Trump-Our Country Will Be Back

President Trump announced our country will be back and it will be back stronger than ever and wishes all Veterans a Happy Veteran’s Day!

The signs are all there that a major LEGAL crack down is taking place! President Trump is on it! Why? Because he always get’s even! And what they all did and are doing is WRONG AND UNLAWFUL!

This has been a hypnotic start for November….we have had so many Babylon acorn stories rolling down capitol hill we have been like a Pixar squirrel trying to grab the big one…then seeing a bigger one, trying to grab it, then another and another and so many that we end up rolling down the hill clinging to a few and landing in a great big pile of them. There are so many we can’t carry them all at once…so we will have to make several trips. But that is a good thing as these acorns are like dominoes falling…..and so….sometimes it’s better to sit back and observe the tree that is shaking instead of all the little acorns rolling to the ground and down capitol hill. Just smile, for Babylon’s Acorns are falling!

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That being said….I am observing and watching what that tree is shaking out.

Beware falling acorns! Health and safety lunacy reaches new peak with  warning sign | Daily Mail Online

Here are some of the acorns that have fallen and are rolling along in this past week.

Durham arrested  Igor Danchenko and busts open the false lies in Russia, Russia, Russia implicating a trail of treasonous coup participants including Adam Schiff and his key witness Fiona Hill and exposing the press for false reporting and their wrap up smear part in the coup (this has the big tree shaking lots of acorns and they are rolling all over capitol hill!). This is just beginning!

Let’s see, we also had Big bird tell 5 year olds on public broadcasting network that he got a vaccine and they should too, Or is the one in the yellow costume a she? I’m not privi to the gender. We got glimpses of Gheslaine Maxwell’s jury being picked out of over 600 jurors interviewed, seeking a selection, if possible, of non biased jurors for her upcoming trial concerning her involvement in human sex trafficking that they are calling “procurement” for sex partners for Epstein. They aren’t talking about all the strange things she was involved with on Epstein Island…which the press isn’t telling also included a lot of adrenochrome. What’s adrenochrome and where does that stuff come from? I heard from frightened and tortured children. But, don’t fact check that…I’m just guessing. Her court date has been set for Nov. 29th; unless it gets postponed again??

And Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe had the FBI surprise him with a pre-dawn raid on his home.  

And then we have Ally Carter and her truth of Biden and Obama and her child sex trafficked past. See Stew Peters video…

Then we had Elizabeth Holmes jury selection being picked for her upcoming trial for her Theranos blood lab scandal, (same blood lab that had cabal investors and Board Members like Henry Kissinger, General Mattis, and praises from Biden, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, Senator Feinstein, George Schultz (died Feb 6, 2021 at age 100), ….and a host of other juicey names. We are supposed to believe that the great, great, great grand daughter to the Fleishman Yeast money duped all these major global players? Well, that’s their story and they are sticking to it.

Prosecutors: Texts from Elizabeth Holmes prove she knew Theranos was in  trouble - Sound Health and Lasting Wealth
Elizabeth Holmes and her Blood sample?

They even put out a documentary on Theranos before the business was closed permanently in 2018, just like the Zuckerberg boy wonder story. Patterns?? Coincidence?? Most interesting is the back story, according to the documentary both Diane Feinstein and George Schultz met with Elizabeth together the first time. George was so enthralled with Elizabeth, a 19 year old college drop out, and her blood drawing concept that he was the first mega investor to give her millions so she could start her company in 2003. 

Schultz was Secretary of State under Nixon, and went through water gate unscathed. He served in various positions under three different Republican presidents and went through the Iran Contra scandal during Reagan years unscathed. He is also a former Sec. of Labor, a former Sec. of Treasury, and a former Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Do you think he was duped by a 19 year old girl and kept pumping money into a business pushing its’ worth up to close to 9 billion, that produced nothing? Do you think he was that stupid? Or that easily fooled that he would continue to do that for 15 years, even after it went under investigation in 2016 and closed its’ doors for good in 2018 for fraud? Do you believe all these chief global players like Henry Kissinger were bamboozled by an inexperienced entrepreneur and kept throwing money at her non producing concept for 15 years because they are easily tricked?

So here comes the pattern….can you see it unfolding yet? How they plant the narrative, feed the sheep?

Then we have the Kyle Rhittenhouse trial that has exposed the lies the fake news pushed and fact checked with sledge hammers those who told the truth.

Then we have Travis Scott who performs an obvious satanic ritual enchantment and 30 are hospitalized and 8 youth died. This is now an active case and many accorns are rolling around in the fire.

So as we continue through November and into December…watch for false flags, and lots of fake news and desperate moves on behalf of the fallen who are desperately pressing for their new world disorder. Those who desire to RESET THE WORLD are trying to start a civil war, just like the ones they have started in other nations. They are using the same playbook and the same pattern.

Baal worshippers have gotten greedy and they just don’t care who knows what they do anymore. They are at war!

They will reap what they have sown and what they sought to do to God’s people will come back on their own heads. That is scriptural. The people are not going to just sit back and hand over their children to these cabal crazies for them to do with them as they desire! Enough is enough!

Keep pressing forward into the Kingdom of God….press, press, press!



For truth that fake news don’t want you to know…visit the Conservative Business Journal!  

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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