have been. Some haven’t been heard from in a very long time. Others look so different you have to do a DOUBLE take and many are guessing who their plastic surgeons are, while others are shouting masks and some are down right CGI.

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That being said, there is a large group, considered the sleeping giant…who do not speak their mind out loud like fools, nor take the bait of trolls. These are wise ones who observe, ponder and wait with patience.

Their silence is mistaken only by fools and arrogant generals to be dull sheep, complacent and clueless. They error in judgement as these same ones mistakenly deemed as weak and gullible, are actually gifted with patience, and are very wise lions.

These are among the meek who observe and have eyes to see the trickery and ears to hear the schemes.

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But he who is the loudest wins, the PSYOPS shout!! It’s always worked before… it’s what we do best!

But only he who is the loudest at the right time in the battle wins! Until then, silence is golden.

Whoever is the loudest wins does not apply to Wisdom… unless it is the final battle and the Holy Spirit has whispered….NOW IS THE TIME TO SHOUT!

Remember the Biblical Joshua as he led his troops around and around the walls of Jericho and those inside the fortress were sure they were nothing but fools marching below because they were powerless to do anything more than that…. when at the timing of the Lord Joshua gave the order for the men to raise their horns and the TRUMPETS were sounded! At the same time, the men gave a MIGHTY AND POWERFUL SHOUT AND BOOM!!!! THE WALLS OF JERICHO CAME TUMBLING DOWN!

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More dangerous than any weapon formed is that of the weapon to control the mind and mesmerize the victim to do the will of the one with the most successful propaganda machine. Take away man’s ability to think for himself, and you take away his free will and that my friends is where RESET has been taking us all along the way.

But this is not new by any means. This is also an ancient method of mind control that leads to destruction and death. This began in the Garden of Eden and has continued on unto this very day. So how ought we be to win this war?

We are to be seekers of truth and God’s ways which are not man’s ways and far from the ways of the devil who has been given this world to rule for a short time. Short in the scope of mans allotted days on earth and this goes to generations, as well as man’s individual number of days. As we each travel our life’s journey it doesn’t matter how many years the earth has stood, nor how many years it will continue to stand…what matters is how you live your allotted days on this earth and spend the time you have been given here to find the way home.

The Lord said God’s wheat will grow together among the tares until the day of harvest. It is up to each to decide for themselves whether to choose to be God’s wheat or to choose to be the devil’s tare. Will you follow the truth and accept the promises of God or will you regard the lies of this world and what it offers as more rewarding?

Choose wisely. And remember…the Dominoes are falling!

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Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, Press, Press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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